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16 Jul 2018 description
report Sudan Tribune

July 15, 2018 (KASSALA/KHARTOUM) - Governor of Sudan’s eastern state of Kassala Adam Jama’a on Sunday said police has freed 139 victims of human trafficking calling on legislators to extend the state of emergency.

Last December, the Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir issued a decree imposing a six-month state of emergency in North Kordofan and Kassala states.

The parliament on Monday would hold an extraordinary session to consider an extension of the emergency order at both states.

16 Jul 2018 description

N’Djamena - Dimanche dernier, 1er juillet, 20 migrants d’Afrique subsaharienne, dont huit potentielles victimes de traite, se seraient retrouvés bloqués à Faya, au nord du Tchad. La ville de Faya est située sur l’un des itinéraires migratoires au nord du Tchad, où les autorités tchadiennes identifient régulièrement des victimes de traite et les orientent vers l’OIM, l’organisme des Nations Unies chargé des migrations.

14 Jul 2018 description

Tripoli, 12 July 2018 – The Italian Government has contributed €500,000 to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Libya to support national reconciliation efforts. His Excellency, the Italian Ambassador to Libya, Mr. Giuseppe Perrone, and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Country Director to Libya, Mr. Sultan Hajiyev, signed the agreement today in support of local reconciliation and mediation efforts in Libya.

14 Jul 2018 description

Geneva – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, reports that 48,629 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea through 11 July 2018. That total compares to 102,308 at this time last year, and 239,492 at this time in 2016.

Arrivals to Italy and Spain are nearly identical, both just shy of 17,000 migrants, both destinations accounting for 35 per cent of the region’s arrivals. However, Spain continues to be the preferred destination, accounting for well over half of all arrivals since 1 June.

13 Jul 2018 description

Regional Flow Monitoring Network

120 FMPs are currently active in 2 countries in the region. As part of discussions on methodology changes/discussion, the number of FMPS was reduced to 115 from 162, so as to focus on more strategic points.

In Yemen, DTM Flow Monitoring exercise captured 11,774 migrants arriving by boat during May 2018. 84% of migrants are Ethiopians and 16% Somalis. 92% intended to reach Saudi Arabia and 8% intended to stay in Yemen.

13 Jul 2018 description
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Key figures:

179,400 Libyans currently internally displaced (IDPs)

372,022 returned IDPs (returns registered in 2016 - April 2018)

53,388 registered refugees and asylumseekers in the State of Libya

16,919 persons arrived in Italy by sea in 2018

735 monitoring visits to detention centres so far in 2018

1,525 asylum-seekers and refugees released from detention so far in 2018

1,858 vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers evacuated since November 2017


USD 85 M required for 2018

12 Jul 2018 description


Following is a transcript of UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ press conference, held in New York today:

Ladies and gentlemen of the media,

I really thank you very much for your presence.

Tomorrow, the General Assembly is expected to agree on a Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, for formal adoption in December in Marrakesh. This action has immense potential to help the world harness the benefits of regular migration while safeguarding against the dangers of irregular movements that place people at risk.

12 Jul 2018 description
report Mixed Migration Hub


Austria plans to use border guards in Africa

12 Jul 2018 description


The Early Warning Early Action initiative has been developed with the understanding that disaster losses and emergency response costs can be drastically reduced by using early warning analysis to act before a crisis escalates into an emergency.
Early actions strengthen the resilience of at-risk populations, mitigate the impact of disasters and help communities, governments and national and international humanitarian agencies to respond more effectively and efficiently.

José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General

12 Jul 2018 description

Libya continues to be the main transit point for departure from North Africa towards Europe. UNHCR's interventions at disembarkation points in Libya focus on the provision of life-saving assistance and protection monitoring, to identify persons in need of international protection, as well as vulnerable individuals, such as unaccompanied and separated children, elderly, medical cases, women at risk or victims of trafficking. UNHCR through its partner International Medical Corps provides medical services and core relief items.

12 Jul 2018 description

Thursday, July 12, 2018 — Amsterdam / Marseille - Over six hundred people attempting to cross the Central Mediterranean have drowned or are presumed drowned in the last four weeks alone, including babies and toddlers. These tragedies, which represent half of the total deaths at sea so far in 2018, took place as there were no longer non-governmental organisation (NGO) rescue boats active on the Central Mediterranean.

12 Jul 2018 description
report IRIN

While the EU welcomes a sharp drop in migrant arrivals, Libya’s Coast Guard is overwhelmed and complains of empty European promises

12 Jul 2018 description
report Sudan Tribune

July 11, 2018 (KHARTOUM) - Libya’s Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency (AIIA) on Wednesday said the Sudanese embassy in Tripoli has issued temporary travel documents to repatriate dozens of illegal migrants.

According to the AIIA, Sudan’s Ambassador to Libya last Thursday visited its headquarters to check on the conditions of the Sudanese illegal migrants.

It pointed out that the AIIA in coordination with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) would transfer the illegal migrants via Maitika International Airport.

11 Jul 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • In Tillabery region, inter-community attacks at the border with Mali caused 45 casualties, and led to 13,900 displaced people (almost 3,000 in May) in 4 municipalities, according to protection cluster.

  • In May, three civilians were killed and two were abducted during attacks by non-state armed groups in the Diffa region. Two health centres were also looted.

11 Jul 2018 description


  • 1,536 Refugees evacuated temporarily from Libya to Niger as part of the ETM (Emergency Transit Mechanism) from November 2017 – June 2018

  • 2,013 Persons profiled by UNHCR in Agadez seeking asylum

  • 17,758 Persons internally displaced in the Tillaberi region

Operational Context

The key situations include:

10 Jul 2018 description

Key Figures
1,288 Dead and Missing in 2018
(as of 30 June 2018)
2,301 Dead and Missing in 2017
(as of 30 June 2017)

10 Jul 2018 description

Funding required: $25.39 B

Funding received: $8.71 B

Unmet requirements: 16.68 B

Coverage: 34.3%

People in need: 134.0 M

People to receive aid: 96.2 M

Countries affected: 40

10 Jul 2018 description

Geneva – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, reports that 47,637 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea through 8 July 2018. That total compares to 101,392 at this time last year, and over 239,492 at this time in 2016.

Arrivals to Italy, Greece and Spain are about even through 14 weeks. Italy, with 35 per cent of arrivals, remains the busiest destination, barely edging out Spain (34%) and Greece (30%). If these trends persist, Spain looks likely to have had the largest number of arrivals before summer’s end.