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10 Oct 2019 description


Selon les estimations de la FAO, 41 pays de par le monde, dont 31 en Afrique, continuent d’avoir besoin d’une aide alimentaire extérieure. La persistance des conflits reste le principal facteur à l’origine du niveau élevé d’insécurité alimentaire grave, tandis que les conditions météorologiques défavorables ont aussi compromis la production agricole, réduisant les disponibilités vivrières et l’accès à la nourriture.


10 Oct 2019 description




Grave crisis económica

• En medio de la grave y prolongada crisis económica, el número de refugiados y migrantes de Venezuela se estima en 4,3 millones de personas. Se encuentran asentados en países vecinos de América del Sur y el Caribe. Las necesidades humanitarias para ayudar a los refugiados y migrantes en los países de acogida son notables.

21 Sep 2019 description
report UN General Assembly

Soixante-quatorzième session
Point 63 de l’ordre du jour provisoire
Rapport du Haut-Commissaire des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés, questions relatives aux réfugiés, aux rapatriés et aux déplacés et questions humanitaires


21 Sep 2019 description
report UN General Assembly
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Seventy-fourth session
Item 63 of the provisional agenda
Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, questions relating to refugees, returnees and displaced persons and humanitarian questions


20 Sep 2019 description
report UN News Service

Quarante-et-un pays, dont 31 en Afrique, requièrent toujours une aide extérieure afin de couvrir leurs besoins alimentaires, prévient l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture (FAO) dans un rapport publié jeudi.

19 Sep 2019 description

FAO report cites 41 countries needing external assistance for food

Dry weather and protracted conflicts are primary drivers

19 September 2019, Rome - Some 41 countries continue to be in need of external assistance for food, with conflicts acting as the primary cause of high levels of food insecurity and adverse weather conditions - particularly rainfall shortages in Africa - acutely affecting food availability and access for millions of people, a quarterly report by the United Nations says.

29 Jul 2019 description

35 Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) and 11 mobile FMPs are currently operational in seven countries. In May 2019, one additional FMP was installed in Sarh, in southern Chad, where enumerators monitor the flows of travellers between Chad and the Central African Republic and Nigeria. The Zouarke FMP in northern Chad remains closed because of insecurity and lack of access in the region.

10 Jul 2019 description


By Dr Marc Biot, Dr Isabelle Defourny, Marcel Langenbach, Kenneth Lavelle, Bertrand Perrochet and Teresa Sancristoval, Directors of Operations

06 Jul 2019 description
report UN News Service

Les conflits prolongés et les mauvaises conditions climatiques exacerbent les besoins alimentaires, alerte l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture (FAO).

Selon le dernier rapport de la FAO sur les Perspectives de récoltes et la situation alimentaire publié jeudi, les conflits en cours et les sécheresses demeurent les principales causes de grave insécurité alimentaire, compromettant ainsi l'accès aux aliments et leur disponibilité pour des millions de personnes.

04 Jul 2019 description



Cyclone damage and rainfall deficits in 2019 caused significant production declines in Southern Africa, while in East Africa severe dryness reduced first season harvests and led to a degradation of rangeland conditions. Rainfall in West Africa is predicted to be below average, constraining production prospects.

ASIA Cereal production in 2019

07 Mar 2019 description


FAO assesses that globally 41 countries, of which 31 are in Africa, continue to be in need of external assistance for food.
Conflict remains the main driver of high levels of severe food insecurity. Weather‑induced production declines and economic instability have also adversely impacted on food availability and access.



11 Jan 2019 description
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At the end of December 2018, 21 Humanitarian Response Plans (HRP) and the Syria Regional Response Plan (3RP) required US$24.93 billion to assist 97.9 million people in urgent need of humanitarian support. The requirements remained unchanged as of the end of November 2018. The plans are funded at $14.58 billion which amounts to 58.5 per cent of financial requirements for 2018. Notably, the percentage of total funding contributed through humanitarian response plans carried out by the UN with partners in 2018 is estimated at 62.9%.

17 Dec 2018 description

Regional Flow Monitoring Network

30 FMPs and nine mobile FMPs are currently operational in seven countries.

In Burkina Faso, data was collected from five FMPs during the month of October 2018. An average of 1,117 individuals were observed crossing Flow Monitoring Points daily - a slight decrease of three per cent from the September figures.

13 Dec 2018 description


World Humanitarian Data and Trends presents global- and country-level data-and-trend analysis about humanitarian crises and assistance. Its purpose is to consolidate this information and present it in an accessible way, providing policymakers, researchers and humanitarian practitioners with an evidence base to support humanitarian policy decisions and provide context for operational decisions.

12 Dec 2018 description

Spotlight on Progress