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21 Jul 2009 description
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Temporary buildings are being provided by a Tearfund partner to house thousands of civilians who've been living in tents since the end of the Sri Lanka's civil war.

Displaced families are also receiving help to grow their own food amid growing concerns that it could be years not months before people are able to return to their homes.

Since last October, around 280,000 Sri Lankans were uprooted by fierce fighting between government forces and the Tamil Tigers.


Many thousands remain in government-controlled camps since the fighting concluded with the defeat of the …

17 Jun 2009 description
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Tough conditions facing Sri Lankans uprooted by the country's civil war will continue to pose major challenges for months to come, according to Tearfund partners.

Some 280,000 people were displaced during fighting between government forces and the Tamil Tigers until the latter were defeated a month ago.

Church support for Tearfund's Sri Lanka emergency fund has been vital in enabling us to respond.

Tearfund has funded £400,000 to three partners in Sri Lanka - World Concern, Leads and Habitat for Humanity - as they help the Tamil people, the vast majority of whom are now …

21 May 2009 description
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Tearfund is calling for international aid to be scaled up to reach some 250,000 displaced Tamil people and for them to be quickly allowed to return to their home areas.

The Christian relief and development agency reports appalling conditions in many of the camps in the north of Sri Lanka where civilians are being held, and says that the international community mustn't become complacent now that the fighting is over.

Working through three local agencies, Tearfund's partner teams have been providing relief to thousands of families caught in the final months of the …

22 Apr 2009 description
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Tearfund partners are feeding thousands of hungry Sri Lankan civilians fleeing intense fighting between government forces and the Tamil Tigers.

Tens of thousands of people have escaped the conflict zone in the country's north east in recent days as the offensive against the rebels nears its climax.

The Tigers now control only a narrow strip of land on the east coast as government forces have made steady advances since their military push against the separatists began last January.

However the UN remains deeply concerned about the civilians unable to escape the war zone and has …

30 Mar 2009 description
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New evidence of the scale of civilian suffering in Sri Lanka's war has emerged from Tearfund partners responding to the crisis.

Thousands of people fleeing the war zone in the north of the Indian Ocean island are facing severe food and water shortages.

There's been no let-up in the fighting which has seen government forces take large tracts of land previously held by the Tamil Tiger rebels.

In response, Tearfund has provided more than =A3150,000 for four partners to meet humanitarian needs.

One partner, Leads, is sending staff into camps for the displaced at Jaffna to …

18 Feb 2009 description
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Tearfund partners in Sri Lanka are increasing aid for some of the 250,000 civilians who are caught in the middle of the island's increasingly bloody civil war.

Recent weeks have seen an intensification of fighting between government forces and those of the Tamil Tiger rebel group in the north of the country.

Key rebel strongholds have fallen to advancing government forces but many civilians have been caught in the crossfire, despite the creation of 'safe zones'.


One local priest said, 'The Sri Lankan army continues to shell and bomb places where people …

17 Dec 2007 description
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Land reclaimed, thousands of homes reconstructed and livelihoods restored - three years after one of the world's worse natural disasters, communities continue to recover and rebuild. UK Christian relief and development agency, Tearfund, has been operational in Indonesia and working with over 20 of its partner agencies in five affected countries - helping over 800,000 people affected by the tsunami.

The majority have been survivors in some of South Asia's poorest communities.

03 Feb 2006 description
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19 Dec 2005 description
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Governments must change the way they do aid work and commit billions of pounds to disaster prevention in the wake of thousands of needless deaths in the Asian tsunami, says a new report out today one week before the first anniversary of the tsunami.

19 Dec 2005 description
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On Sri Lanka's east coast, Nijaya (12) was outside with her brothers and sisters, beside the beach at Kalmunai. They saw the wave first. "Father, father, sea is coming! Sea is coming!" they shouted. As the tsunami hit, completely destroying their father's tea shop, they became separated.

Mohamed Badurdeen (40) was flattened by a collapsing wall before being carried up, semiconscious, on a wave to a small ledge. Nijaya was carried further with her younger brother. It was four days later, in hospital, when Mohamed heard that they were found in a village ten miles away.

21 Sep 2005 description
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It's three quarters of a year since the Indian Ocean exploded, gorging itself on 300,000 lives and devastating millions more.

24 Jun 2005 description
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Thanks to the unprecedented generosity of the British public, Tsunami survivors are now moving into new homes and returning to work six months after huge tidal waves devastated areas of South Asia.

Christian relief and development agency Tearfund reports that fishermen are venturing out to sea again, reviving the fishing trade on which so many coastal communities affected by the tsunami are dependent.

'Because people haven't gone fishing for a while, fishermen are coming back with big catches - which is encouraging others to start going out too,' says Prince David, …

18 Mar 2005 description
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The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) today said that to date it has allocated over =A3112 million of its tsunami earthquake appeal fund for the first phase of disaster relief in Asia, funding work that is benefiting an estimated 3.6 million people.

27 Jan 2005 description
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One month on from the devastating tsunami, the Disasters Emergency Committee's appeal has exceeded =A3250 million, as money from planned events continues to pour in.

17 Jan 2005 description
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Roshan Mendis, director of Tearfund partner organisation Leads, speaks to Tearfund's Keith Ewing about the tsunami that devastated Sri Lanka's coastline on Boxing Day.

Q. What impact has the tsunami had on Sri Lanka?

It has left us all totally devastated. It is not something we could ever have imagined happening. The extent of the damage right across the country is massive. Never in my life have I seen a disaster of this magnitude.


06 Jan 2005 description
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Aid arrives during the critical first ten days

As communities face the task of rebuilding following the greatest natural catastrophe in living memory, Tearfund's largest ever relief operation is underway. Thanks to an overwhelming response from churches and individuals, we are providing emergency supplies and support to thousands.

'Within 12 hours we had made our first grant, enabling partners in affected regions to provide immediate aid,' says Tearfund's International Operations Director, Ian Wallace.

31 Dec 2004 description
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An urgent relief operation is underway by Tearfund's partners in India and Sri Lanka this week, following the tsunami quake, which has killed over 124,000 people and left an estimated five million survivors without the basic survival essentials of water, food or shelter.

"The magnitude of the devastation is overwhelming," says Prince David, Tearfund's Regional Advisor in India who is currently working with Tearfund partners in Kanniyakumari, on India's southern most tip.

30 Dec 2004 description
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A massive earthquake, measuring 9 on the Richter scale, has caused huge tidal waves to devastate coastal areas throughout South and South East Asia.

Ten countries, including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand have been affected by the crisis in what is believed to be the worst earthquake in 40 years.