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19 Nov 2018 description


  • Alors que le monde continue de s’urbaniser à un rythme toujours plus rapide et avec une ampleur sans précédent, les villes payent un tribut de plus en plus lourd aux conflits, aux crises et aux catastrophes naturelles.

  • Un nouveau document de synthèse de la Banque mondiale et de l'UNESCO, intitulé CURE, propose un cadre amélioré, fondé sur la culture, pour la reconstruction et le relèvement des villes.

16 Nov 2018 description

By Arnold Fang, East Asia Researcher

Autumn has arrived in the beautiful island of Jeju, a popular holiday destination for people across East Asia. As harvests of its famous mandarin oranges hit the street markets, hundreds of Yemenis who arrived in Jeju earlier this year are receiving the results of their applications for refugee status.

16 Nov 2018 description

Culture – the “X Factor” for Building Back Better after Conflict and Disasters


- As the world continues to urbanize rapidly, cities are increasingly bearing the brunt of conflicts, crises, and disasters, which have a devastating effect on culture.

- A new World Bank-UNESCO Position Paper, Culture in City Reconstruction and Recovery (CURE), proposes an enhanced culture-based framework for city reconstruction and recovery.

15 Nov 2018 description


The Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology in Bor has something new to take pride in: A newly-established Peace Centre, thanks to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), with support from the Republic of Korea.

“As we open this centre, South Sudan is entering a new era. Era of peace, tranquility and development,” Jonglei State Governor Philip Aguer told the gathering during the Centre’s official opening ceremony.

09 Nov 2018 description


605 Progress towards malaria elimination: report of the second global forum of malaria-eliminating countries – June 2018


605 Progrès vers l’élimination du paludisme: rapport du deuxième forum mondial des pays éliminant le paludisme – juin 2018

09 Nov 2018 description
  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held the 3rd annual policy consultation with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Seoul on November 8. The delegations of the Republic of Korea and OCHA to the consultation were led by Director-General for Development Cooperation of the Foreign Ministry Oh Hyun-joo and Assistant Secretary-General Ursula Mueller, respectively.

※ Previous annual policy consultations between the ROK and OCHA: 1st consultation (November 2015, New York), and 2nd consultation (November 2017, New York)

08 Nov 2018 description

Ciudad de Guatemala, 8 nov (AGN).- El Gobierno de Corea donó hoy, a través de la Agencia de Cooperación Internacional (Koica, por sus siglas en inglés), siete millones de dólares para restauración del paisaje forestal y medios de vida en Guatemala.

El proyecto se ejecutará en al menos 10 municipios de los departamentos de Petén, Alta Verapaz y Baja Verapaz, según el convenio firmado este jueves por Taek-Keun Lee, representante de la Koica, y Diego Recalde, de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO).

05 Nov 2018 description

Animal health emergencies continue to erupt around the world at an ever-increasing pace. Increased global travel, human migration and informal trade of animals and animal products continue to intensify the risk of disease spread. Infectious diseases and other animal health threats have the potential to move rapidly within a country or around the world leading to severe socio-economic and public health consequences. For zoonoses that develop the ability for human to human transmission, an early response to an animal health emergency could prevent the next pandemic.

04 Nov 2018 description

UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie today called for the urgent establishment of a ceasefire in Yemen and a lasting settlement to the conflict. She welcomed recent discussion of a halt to hostilities, and called on the United Nations Security Council, working with countries in the region, to find a negotiated end to the conflict and to uphold international laws on the protection of civilians. She appealed for greater understanding of refugee protection laws, and for all countries to play their part in alleviating the human suffering in Yemen.

30 Oct 2018 description
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Baghdad, 29 October 2018– The Government of the Republic of Korea and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed partnership agreement for USD 5M million to support stabilization and recovery in newly liberated areas in Iraq.

Korea’s contribution will be channeled through UNDP’s Funding Facility for Stabilization (FFS) which finances fast-track initiatives in areas retaken from ISIL. This is Korea’s fifth contribution since 2015 to FFS.

29 Oct 2018 description
  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the World Food Programme (WFP), held the fourth Republic of Korea-World Food Programme policy consultation in Rome on October 26. The ROK and WFP head delegates to the meeting were Director-General for Development Cooperation of the Foreign Ministry Oh Hyun-joo and Director of the Government Partnerships Division Chris Kaye, respectively.

28 Oct 2018 description

UNHCR Iran, Tehran, 28 October 2018: The government of the Republic of Korea has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting Afghan refugees in the Islamic Republic of Iran through the signing of a new Letter of Understanding (LoU) with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Iran on 15 October 2018.

24 Oct 2018 description
  1. Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha met with UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Filippo Grandi on October 23, during which the two sides exchanged views on the refugee situations in Asia and the global community and discussed ways that the Republic of Korea and the UNHCR could work more closely together.

23 Oct 2018 description

Incheon – Last year, a total of 313 humanitarian workers were attacked in the field, according to the UN Aid Workers Security Report.

To enhance aid workers’ awareness of their personal security and safety, IOM, the UN Migration Agency, offers a training programme on how to respond to various security challenges for people deployed to hostile environments.

22 Oct 2018 description

GENEVA (22 October 2018) - The Human Rights Committee this morning discussed an update by the Rapporteur on the Follow-Up to Concluding Observations, and endorsed the document titled “Possible elements of a common aligned procedure for follow-up to concluding observations, decisions and views for all treaty bodies”, which the Chairs of human rights treaty bodies had adopted during their annual meeting from 29 May to 1 June in New York.

07 Oct 2018 description
  1. On October 8, the government of the Republic of Korea will provide additional humanitarian assistance of two military transport aircraft and relief goods to the Republic of Indonesia, which suffered significant damage from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Sulawesi Island on September 28, on top of the emergency relief aid of US$1 million already given to the country.

03 Oct 2018 description
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BAGHDAD – A contribution of US$1.5 million from the Republic of Korea will enable the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to provide cash assistance to some 68,000 vulnerable displaced Iraqis through electronic cash cards and mobile money transfers.

30 Sep 2018 description
  1. The government of the Republic of Korea will offer humanitarian assistance of US$1 million in cash to Indonesia, which suffered casualties and material damage from the powerful 7.5-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami (1.5-2 meters high) that hit Sulawesi Island on September 28.
  • So far, the earthquake is reported to have left 384 people dead, another 540 injured and 29 missing.

* Indonesia’s National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) announced the figures on September 29.

27 Sep 2018 description
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Erbil, Iraq; 27 September 2018 - A new commitment from the Republic of Korea will support UNFPA in strengthening services to address sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence in Iraq, to meet the complex needs of women and girls as the country recovers from three years of conflict.

The $700,000 commitment, signed on 16 August 2018, will fund UNFPA reproductive health interventions in camps for internally displaced people in Duhok and Sulimaniyah in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, and gender-based violence services across the country.