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10 Aug 2016 description


Alors que des soldats de la paix, des fonctionnaires de police, des entrepreneurs du secteur privé et d’autres membres de la communauté internationale étaient déployés en Bosnie-Herzégovine et au Kosovo sous administration des Nations Unies (résolution 1244 du Conseil de sécurité) pendant les guerres qui ont sévi dans les Balkans occidentaux de 1992 à 1999, la prostitution, qui était un commerce local à petite échelle entre les mains de réseaux criminels organisés, est devenue une industrie florissante.

10 Aug 2016 description


There is agreement in the scientific community that the global food system will experience unprecedented pressure in the coming decades – demographic changes, urban growth, environmental degradation, increasing disaster risk, food price volatility, and climate change will all affect food security patterns.

22 Jun 2016 description


Lisa Denney, Richard Mallett, Dyan Mazurana

The briefing paper explores the relationship between service delivery, peace-building, and state legitimacy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Uganda. It finds that the level of access people have to basic services does not tend to be related to how legitimate they perceive their government to be. However, the more problems people encounter with services, the worse they think of their governments.

03 May 2016 description

The Food Security Atlas, Livelihood, Food Security, and Resilience (2015) is the first of its kind to be produced in Sri Lanka. Food Security Atlas (FSA) provides an extensive map-based spatial analysis defining livelihood, food and nutrition security and vulnerability. The aim of FSA is to contribute to a better understanding of the spatial patterns of food security, poverty livelihood, and resilience in Sri Lanka in order to provide a solid basis for developing a comprehensive National Food Security Plan to eradicate hunger and extreme poverty in Sri Lanka.

21 Jan 2016 description

Southasiadisasters.net issue no. 139, December 2015:

City, Child, and Resilience interact with each other but not always to move towards sustainable development. This issue explores some of the key issues around this.

14 Jan 2016 description


General inflation in the region was estimated at 2.3 percent, and food price inflation at 2.6 percent in November compared to one year ago.

  • In China, prices for fresh vegetables rose as unusually cold weather in November hampered transport and disrupted supplies to markets.

  • In Indonesia, drought conditions linked to El Niño over large parts of the country resulted in major delays in planting of the main season crops.

12 Jan 2016 description


At 30 December 2015, there were 1792 people in immigration detention facilities, including 1,647 in immigration detention on the mainland and 145 in immigration detention on Christmas Island.

A further 603 people were living in the community after being approved for a residence determination and 28,919 were living in the community after grant of a Bridging Visa E.

07 Jan 2016 description

The news that Mozambique has declared itself landmine-free is cause for celebration and a huge achievement. But we must acknowledge the tragic truth that much more needs to be done to make life safe for the thousands of people still living with these hidden killers in other countries.

We must not let minefields be forgotten. Whenever and wherever wars happen, innocent people should not be the ones who pay the price.

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26 Dec 2015 description

26/12/2015 – Colombo, Sri Lanka: The Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami of 26 December 2004 was an extraordinary event of such magnitude and destructive power, whose impact on humanity mean it will always be remembered as one of the world’s worst disasters.

Over 226,000 people were killed and the lives of millions of people were irrevocably changed. It was so far-reaching that damage was reported in 14 countries, from Indonesia across the Indian Ocean to the eastern seaboard of Africa.

22 Dec 2015 description
report Inter Press Service

By Amantha Perera

COLOMBO Sri Lanka , Dec 21 2015 (IPS) - Details of a secret detention center, where serious human rights abuses took place, deep inside the sprawling Tricomalee Naval base in the east of Sri Lanka are slowly emerging.

21 Dec 2015 description

President Maithripala Sirisena Sunday (20) assured the displaced people in the North languishing in the welfare camps that they would be resettled soon in their original homes.

Addressing the state Christmas Celebrations in Jaffna, President Sirisena said a Presidential Task Force will be appointed immediately within the next 6 months to solve the issues of IDPs displaced for over 25 years. He said the entire state service and the security forces will be utilized for the urgent task.

21 Dec 2015 description
report ACTED

In the Eastern and Northern Regions of Sri Lanka, recurrent floods displace residents

As Sri Lanka enters the North East Monsoon period this month, ACTED is preparing to respond to the needs of displaced communities. Although Sri Lanka experiences flooding every year at this time, this year, due to the El Niño effect, rainfalls are expected to be more intense and to cause more flooding. Reservoirs are rapidly filling and rivers like Malwathu Oya and Yaan Ganga are expected to overflow repeatedly during the monsoon season.