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28 Feb 2013 description

As Libya rebuilds its institutions, the ICRC continues to help those still suffering the effects of the recent conflict there. Katharina Ritz, the head of the ICRC’s delegation in Tripoli, explains what the ICRC is doing and the challenges we face.

28 Feb 2013 description

TRIPOLI, 27 February 2013 (IRIN) - In Libya your eyes receive constant reminders of the Arab Spring and the violent end to Col Gaddafi’s 42-year rule - from the bullet holes at the airport, posters of revolutionary martyrs, to the thousands of national flags on buildings.

The graffiti shows a flowering - at least in some quarters - of a new national pride, with statements like “We’re proud to be Libyan.” But the conflict has also given rise to strong expectations that reconstruction and rebirth will quickly improve the lives of ordinary people.

26 Feb 2013 description
  • Gaddafi used Tawergha as base for missile attacks

  • Residents say now face persecution, arrests

  • Nearby Misrata says wants justice for war crimes

By Marie-Louise Gumuchian

TRIPOLI, Feb 26 (Reuters) - Every day, Ibtisam Mohammed Salem's children ask her when they will go back to their home in the abandoned Libyan town of Tawergha. Although she wants to reassure them, she fears they will have a long wait.

26 Feb 2013 description
report UN Radio


Less than two years after the fall of the Gaddafi regime in Libya, the country's leader has said that it's time for Libya to address its human rights record.

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan also thanked the international community, led by the Human Rights Council and the Security Council, for its support through Libya's transition period.

22 Feb 2013 description

Health personnel and emergency services played a crucial role in saving lives during the 2011 Libyan conflict. For more than a year, ICRC first-aid delegate Abdulbadih El Dada worked closely with volunteers and doctors. . What was the main purpose of your work in Libya?

22 Feb 2013 description

This document provides an overview of developments in the Mediterranean Basin and other regions of interest from 05—18 February 2013, with hyperlinks to source material highlighted and underlined in the text. For more information on the topics below or other issues pertaining to the region, please contact the members of the Med Basin Team, or visit our website at www.cimicweb.org

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22 Feb 2013 description


  • Despite good agricultural production in 2012 and good conditions for pastoralists, the situation in the Sahel remains critical, mostly due to the impact of the 2012 crisis (food insecurity, floods and Mali conflict) as well as previous recent crises. Approximately 10.3 million people remain food insecure in 2013 and over 1.4 million children are at risk of severe acute malnutrition.

22 Feb 2013 description

Key messages

• The most vulnerable households in the Sahel are facing a triple crisis: an ongoing food and nutrition crisis; an erosion of their resilience due to recurrent stresses and chronic food insecurity; and region-wide ramifications of the Mali conflict.

• Despite good harvests across the region in late 2012, food prices remain high, malnutrition among children has not decreased, and many families are more than ever indebted or impoverished after four consecutive food crises.

21 Feb 2013 description

Au sommaire

  • CAP Niger: 345 millions de dollars requis pour 2013
  • WASH: UNICEF renforcera l’assistance à Diffa
  • Relèvement: nouveau programme d’aide aux retournés de la Libye
20 Feb 2013 description

Supporting the Libyan Red Crescent Society (LRCS)

  • Supplied 10,000 hygiene parcels to the LRCS for distribution to 60,000 displaced and vulnerable persons in Benghazi.
  • Held three first-aid instructor courses for 171 volunteers.
  • Donated 13 ambulances and 5 mini-buses with first-aid related material, such as stretchers, training dummies, etc.
  • Renovated LRCS offices and clinics affected by the conflict in Bani Walid, Sirte and Ajdabya.

Promoting detainee welfare

20 Feb 2013 description

DAKAR, 20 février 2013 (IRIN) - Les militants islamistes qui ont fui le nord du Mali sous la pression des forces françaises pourraient compromettre la sécurité des pays voisins, dont certains seraient originaires. Ils pourraient également obtenir le soutien des milices de la région qui sont sympathiques à leur cause et même cibler les pays qui abritent de vastes communautés d'expatriés, selon les analystes.

19 Feb 2013 description

TRIPOLI, 19 February 2013 (IRIN) - Two years on from the start of the Libyan revolution, one major humanitarian issue awaits resolution: the internal displacement of around 60,000 Libyans accused of close ties to the Gaddafi regime and committing abuses during the nine-month conflict.

Around half of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) are ethnic Tawergha, according to the Libyan Humanitarian Relief Agency (LibAid) - driven from their home town of the same name to the east of Tripoli.

18 Feb 2013 description

DAKAR, 18 February 2013 (IRIN) - Militant Islamists fleeing northern Mali under pressure from French forces could undermine security in neighbouring countries from where some of the fighters are believed to hail. They could also attract the support of sympathetic militias in the region, and even target countries with large expatriate communities, analysts say.

14 Feb 2013 description


  • Stranded Chadian migrants deported from Libya receive emergency aid (IOM, 12 Feb.)

  • Tchad: le nouveau gouvernement fixe ses priorités pour le développement du pays (Xinhua, 11 fév.)

  • Tchad: les autorités démentent l'infiltration de membres de Boko Haram (RFI, 13 fév.)

  • Faux orphelins du Tchad: les responsables de l'Arche de Zoé condamnés et arrêtés (AFP, 12 fév.)

  • Tchad: débat à l'Assemblée nationale sur une révision de la Constitution (Xinhua, 13 fév.)

14 Feb 2013 description

GAZA CITY, 14 February 2013 (IRIN) - Ahmed Dweik’s family knows a thing or two about the refugee experience.

Theirs started in 1948, when his father fled his Palestinian home town as Israeli forces captured the village of West Batani near Ashdod in present-day Israel.

From there, he settled in a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, further south, until the 1967 Arab-Israeli war pushed him to search for an easier life abroad. He went first to Egypt to study, then to Yemen to find work.

14 Feb 2013 description

Tchad – L’OIM a distribué de la nourriture, de l’eau et des médicaments à un groupe de 32 migrants tchadiens arrivés la semaine dernière (7/2/13) au bureau de l’OIM à Faya-Largeau, dans une région reculée au nord du Tchad, après avoir été expulsés de Libye.

Depuis juillet dernier, trois groupes de migrants tchadiens ont été expulsés de Libye. Plus de 150 000 travailleurs migrants tchadiens avaient déjà quitté le pays en 2011, après le renversement du régime précédent.

14 Feb 2013 description

Cereal prices in the Sahel continue to stabilize, approaching seasonal averages


13 Feb 2013 description
report The New York Times

PARIS — Nearly two years after a revolt that ousted and killed the Libyan leader, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, Libya’s weak government is struggling to control its borders, stop the smuggling of weapons and manage regional militias that have refused to disarm, according to the conclusions of an international meeting on Libyan security here on Tuesday.

Read the full story on the New York Times.