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21 Dec 2006 description

Briefing Moyen-Orient N°20


Le Liban se retrouve déstabilisé et au bord d'un nouvel effondrement, se rapprochant toujours plus d'une polarisation explosive entre sunnites et chiites, avec une communauté chrétienne affaiblie et divisée coincée entre les deux. Le fragile équilibre politique et sectaire établi depuis la fin d'une guerre civile sanglante en 1990 n'a jamais été la solution idéale et n'a pu être maintenu qu'à un prix élevé.

21 Dec 2006 description

Middle East Briefing N°20


Lebanon has badly lost its balance and is at risk of new collapse, moving ever closer to explosive Sunni-Shiite polarisation with a divided, debilitated Christian community in between. The fragile political and sectarian equilibrium established since the end of its bloody civil war in 1990 was never a panacea and came at heavy cost. It depended on Western and Israeli acquiescence in Syria's tutelage and a domestic system that hindered urgently needed internal reforms, and change was long overdue.

01 Nov 2006 description

Middle East Report N°59


UN Security Council Resolution 1701 halted the month-long fighting between Israel and Hizbollah but did little to resolve the underlying conflict and, if poorly handled, could help reignite it. The resolution has held remarkably well, with only limited violations. However, the temptation by either party to overreach could trigger renewed fighting.

01 Nov 2006 description

Beirut/Jerusalem/Amman/Brussels, 1 November 2006: The international community needs to keep its goals in Lebanon modest lest it renew the conflagration that Security Council Resolution 1701 has put a temporary lid on.

Israel/Hizbollah/Lebanon: Avoiding Renewed Conflict, the latest report from the International Crisis Group, examines the fragile stability, but not sustainable peace. Resolution 1701 has held but temptation to overreach could trigger new fighting or a domestic showdown in Lebanon.

05 Oct 2006 description


If there is a silver lining in the recent succession of catastrophic developments in the Middle East, it is that they may impart renewed momentum to the search for a comprehensive settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It is, admittedly, a slender hope. Since the collapse of the peace process in late 2000, none of the region's parties has displayed the requisite capacity or willingness to reach an acceptable compromise, while the international community has shown more fecklessness than resolve.

22 Sep 2006 description

The International Crisis Group today launched a new global advocacy initiative designed to generate new political momentum for a comprehensive settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Major funding support for the initiative - to cost around $400,000 in its first year - was announced at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York.

"After the chaos of the last few months, there is a new sense of urgency about finding a comprehensive, just and sustainable peace", said Crisis Group President Gareth Evans.

25 Jul 2006 description

Middle East Report N°57


The Middle East is immersed in its worst crisis in years following the capture of three Israeli soldiers by the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Lebanese Party of God (Hizbollah) in late June 2006 and early July, Israel's comprehensive offensive throughout the Gaza Strip and Lebanon, and the daily firing of rockets deep into Israel.