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17 May 2019 description

Cette année marque le 20eme anniversaire de l'inscription à l'ordre du jour du Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU de la protection des civils dans les conflits armés, ainsi que celui de deux résolutions importantes adoptées en 1999 : la Résolution 1 265 sur la protection des civils dans les conflits armés et la Résolution 1 270, qui prévoyait le premier mandat explicite de protection des civils dans le cadre d’une opération de maintien de la paix des Nations Unies.
Cette année marque également le 70eme anniversaire des Conventions de Genève de 1949.

07 May 2019 description

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Security Council taking up the protection of civilians in armed conflict on its agenda, as well as two important resolutions passed in 1999: Resolution 1265 on the protection of civilians in armed conflict and Resolution 1270, which included the first explicit protection of civilians mandate for a United Nations (UN) peacekeeping operation. This year also marks the 70th anniversary of the 1949 Geneva Conventions.

10 Dec 2018 description

Refugees need meaningful change

The UN Global Compact on Refugees, initiated by the General Assembly, failed to deliver meaningful change for 25 million refugees. In July, after 18 months of consultations, the final text of the Compact, which aimed to improve the international community’s response to mass forcible displacement, was notably unambitious: a shameful blueprint for responsibility shirking.

14 Feb 2017 description

In the absence of safe and legal routes into Europe, hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants have travelled irregularly over the last few years, at considerable risk to their own lives. This has undeniably confronted European leaders with logistical, political and humanitarian challenges. With isolated exceptions European leaders have largely failed to meet them. The dramatic scenes that saw a million refugees and migrants cross the continent prompted a backlash that continues to echo resoundingly, prompting a raft of measures increasingly focused on blocking future arrivals.

04 Oct 2016 description

Rich nations’ self-interest means refugee crisis set to get worse, not better

Wealthy countries have shown a complete absence of leadership and responsibility, leaving just 10 countries, which account for less than 2.5% of world GDP, to take in 56% of the world’s refugees, said Amnesty International in a comprehensive assessment of the global refugee crisis published today.

22 Apr 2015 description

Amnesty International’s “Blueprint for Action” to end refugee and migrant deaths in the Med

On the eve of an emergency summit in Brussels, Amnesty International is publishing a Blueprint for Action calling on European governments to take immediate and effective steps to end an ongoing catastrophe that has left thousands of refugees and migrants dead.

30 Sep 2014 description

The death toll in the Mediterranean rises while Europe looks the other way

A year on from the Lampedusa shipwrecks, which claimed more than 500 lives, a new report by Amnesty International highlights how the shameful inaction of European Union (EU) countries has contributed to a spiralling death toll with thousands of refugees and migrants losing their lives in a desperate bid to reach European shores.

09 Jul 2014 description

EU migration policies put lives and rights at risk

In their determination to seal off their borders, the European Union and its member states are putting the lives and rights of refugees and migrants at risk, Amnesty International said in a new report published today.

02 Dec 2011 description

By Marianne Mollmann, Senior Policy Advisor at Amnesty International

These past few months have seen many advances on women’s participation in post-conflict settings; at least on paper.