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17 Jan 2020 description

The Lebanese Internal Security Forces, including anti-riot police, used excessive and unlawful force against protesters on the nights of 14 and 15 January, subjecting scores of protesters to brutal beatings and carrying out waves of arbitrary arrests of many peaceful protesters after two nights of clashes with a minority of protesters. Lynn Maalouf, Amnesty International’s Middle East Director of Research, said:

16 Jan 2020 description
report Mercy Corps

There was no clean water when Fatima, 40, and her family arrived at the settlement in Lebanon.

The closest water pump was 984 feet away. But even that short distance, equivalent to 3 city blocks, was a challenge for Fatima and women like her.

“We tried to go at night because it was so hot, and we had so many harassments we decided to do it only in the afternoon. It was dangerous,” Fatima says.

16 Jan 2020 description

The monthly dashboard summarizes the progress made by partners involved in the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (LCRP) and highlights trends affecting people in need. Partners in Lebanon are working to: 1) ensure protection of vulnerable populations; 2) provide immediate assistance to vulnerable populations; 3) support service provision through national systems; and 4) reinforce Lebanon’s economic, social, institutional and environmental stability. Reported progress towards targets is cumulative since January 2019, unless otherwise specified.

16 Jan 2020 description


• 3.7 million Syrian refugees, non-Syrian refugees and host community assisted by WFP in November 2019.

• By the end of November, WFP in Jordan registered 89% of refugees residing in communities and receiving WFP’s unconditional food assistance in the country through the irisscanning biometrics technology.*

Situation Updates

Following the start of Turkish military operations in north-eastern Syria in early October, the situation in Syria and neighbouring countries remained tense.

16 Jan 2020 description

By Joost Hiltermann Program Director, Middle East and North Africa

In a speech at the Institut Europeu de la Mediterrània, Crisis Group’s Middle East and North Africa Program Director Joost Hiltermann highlights four key issues that hinder peace efforts in the region, and five clusters of century-old conflicts that are still causing turmoil today.


15 Jan 2020 description
report The Grand Bargain

These are a few examples of implementation of the Grand Bargain commitments by the Signatories at country level in 2018. The examples have been extracted from the Grand Bargain Annual Independent Report 2019 and are not exhaustive. They have been reported by the Signatories as their contributions to the Grand Bargain efforts.

11 Jan 2020 description
report IHH

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered winter aid to 2.500 Palestinian refugee families struggling to survive in various regions of Lebanon.

10 Jan 2020 description

Access to health care continues to be an essential need for newly displaced individuals and for host communities, including pregnant women. Multiple displacements and lack of access to basic services further exacerbate the needs of individuals and communities, in addition to significantly increasing the risks of gender-based violence.

10 Jan 2020 description
report UN Children's Fund

Statement by Yukie Mokuo, UNICEF Representative in Lebanon

Beirut, 10 January 2020 – “As the new year begins, it is time for all of us to put children first and ensure their safeguarding in these times of crisis in Lebanon. All of us –national and international institutions, civil society, private sector, communities, families— must act now to protect girls and boys from the impact of the deepening economic crisis. The situation is deteriorating and increasing the challenges for all children, especially those in families already living in poverty.

09 Jan 2020 description


• 3.7 million Syrian refugees, non-Syrian refugees and host community assisted by WFP in October 2019.

• US$ 5.7 billion injected into local economies through WFP’s cash-based transfers, local food procurement and other expenditures since 2012.

Situation Updates

Since the beginning of anti-government protest in Lebanon on 18 October, WFP has been closely monitoring the provision of banking services as well as market functionality and prices through its retail network to ensure assistance reaches beneficiaries.

08 Jan 2020 description


Los CBPF son establecidos por el Coordinador del Socorro de Emergencias de las Naciones Unidas cuando se produce una nueva emergencia humanitaria o cuando se deteriora una situación ya existente.

Las contribuciones de los donantes se destinan a un fondo único sin asignarlos a un fin específico más allá que el de apoyar las acciones humanitarias locales. Los 18 CBPF que se encontraban activos en 2019 recibieron $956 millones.

03 Jan 2020 description

Violent extremism threatens the security and fundamental rights of citizens all over the world, and undermines the attempts of many countries to achieve sustainable peace. Many violent extremist organizations recruit disenfranchised youth and incite them to commit acts of violence.

The way youth resilience manifests itself is highly dependent on its social, economic and political environments. When youth are provided with opportunities for participation, they are more likely to capitalize on their resilience constructively, thus becoming very valuable assets in peacebuilding.

02 Jan 2020 description

UNFPA continues to provide services to people in need of sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence integrated services, with a focus on the needs of women and adolescent girls. A variety of SRH services are being delivered, including antenatal care, family planning, normal delivery services, postnatal care, referrals, treatment of reproductive tract/urinary tract infection, treatment of trauma, and others.