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04 Jun 2019 description

In many parts of the world, wide-ranging atrocities and other human rights abuses continue to threaten populations, especially those belonging to minority groups and indigenous peoples. As the reach of social media grows ever more pervasive globally, so too does its impact in contexts where genocide, mass killing, or systematic violent repression have occurred or there is a risk of such things taking place. The country situations at the top of the 2019 Peoples under Threat index illustrate how, in case after case, social media is playing a major role in encouraging the killing.

13 Jun 2018 description
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Peoples under Threat 2018: Government crackdowns on freedom of speech and political opposition now key factors in threat of mass killing and other violence

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The Peoples under Threat ranking highlights countries most at risk of genocide and mass killing. The ranking is created by compiling data on the known antecedents to genocide or mass political killing.

13 Jun 2018 description

The threat of mass killing, genocide and other violence is rising in countries where governments are resorting to repressive measures to suffocate dissent, according to new data analysis by Minority Rights Group International (MRG) and the Ceasefire Centre for Civilian Rights.

09 Jun 2016 description

Further mass migration inevitable as persecution is ignored in states where peoples are under threat, says MRG New global ranking of countries where civilians most at risk of mass killing

With the refugee crisis far from over, the failure to address persecution in states where peoples are under severe threat makes further mass population movements inevitable, says Minority Rights Group International (MRG).

20 May 2015 description


By Mark Lattimer and Derek Verbakel

The 2015 release of the Peoples under Threat index marks the 10th year that Peoples under Threat has sought to identify those communities around the world that are most at risk of genocide, mass political killing or systematic violent repression.

A number of the countries which rose most sharply in the index last year, including Syria,
Yemen and Ukraine, saw escalating violence over the course of 2014–15 and the killing, in total, of tens of thousands of civilians.

10 Jul 2013 description

Risk of mass killing rises in African countries following foreign military intervention – 2013 Peoples under Threat global survey

Eight most at risk states out of top ten subject to recent or prolonged foreign military interventions

10 July 2013

23 May 2012 description
Online briefing

Minorities face attack as revolutions sour in Middle East and North Africa, says new global Peoples Under Threat survey

Syria, Libya, Egypt and Yemen are among the most significant risers in this year’s internationally acclaimed global ranking Peoples Under Threat, which lists countries where communities are most at threat of mass killing, Minority Rights Group International (MRG) says.

12 May 2011 description

Afghanistan most significant riser in global Peoples Under Threat 2011 survey

Afghanistan is the most significant riser in this year’s release of the internationally acclaimed global ranking Peoples Under Threat, which lists countries where communities are most at threat of mass killing, Minority Rights Group International (MRG) says.

15 Mar 2011 description

Minority Rights Group International said on Wednesday it was seriously concerned about the situation of different ethnic and religious minority groups affected by the violence in North Africa and the Middle East.

‘Minorities in Libya, Bahrain and Egypt are all under threat of either being caught up in the violence or in some cases specifically targeted for attack because of their identity,’ says Carl Soderbergh, MRG’s Director of Policy and Communications.