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  • Clashes continue in and around Tripoli, with the escalation in violence reaching pre-truce levels. As of 9 January 2020, more than 149,000 people have been displaced.
  • The security situation in Sirt, Abu Qurayn and surrounding areas remain tense. Fighting since January 2020 has resulted in more than 4,650 people fleeing their homes.
  • Many migrants and refugees continue to risk the crossing to Europe. Since January, around 2,670 people were intercepted/rescued at sea and returned to Libya, most to detention.
Vegetable market in the old town area in Benghazi (UNOCHA/Giles Clarke)
Vegetable market in the old town area in Benghazi (UNOCHA/Giles Clarke)
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Key Figures

  • People in Need

    900,000 2% increase since 3 Dec 2019

    Source: OCHA
  • People Targeted for Assistance

    300,000 12% decrease since 3 Dec 2019

    Source: OCHA
  • Children in Need

    265,200 10% increase since 9 Jan 2019

    Source: UNICEF
  • Registered Refugees & Asylum-Seekers in Libya

    48,621 6% increase since 30 Nov 2019

    Source: UNHCR
  • IDPs

    187,423 3% decrease since 31 Aug 2018

    Source: IOM
  • Returnees

    445,476 No change since 31 Dec 2018

    Source: IOM

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