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25 Sep 2018 description

by Reuters
Tuesday, 25 September 2018 12:30 GMT

Lebanon is hosting 976,000 registered Syrian refugees, according to the U.N. High Commission for Refugees

By Laila Bassam

BEIRUT, Sept 25 (Reuters) - Fifty thousand Syrians have returned home from Lebanon so far in 2018 and the number could reach 200,000 in a year's time if it continues at this rate, a top Lebanese official said on Tuesday.

31 May 2018 description

by Reuters
Thursday, 31 May 2018 14:44 GMT

  • U.N., aid agencies warn of aid, services cuts without more money

  • Warn cuts could impact social stability in host countries

  • Less than one third of 2018s funds received so far

  • Host countries struggle with own economic, development problems

20 Apr 2018 description

by Reuters
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 16:01 GMT

"We had no news about our hometown. My family and I are happy to be going back"

SHEBAA, Lebanon, April 18 (Reuters) - Several hundred Syrians who have lived for years as refugees in Lebanon left for their home country on Wednesday in a rare case of a mass return of those who left the country since the Syrian civil war began in 2011.

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24 Oct 2017 description

"I still want to go back to Syria and fulfill my dream there, in Damascus University"

By Dahlia Nehme

BAR ELIAS, Lebanon, Oct 23 (Reuters) - A new girls' school for Syrian refugees in Lebanon's poor Bekaa region is aiming to give girls from conservative backgrounds the chance at a formal education.

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28 Aug 2017 description

Tensions have simmered for years but the debate has taken a harder edge in recent months.

  • United Nations concerned about rising tensions

  • Lebanese politicians call for refugee returns

  • Syrian refugees say they fear harassment

By Ellen Francis

BEIRUT, Aug 28 (Reuters) - Abu Yazan has rarely stepped out of his apartment in northern Lebanon since he was beaten up on the street in June.

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24 Aug 2017 description

The clashes at the Ain el-Hilweh camp began late last Thursday between Islamist fighters and a joint force comprising the main Palestinian factions, including Fatah

SIDON, Lebanon, Aug 23 (Reuters) - Two members of the Palestinian group Fatah were killed in clashes with Islamist groups in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon on Wednesday, medical sources said, bringing the number of dead to six in nearly a week of fighting.

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14 Aug 2017 description

About 300 rebels from a group called Saraya Ahl al-Sham as well as about 3,000 refugees are to leave Lebanon

(Adds departure of convoy to Syrian border, background, details)

BEIRUT, Aug 14 (Reuters) - The evacuation of a group of Syrian rebels and refugees from a border enclave in Lebanon back into Syrian territory started on Monday, Hezbollah-affiliated al-Manar TV reported.

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02 Aug 2017 description

BEIRUT, Aug 2 (Reuters) - Buses carrying Syrians left refugee camps in a Lebanese border area bound for a rebel-held part of Syria on Wednesday under a truce deal between Shi'ite Hezbollah and Sunni Islamist Nusra Front militants, a security source and Hezbollah TV said.

Thousands of Syrians including militants and their families and refugees are to leave the border zone of Jroud Arsal and head for Syria's northwestern Idlib province under the deal.

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01 Aug 2017 description

The deal includes the departure of all Nusra militants from Lebanon's northeast border region around Arsal town, along with any civilians in nearby refugee camps who wish to leave

  • Thousands of militants, refugees to depart for rebel area

  • Evacuations part of local Nusra-Hezbollah ceasefire

  • Eight Hezbollah prisoners to be released (Adds delay of transfer)

30 Jul 2017 description

First step in ceasefire took place on Sunday as the two sides exchanged bodies of fighters killed in clashes

BEIRUT, July 30 (Reuters) - About 8,000 people have registered to leave the Lebanese border region near Arsal for a rebel-held area of Syria as part of a local ceasefire between Hezbollah and the Nusra Front, a security source in Lebanon said on Sunday.

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17 May 2017 description

By Angus McDowall and Ayat Basma

BEIRUT, May 11 (Reuters) - The Middle East's protracted conflicts have caused a region-wide health crisis that goes beyond war wounds to heightened resistance to antibiotics and a collapse in vaccination drives, leading to a resurgence of diseases tamed in peacetime.

Health threats are so varied that one of the Middle East's main teaching hospitals, the American University of Beirut Medical Centre, has introduced a conflict-medicine programme to equip students to cope in an environment afflicted by chaos.

31 Mar 2017 description

With the influx of people, Bar Elias now handles 40 extra tonnes of refuse every day

  • Public services under strain after refugee influx

  • Waste processing plant expected to relieve some pressure

  • Lebanon to ask EU for aid next week

By Ellen Francis

28 Feb 2017 description

The refugee camp, near the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, has regularly seen factional disputes spiral into deadly violence

AIN EL-HILWEH, Lebanon, Feb 28 (Reuters) - Clashes between gunmen in the Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon intensified on Tuesday, with a severely wounded child the latest casualty in several days of violence, witnesses and security sources said.

03 Feb 2017 description

At least one million Syrians have fled civil war into Lebanon, which has an estimated population of less than six million

by Reuters

BEIRUT, Feb 3 (Reuters) - Lebanese President Michel Aoun said on Friday world powers must work with Damascus to create safe zones in Syria so refugees can return to their country.

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20 Jan 2017 description

by Reuters
Thursday, 19 January 2017 18:09 GMT

The pillars of Lebanon's economy - remittances from overseas workers, tourism and real estate - have been damaged by the war in Syria

BEIRUT, Jan 19 (Reuters) - Lebanon's prime minister called on Thursday for "adequate and substantial" foreign investments worth nearly $10 billion to address the Syrian refugee crisis and upgrade the country's crumbling infrastructure.

07 Oct 2016 description

Syrian refugee children face growing up as a lost generation vulnerable to abuse by traffickers and recruitment by extremist groups

By John Davison

NABATIEH, Lebanon, Oct 6 (Reuters) - Twelve-year-old Abdulrahman has not set foot in a classroom for nearly three years. Instead of going to school, he works at the grocer's downstairs from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., packing fruit and vegetables to support his family.

03 Feb 2016 description

Source: Reuters - Wed, 3 Feb 2016 16:13 GMT

Author: Reuters

By Marc Jones and Karin Strohecker

LONDON, Feb 3 (Reuters) - Lebanon will ask international donors at a summit on Thursday for $12 billion over the next five years to cope with what one minister called the "ongoing earthquake" of the Syrian refugee crisis.

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08 Jan 2016 description

Source: Reuters - Fri, 8 Jan 2016 16:55 GMT
Author: Reuters

By Alaa Kanaan

BAR ELIAS, Lebanon, Jan 8 (Reuters) - Syrian refugee Hussein Hammoud is banking on a broom handle to protect his 12 children from the winter cold. He is using one to prop up the flimsy shelter that has already collapsed once this year under the weight of snow in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.

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02 Jan 2016 description

Source: Reuters - Fri, 1 Jan 2016 17:08 GMT

BEIRUT, Jan 1 (Reuters) - A snowstorm hit Lebanon on Friday, local media reported, stranding motorists and adding to the woes of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees living in makeshift shelters.

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23 Oct 2015 description
  • Slovenia asks EU states to send police

  • U.N. rights chief accuses Czech Republic of abuses

  • German police warn of anti-immigration attacks

By Johan Ahlander and Maja Zuvela

STOCKHOLM/LJUBLJANA, Oct 22 (Reuters) - Sweden said on Thursday it expected up to 190,000 migrants this year, putting unprecedented strain on a country famous for welcoming refugees but planning to house many in tents this winter.

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