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21 Mar 2019 description

CAIRO (ILO News) – A new multi-organizational report finds that conflict and war over the past decade has coincided with an increase in child labour among refugee children, the internally displaced and other populations across the region.

09 Nov 2018 description

The Netherlands has joined an innovative partnership with the ILO to support refugees and their host communities.

GENEVA (ILO news) - The Netherlands and the ILO have launched a new strategic partnership to create livelihoods for refugees and host communities in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East.

26 Sep 2017 description


The Lebanese labour market is encountering significant challenges. In 2012, the national unemployment rate was estimated at 11 per cent, with jobseekers often unemployed for periods of up to one year. Unemployment rates are particularly high for women (18 per cent) and youth (34 per cent).

The labour market is also characterized by:

12 Jun 2017 description

Child Labour in Emergencies: Introducing the New Interagency Toolkit

The Toolkit, produced by the Child Labour Task Force, co-chaired by Plan International and the ILO, was launched in November 2016 during the Annual Meeting of the Alliance in Geneva.

05 Apr 2017 description
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Executive Summary

New study provides pragmatic suggestions to help in creating decent employment and expand economic opportunities for Syrian refugees and communities hosting them

Apr 5, 2017

20 Jul 2016 description
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Host to hundreds of thousands of refugees who have fled the war in neighbouring Syria, Lebanon has witnessed a rise in child labour in recent years, largely in the hazardous agricultural sector.

16 Feb 2015 description
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Ministry of Labour, ILO, UNICEF, Save the Children launch study on plight of working children on streets in Lebanon

BEIRUT, 16th February 2015 – A study launched today sheds light on the plight of working street-based children in Lebanon. The report, “Children Living and Working on the Streets in Lebanon: Profile and Magnitude”, is the first of its kind in Lebanon to assess the scope and characteristics of the increasingly visible phenomenon of one of the worst forms of child labour.

05 Apr 2014 description

Syrian refugees in Lebanon face harsh working conditions

An ILO assessment of Syrian refugee employment in Lebanon finds that low wages, high unemployment and lack of labour market regulation pose serious challenges to livelihoods for both residents and refugees in host communities

BEIRUT (ILO News) – Almost a third of Syrian refugees in Lebanon's labour market are unemployed, said the International Labour Organization in a study entitled “Assessment of the Impact of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon and their Employment Profile”.

23 Nov 2012 description
Executive summary

Palestinians in Lebanon working under precarious conditions

Restrictions in Lebanon do not exclude Palestinian refugees from the labour market but lead to exploitative conditions, a new ILO-EU study says.

GENEVA (ILO News) – Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon continue to find jobs despite legal and administrative hurdles, but face exploitative working conditions, according to an ILO-EU study.

01 May 2012 description

Project Number: LEB/10/02/EEC
Duration: 2010-2012
Donor: European Union
Location: Lebanon
Sector: Employment and Social Protection
Unit Responsible: Regional Office for Arab States


28 Feb 2011 description

Beirut 28 February 2011 - The Lebanese Minister of Labour in the caretaking government Boutros Harb signed on Tuesday (22nd of February) a decree implementing amendments to the Labour Law that were adopted last August, thus facilitating access of Palestinian Refugees to work permits and de-linking those permits from a work contract.

The decree has now been referred to the Council of State (Shoura) for finalization as per the provisions of the Lebanese law.

A meeting took place between UNRWA's Commissioner-General Filippo Grandi and Minister Boutros Harb on 19 February in the …

31 Jan 2008 description

Briefing Note No.12

ILO/CRISIS, January 2008

In 2006, after the war, the ILO conducted two studies together with the UNDP on the impact of conflict on Small and Medium Enterprises and on household living standards in Lebanon. Since August 2007, ILO has been implementing a Local Socio-Economic Recovery project (LSER) in southern Lebanon with a total budget of USD 1.3 Million, which is funded by the Lebanese UN Trust Fund.

28 Feb 2001 description

An issue relatively underemphasized in research, policies, programmes and debates on current conflicts, this document examines gender concerns in employment during reintegration, reconstruction and peace building processes.

Providing an analytical synthesis of research and insights based upon country studies undertaken by the ILO between 1996 and 2000, the document seeks to guide policy formulation, effective pursuit of gender-sensitive programming, decent work and other activities, and stimulate and advance current debate.