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05 Nov 2019 description

The second publication of the annual Mixed Migration Review by the Mixed Migration Centre offers updates on global mixed migration trends and policy events while examining future trends and expectations in a wide range of sectors and their impact on mixed migration. The Keeping track and Managing flows sections respectively set out the year’s key mixed migration trends across the globe and summarise selected policy and legislative developments.

31 Oct 2019 description

Key findings:

  • Eritrea, Syria, and Yemen are the countries with the most critical access constraints.

  • More than 20 countries are facing high or very high access constraints.

  • Bangladesh, Cameroon, Mali, Niger, and Sudan are the countries where access has deteriorated the most since our last access report released in May 2019.

  • Physical constraints and restriction of access to services are the most common access challenges.


28 Oct 2019 description
report UN General Assembly

Asamblea General
Documentos Oficiales
Septuagésimo cuarto período de sesiones
Suplemento núm. 12 (A/74/12)

I. Introducción

28 Oct 2019 description
report UN General Assembly

Assemblée générale
Documents officiels
Soixante-quatorzième session
Supplément no 12

I. Introduction

24 Oct 2019 description
report UN General Assembly
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General Assembly
Official Records
Seventy-fourth Session
Supplement No. 12

I. Introduction

23 Oct 2019 description
report UN Children's Fund

GINEBRA/NUEVA YORK, 22 de octubre de 2019 – Millones de niños que viven en zonas afectadas por los conflictos y los desastres naturales están en peligro debido a la escasez de fondos necesarios para financiar los programas humanitarios esenciales para sus vidas, dijo hoy UNICEF.

23 Oct 2019 description
report UN News Service

A moins de 70 jours de la fin de l’année, le Fonds des Nations Unies pour l’enfance (UNICEF) n’a reçu qu’un peu plus de la moitié des 4 milliards de dollars de financement dont il a besoin en 2019 pour venir en aide aux enfants vulnérables.

22 Oct 2019 description
report UN Children's Fund

$4 billion humanitarian appeal nearly 50 per cent unfunded heading into final quarter of 2019

NEW YORK, 22 October 2019 – Millions of children living in areas affected by conflict and disaster are at risk because of substantial shortages in funding for lifesaving humanitarian programmes, UNICEF said today.

21 Oct 2019 description

In September 2019, 2,499 refugees and migrants arrived in Italy by sea, most of whom departed from Tunisia. This is the highest number of monthly sea arrivals this year so far.

NGO rescue vessels continued to operate in the Central Mediterranean. The Ocean Viking vessel was involved in two postdisembarkation transfer exercises led by the European Commission.

On 12 September, 98 refugees were evacuated from Libya, in the context of the third direct humanitarian evacuation from Libya to Italy in 2019 so far.

Operational Context

11 Oct 2019 description

WFP Aviation: January to June 2019

During the first half of 2019, WFP Aviation supported humanitarian responses to some of the world’s direst emergencies, including Cyclones Idai and Kenneth in Mozambique, drought-affected Somalia, and the ongoing crises in Venezuela and Yemen.

10 Oct 2019 description


Selon les estimations de la FAO, 41 pays de par le monde, dont 31 en Afrique, continuent d’avoir besoin d’une aide alimentaire extérieure. La persistance des conflits reste le principal facteur à l’origine du niveau élevé d’insécurité alimentaire grave, tandis que les conditions météorologiques défavorables ont aussi compromis la production agricole, réduisant les disponibilités vivrières et l’accès à la nourriture.


10 Oct 2019 description




Grave crisis económica

• En medio de la grave y prolongada crisis económica, el número de refugiados y migrantes de Venezuela se estima en 4,3 millones de personas. Se encuentran asentados en países vecinos de América del Sur y el Caribe. Las necesidades humanitarias para ayudar a los refugiados y migrantes en los países de acogida son notables.

09 Oct 2019 description
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The Global Humanitarian Overview published on 4 December 2018 announced funding requirements of $21.9 billion for 21 Humanitarian Response Plans (HRP) and the Venezuela Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan. By the end of September 2019, requirements had reached $26.75 billion. The change in requirements since last month is mainly due to an increase in requirements for Mozambique. As at the end of August, 148.7 million people are estimated to be in need in 58 countries. The plans aim to collectively provide aid to 109 million people.

07 Oct 2019 description

By Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
07 October 2019

Mr. Chairman,
Deputy Secretary-General,
Distinguished Delegates,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

07 Oct 2019 description

Humanitarian crises produce psychological suffering and trauma that threaten the health and well-being of affected people, and erode global efforts for peacebuilding and recovery. In 2019, nearly 143 million people needed humanitarian aid and protection. UNFPA estimates that more than 35 million are womenand girls of reproductive age.

20 Sep 2019 description
report UN News Service

Quarante-et-un pays, dont 31 en Afrique, requièrent toujours une aide extérieure afin de couvrir leurs besoins alimentaires, prévient l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture (FAO) dans un rapport publié jeudi.

19 Sep 2019 description

FAO report cites 41 countries needing external assistance for food

Dry weather and protracted conflicts are primary drivers

19 September 2019, Rome - Some 41 countries continue to be in need of external assistance for food, with conflicts acting as the primary cause of high levels of food insecurity and adverse weather conditions - particularly rainfall shortages in Africa - acutely affecting food availability and access for millions of people, a quarterly report by the United Nations says.

16 Sep 2019 description

The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is a global norm, unanimously adopted by heads of state and government at the 2005 UN World Summit, aimed at preventing and halting Genocide, War Crimes, Ethnic Cleansing and Crimes Against Humanity. R2P stipulates that: » Every State has the Responsibility to Protect its populations from the four mass atrocity crimes (Pillar I). » The wider international community has the responsibility to encourage and assist individual States in meeting that responsibility (Pillar II).