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29 Dec 2011 description

Period covered by this Ops Update: 24 Oct. to 29 Dec. 2011.

Appeal target (current): This Emergency Appeal seeks CHF 15,145,940 in cash, kind or services to assist 300,000 beneficiaries.

Appeal coverage:

73% based on the revised amount above. While has been a good response from donors and partners in terms of in-kind donations for the current emergency operation, cash support has been limited which discourages flexible and quick responses in highly fluid context.

Appeal history:

26 Dec 2011 description
report Government of Oman

The Oman Charitable Organisation (OCO) announced that the Omani relief team has completed the task of distributing five batches of aid meant for the Libyan people. A source at the OCO stated that the team distributed the fifth batch of aid last Thursday and Friday. This included medical equipment and devices, medicines and computers to serve hospitals and health centres in the northern cities, including the capital Tripoli.

26 Dec 2011 description

By Perrine Bell in Libya

While much needs to be rebuilt in post-Gaddafi Libya, the roots and branches of the National Society remain solid. Volunteers, often involved for many years, have grown up with the Libyan Red Crescent as their second family.

21 Dec 2011 description
report Save the Children

Thursday 22 December 2011

2011 has been the busiest year for Save the Children’s Humanitarian Emergencies team in our 90-year history: 45 emergency responses, in 38 different countries. We’re really very tired.

But the first few days of an emergency are critical. It’s simple. It’s life and death. The faster we respond, the more lives we save.

This year we flew aid planes into conflict zones, faced a nuclear threat in Japan, and launched responses in the aftermath of countless floods, droughts and earthquakes.

On the frontline

20 Dec 2011 description
  1. Résumé

Le Niger a connu une crise alimentaire et nutritionnelle aiguë en 2010, suite à une campagne agro-pastorale 2009–2010 déficitaire. La mobilisation du gouvernement, appuyée par ses partenaires techniques et financiers, a permis d’apporter une réponse coordonnée à cette crise et d’éviter une catastrophe humanitaire.

20 Dec 2011 description


2011 has been a momentous year for South Sudan. It has been a privilege to stand with the South Sudanese people as they witnessed the birth of their new nation – from the decisive independence referendum in January, the end of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement period, to the country’s longawaited entry into the community of nations on 9 July. The Republic of South Sudan has now started the long and challenging task of building a new state. The humanitarian community is committed to supporting the government and its people as they embark on this endeavour.

20 Dec 2011 description

This report is produced by OCHA in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It was prepared by OCHA Libya. It covers the period from 5 to 15 December 2011. This is the final Libya Situation Report.


  • Limited liquidity and high food prices prevent vulnerable families from accessing food in markets.

  • Return to Sirte slow: less than 50 per cent, due to security concerns and widespread damage.

16 Dec 2011 description

Merry Christmas and a joyous Holiday Season to you! We are so thankful for your friendship and partnership that is helping villages transform out of poverty!

Here is our latest News Behind the News and we invite you to contact us if there is any particular country or project you are interested in learning more about, or contributing towards!

Hal Jones
GHNI President/CEO


14 Dec 2011 description


Every year, the plight and needs of many of the world’s most vulnerable people are described in the Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP). This year’s CAP spans 18 countries and outlines needs across key sectors.

The 2012 CAP clearly highlights that food insecurity continues to be compounded by protracted crisis situations, more frequent natural disasters, conflict, volatile food prices, harsh economic conditions and climate change.

12 Dec 2011 description

Ce bulletin est produit par OCHA en collaboration avec les partenaires humanitaires. Il est publié par le bureau de OCHA-Tchad et couvre la période allant du 1er au 30 novembre 2011. Le prochain bulletin sera publié vers le 31 décembre 2011.


• Sécurité alimentaire : baisse de production céréalière de 34%
• Polio : troisième round de la campagne du 25 au 27 novembre
• Environ 85 931 Tchadiens et étrangers retournés de la Libye au 29 novembre
• L’Appel de Fonds Consolidé (CAP) financé à 57% et OCHA à 84% au 30 novembre

07 Dec 2011 description

A two-income, urban, coastal family find themselves living in a secondary school classroom near the vast Sahara desert. Hannah and her family of eight now live in a school in the southern Libyan town of Shatti, 60 kilometers north of the regional capital Sabha.

21 Nov 2011 description

This report is produced by OCHA in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It was prepared by OCHA Libya. It covers the period from 1 to 21 November 2011. The next report will be issued on or around 1 December.


  • Life continues to return to normal in areas that experienced fighting

  • Inter-agency mission finds significant NFI needs for IDPs in southern Libya

  • Return continues to Bani Walid and Sirte, but is hampered by perceived insecurity and protection issues

21 Nov 2011 description
report Government of Oman

The Omani Relief Team yesterday distributed the fourth batch of Omani aid to the Libyan people in Al Jabal al Gharbi area. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Oman Charitable Organisation (OCO) said that 22 trucks with 390 tonnes of medicines, medical devices and supplies, foodstuff and special aids to schools has entered Libya. The source affirmed that the Omani aid to Libyans will continue till the end of this year. The Sultanate is always at the forefront of humanitarian and charitable activities.

19 Nov 2011 description

Natural disasters, including drought, earthquakes, floods, and wildfires, as well as ongoing complex emergencies and limited government capacity in the region, present significant challenges to vulnerable populations in Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia (EMCA). Between Fiscal Year (FY) 2002 and FY 2011, USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) and USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (USAID/FFP) provided assistance in response to a range of disasters, including floods, wildfires, winter emergencies, and complex crises.

18 Nov 2011 description

Tripoli/Geneva (ICRC) – An estimated 25 per cent of Sirte's inhabitants are now back in their homes.

"The process of return is slow. There is still a lack of clean water, electricity is limited and infrastructure has been badly damaged," said Charlotte Bennborn, an ICRC delegate who participated in the distribution. "A major return of displaced people has yet to take place, but those arriving now need help to get going with their lives again."

15 Nov 2011 description

Facts & figures (as of 9 November 2011)

-ƒ The National Transitional Council (NTC) announced the liberation of Libya on 23 October.

ƒ- Total humanitarian and civil protection funding to date (European Commission + EU Member States): €154,501,252


Situation in Libya

14 Nov 2011 description
report Radio Dabanga

SALLOUM ( 13 Nov .) - Protest against deteriorating health, housing and security situation on the Egypt-Libya border

The hunger strike of the Sudanese refugees in Salloum on the Egypt-Libya border will enter its fifth day on Monday.

The refugees are protesting against deteriorating security, health, food and housing conditions. Nearly 1,700 Sudanese refugees from Libya came to Salloum a few months ago during the Libyan revolution and have been stranded there.

10 Nov 2011 description

Faits majeurs:

  1. Crise libyenne: le récit de voyage de Salissou, un migrant. P4

  2. Agadez : 2.999 nouveaux cas de malnutris sévères dont 28 décès en 2011 contre 713 nouveaux cas dont zéro décès en 2010. P4

  3. Campagne agricole: Tillabéry dans la zone rouge.

04 Nov 2011 description

Evènements clés

  • Niger : Récolte moyenne mais fort déficit céréalier par rapport aux besoins annoncés
  • Révision à la baisse du nombre des réfugiés au Libéria
  • Plus de 450.000 personnes affectées par les inondations en Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre
  • En octobre, le CERF a versé plus de US$ 11 millions aux pays de la région
01 Nov 2011 description

Facts & figures (as of 25 October 2011)

  • The National Transitional Council (NTC) announced the liberation of Libya on 23 October.

  • Remained population in Bani Walid: 5% (4,000 inhabitants)

  • Total humanitarian and civil protection funding to date (European Commission + EU Member States): €154,501,252

Situation in Libya