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31 Dec 2006 description
report Mercy Corps

Progress Update by Activity


School Rehabilitation

School Repair in Baalbek

Mercy Corps began Phase II repairs at seven public schools in Baalbek.1 Phase II works at the seven schools are focused on waterproofing and bathroom rehabilitation. These repairs will benefit a total of 2382 students and staff.

Following is a sampling of progress on Phase II school repair:

- Phase II repairs at the Orphanage of the Islamic Welfare Association in Baalbek included repairing the toilets and showers on two floors of the building and preparing the terrace for waterproofing.

31 Dec 2006 description

En el origen del proyecto que ha dado lugar a la creación del Observatorio de la Acción Humanitaria percibíamos la necesidad de hacer un seguimiento estable de la acción humanitaria en nuestro país, compartiendo un sentimiento muy extendido por aquellos que buscan la mejora del trabajo solidario a través de la reflexión, la discusión franca y la crítica (y autocrítica). Con esa intención los Informes anuales, iniciados con el análisis de 2003, pretenden ir cubriendo ese hueco, con clara vocación de permanencia y de apertura a la colaboración con la comunidad humanitaria española.

31 Dec 2006 description

Working together

By Nana Wiedemann, Director of the IFRC Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support

When we send this newsletter out all over the world we often wonder: Who are the readers? What do they like to read about?

All over the world Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies are working with Psychosocial Support both in their national and international programmes.

29 Dec 2006 description

Note: The last situation report was dated December 8, 2006.


On December 10, the USG Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) departed Lebanon following a 21-week deployment. The DART completed mission objectives to assess humanitarian needs, program emergency and early recovery assistance, and coordinate the USG humanitarian response to the crisis in Lebanon.

28 Dec 2006 description

Naqoura, Lebanon (28 December 2006) -- The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) will end the year with more than 11,000 peacekeepers in its area of operations.

The latest addition to UNIFIL's troop numbers was made with the recent arrival of peacekeepers from Qatar.

26 Dec 2006 description

The management of the UAE Program announced that it had expanded its existing Action Plan for the reconstruction, maintenance and rehabilitation of destroyed schools Lebanon, which included in the first stage schools in south Lebanon, to include new schools in the areas of the western Bekaa, the Shouf, Baabda and Aley, bringing the number of schools to 272.

The management of the UAE Program explained that it would be handing over 15 schools to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education at the end of the maintenance and restoration.

24 Dec 2006 description

[This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations]

BEIRUT, 24 Dec 2006 (IRIN) - The lack of centralised, detailed development-related data in Lebanon has hampered the efficiency of emergency and rehabilitation efforts, humanitarian experts have said.

"Information has been poorly coordinated, and although you can access, for instance, statistics on a given town or village via the municipality, there is no central mechanism to provide a global view of the different projects going on in Lebanon at any given time," said Rabih Bashour, coordinator for the …

22 Dec 2006 description

The management of the UAE Program announced the completion of the de-mining and clearing of cluster bombs from the farm lands of Arnun, as well as from the Shaqif citadel area in Nabatieh, southern Lebanon.

The fields were handed over to the town's mayor in the presence of officials from the United Nations De-mining Coordination Center, the Lebanese Army National Office for de-mining and a representative of the Ministry of Archeology.

22 Dec 2006 description
report UN General Assembly


Tenth emergency special session
Agenda item 5
Illegal Israeli actions in Occupied East Jerusalem and

22 Dec 2006 description

The world health report: Working together for health

In 2006, both The world health report and World Health Day focused on health workers. The creation by WHO and other partners of the Global Health Workforce Alliance and the adoption by the World Health Assembly of resolutions calling for a response to this crisis have paved the way towards better recognition for the vital role health workers play within health systems.

22 Dec 2006 description

Rapport sur la santé dans le monde: travailler ensemble pour la santé

En 2006, le Rapport sur la santé dans le monde et la Journée mondiale de la santé ont été consacrés aux personnels de santé. La création par l'Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) et d'autres partenaires de l'Alliance mondiale pour les personnels de santé ainsi que l'adoption par l'Assemblée mondiale de la Santé de résolutions appelant à s'attaquer à la crise laissent augurer d'une meilleure reconnaissance du rôle vital que jouent les personnels dans les systèmes de santé.

22 Dec 2006 description

More than 20,000 children in Lebanon are receiving MCC school kits as part of the organization's post-war response.

The school kits, along with 33,000 health kits, 14,000 blankets, 4,600 relief kits and 39,000 cans of meat have arrived in Lebanon and are currently being distributed to families in need, said Willie Reimer, director of MCC's food, disaster and material resources department.

Generous support from constituents made it possible for MCC to fulfill its commitment to send material aid valued at just over $1 million Cdn. /$883,630 U.S.

22 Dec 2006 description

Ebel-es-Saqi, Lebanon (22 December 2006) - Starting from tomorrow, a new batch of Indian peacekeepers is set to take over responsibility for the Ebel-es-Saqi area of operations as part of India's contribution to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

The Indian Battalion's "4 Sikh Regiment" will start its rotation tomorrow and it will be replaced by the "15 Punjab Regiment." The rotation process is expected to be completed on 29 December 2006.

Commanded by Col.

22 Dec 2006 description

From the Editor

There are two major themes running through this issue of Field Exchange. The first is a focus on Southern Africa and the programmatic challenges presented by HIV/AIDS and the second concerns infant and young child feeding in emergencies (IFE). An extended visit to South Africa over the summer by ENN co-director, Marie McGrath, offered the opportunity to visit several collaborative WFP programmes in Swaziland and Namibia and also to identify significant HIV-related research in the region.

22 Dec 2006 description
report UN Children's Fund

Over 200 million for Education in Emergency and Post Crisis Countries

GENEVA/THE HAGUE, 22 December 2006 - Millions of children in the developing world have a new ray of hope as the Dutch government today announced it has pledged $201 million to UNICEF to radically expand the agency's ongoing efforts to ensure that children in conflict, natural disasters and emerging from crisis can go to school.

It is the single largest earmarked donation UNICEF has received in its 60-year history.

21 Dec 2006 description

WER has shipped a further 15 tons of emergency humanitarian supplies for immediate distribution to Iraqi and Lebanese communities affected by conflict in the Middle East region.

Two 40 foot containers left the UK on 13th December for delivery to WER's partner organisation Heart of Mercy based in Amman, Jordan.

One container of food and clothing has been shipped in conjunction with Feed the Children UK.

21 Dec 2006 description

Briefing Moyen-Orient N°20


Le Liban se retrouve déstabilisé et au bord d'un nouvel effondrement, se rapprochant toujours plus d'une polarisation explosive entre sunnites et chiites, avec une communauté chrétienne affaiblie et divisée coincée entre les deux. Le fragile équilibre politique et sectaire établi depuis la fin d'une guerre civile sanglante en 1990 n'a jamais été la solution idéale et n'a pu être maintenu qu'à un prix élevé.

21 Dec 2006 description

Middle East Briefing N°20


Lebanon has badly lost its balance and is at risk of new collapse, moving ever closer to explosive Sunni-Shiite polarisation with a divided, debilitated Christian community in between. The fragile political and sectarian equilibrium established since the end of its bloody civil war in 1990 was never a panacea and came at heavy cost. It depended on Western and Israeli acquiescence in Syria's tutelage and a domestic system that hindered urgently needed internal reforms, and change was long overdue.