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04 Sep 2013 description

With two million refugees having fled Syria, government ministers from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey announced with UNHCR today that they had agreed to jointly seek an urgent and major expansion of international help for the region.

25 Feb 2013 description

I. Facts and Figures (as at 20 Feb. 2013)

• Total active Syrians registered amounts to 228,697.

• Total active Syrians since January 2013 is 113,009.

• Total registered individuals in Za’atri Camp is 122,603

• Total individuals waiting registration: 54,105

• Total registered individuals and waiting registration: 285,856

• Majority of registered people of concern is in Za’atri camp with 53.6% of total registered individuals, followed by 15.8% in Irbid and 14.3% in Amman.

15 May 2008 description

Foreign Minister Salah Bashir, member of the Arab League delegation to Lebanon, took part in discussions with Lebanese factions aimed at containing the Lebanese crisis and helping the country avoid civil war. In addition to meeting with Prime Minister Fuad Siniora, the delegation also met with Lower House Speaker Nabih Berri, Druze leader Walid Jumblatt and Commander of the Lebanese Army Michele Suleiman. Negotiations focused on ending violence and a return to dialogue.

15 Oct 2006 description

AMMAN, October 15 (Petra) - An eight-truck aid convoy loaded with foodstuff donated by the Islamic Higher Relief Commission in Saudi Arabia was dispatched to the Palestinian territories on Saturday. Also yesterday, a 14-truck aid convoy headed for Lebanon.

23 Aug 2006 description

AMMAN, August 23 (JT) - Jordan's army-run mobile hospital treated more than 14,100 people and carried out 43 surgeries since it began operating in late July.

Hospital Director Colonel Farhan Kasasbeh said before the ceasefire, the hospital received 700-800 patients per day, but after the cessation of war the number dropped to 500. Kasasbeh said the location of the field hospital was chosen in coordination with the Lebanese authorities to be close to schools and public gardens where many of the displaced took shelter.

15 Aug 2006 description

"Germany and other European Union states have an important role to play in backing the reconstruction of Lebanon and in offering the assistance needed by the Lebanese people now," the King said at a meeting with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

10 Aug 2006 description

AMMAN, August 10 (Petra) - Minister of Interior Eid Fayez underlined the need on Wednesday to facilitate the entry of Lebanese citizens into the country through border crossings.

09 Aug 2006 description

AMMAN, August 9 (JT) - The first load of humanitarian aid from the German Red Cross arrived here on Tuesday in the form of 22 tonnes of baby food. The relief aid was delivered to the warehouse of the International Committee of the Red Cross here, one of the organization's two main logistical hubs in the region for the distribution of relief supplies to Lebanon. The German foreign office supported the assistance program with 50,000 euros to ensure the provision of food supplies for babies and small children in the crisis area.

02 Aug 2006 description

AMMAN, August 2 (Petra) - Two Saudi aircraft loaded with assistance left Marka Airport for Lebanon on Tuesday. The relief supplies include 40 tonnes of medical requirement and food supplies. According to the Saudi Ambassador to Jordan Abdul Rahman Al Ohali, the aircraft are part of a four-day consecutive assistance program for the Lebanese people. Within four days, eight aircraft, carrying relief aid from the Saudi donors, are scheduled to fly from Jordan to Lebanon, the ambassador said.

29 Jul 2006 description

Beirut, 29/7/2006, (Communication & Information Division - Royal Hashemite Court) -- A seventh Jordanian relief plane of the Jordanian Royal Air Force has landed in Beirut Airport carrying about 16 tons of food, medical equipment and furnishings for the military field hospital opened by the Jordan Armed Forces and the Hashemite Charity Organization.

28 Jul 2006 description

AMMAN, July 28 (Petra) - International aid representatives on Thursday praised Jordan's speedy response in sending aid to ease the suffering of the Lebanese people.

26 Jul 2006 description

Beirut, 26/7/2006, (Communication & Information Division - Royal Hashemite Court) -- The First Royal Jordanian Air Force plane landed Wednesday at Beirut international airport in the first airlift of urgently needed aid for blockaded Lebanon.
"We exerted great efforts over the past few days and were able, thank God, to overcome the air blockade imposed on Lebanon," King Abdullah told the "We are All Jordan" Forum.

The plane carried a mobile hospital and medical equipment for the victims of the Israeli aggression. [End]

21 Jul 2006 description

AMMAN, July 21 (Petra) - Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora on Thursday thanked King Abdullah for his solidarity with Lebanon, saying he appreciated Jordan's stand on the crisis.
"We are confident that Your Majesty will always support Lebanon and its stability," Siniora told the King in a letter. The Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization recently dispatched 300 tonnes of relief aid to Lebanon. A Royal Court source said Jordan will soon send more assistance to the Arab country.

21 Jul 2006 description

AMMAN, July 21 (JT) - The Jordan River Foundation (JRF) on Thursday launched an aid campaign for the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples, as civil society institutions organized rallies and postponed festivities in light of continued Israeli attacks.