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22 Dec 2017 description
report British Red Cross

In 2017 the world faced a series of devastating humanitarian emergencies, not least here in the UK - making it one of the most demanding years for the British Red Cross since WWII. Here’s a look back at 2017 in numbers

  • 9m – people in the UK reported as always or often lonely

  • 200 – tonnes of donated clothes, blankets, toiletries and essential items by members of the public following the Grenfell Tower Fire

  • 24.1m – people facing food shortages in East Africa (across Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and South Sudan)

21 Jun 2013 description
report British Red Cross

This is a guest blog by Sir Nicholas Young, chief executive of the British Red Cross, who recently visited the Red Cross programme at Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.

Dadaab refugee camp is said to be the largest in the world. With an estimated population of 500,000 people, no one can say exactly how many people live here – it changes every day. But many have been here for 20 years, and others have known no other home.

19 Jul 2012 description
report British Red Cross

Our east Africa representative, Karen Peachey, has been working in the region – or supporting work there – for over 20 years. She answers some questions about our response to east Africa’s food crisis.

One year since the British Red Cross launched its East Africa Food Crisis Appeal, what is the situation?

Rains have been good in many parts of the region and this has improved the overall food security situation. However, the rains have not come in some areas – which means some communities are still at risk.

04 Jul 2012 description
report British Red Cross

The Kenya Red Cross has helped cut the number of people suffering from severe malnutrition in part of the world’s largest refugee camp by 75 per cent over the last nine months.

It began providing essential healthcare and nutrition services at the Ifo II section of Dadaab refugee camp complex in October last year. Nearly two out of every ten children under five there then were severely malnourished; now, it’s fewer than one in 20.

17 May 2012 description
report British Red Cross

By Ellie Matthews

The Kenya Red Cross is managing Ifo II West refugee camp in Dadaab and providing essential health and nutrition services, psycho-social support, security training and hygiene promotion services in Ifo II East. At the request of the UN Refugee Agency it is also taking on other health, water and sanitation services that were previously provided by other agencies.

04 Apr 2012 description
report British Red Cross

By Ellie Matthews April 4, 2012 at 9:30 am

Dadaab – the world’s oldest and largest refugee camp complex – is facing ever more serious and complex problems. But, while many organisations have pulled out due to the deteriorating security situation, the Kenya Red Cross is scaling up its operation.

The camp was established in Kenya in 1991, when many people fled their homes during the civil war in Somalia. Although originally designed for 90,000 people, the camp now holds over 450,000 refugees – in terms of population, Dadaab camp is effectively Kenya’s third largest city.

17 Jan 2012 description
report British Red Cross

By Ellie Matthews

In East Africa, continued difficulties accessing food – coupled with recent flooding and conflict in the region – have made life hard for many people. While working with communities in East Africa to improve their long-term resilience to food insecurity, the Red Cross is also providing immediate relief to thousands of vulnerable people in refugee camps.

Difficult conditions

12 Jan 2012 description
report British Red Cross

Six months on from the launch of our East Africa Food Crisis Appeal, the generosity of our donors has helped the Red Cross provide urgent relief to hundreds of thousands of vulnerable, malnourished people.

When several areas of Somalia where in a state of famine, the Red Cross provided healthcare, food, water and therapeutic feeding programmes. Through the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Somali Red Crescent, British Red Cross funds were able to reach areas of Somalia off-limits to many other agencies.

20 Jul 2011 description
report British Red Cross

1) What is famine?

The UN declared on 20 July that parts of south central Somalia are suffering from famine. When the UN makes this declaration, it means there are very extreme problems that are defined as:

09 Jan 2008 description
report British Red Cross

Over 3,500 people who have fled violence in Kenya have crossed the border into Uganda. The refugees have taken shelter in schools which are closed for the holidays. "It is a miserable sight - people are just sitting silently in groups in the shade under trees," said Laurence Lutaaya, head of communications at Uganda Red Cross. "Uganda Red Cross volunteers are playing football with the children - they don't realise the situation as much as their parents.

Lutaaya had visited the Malaba today (9 Jan), which is the site of a teacher training institute.

04 Jan 2008 description
report British Red Cross

The British Red Cross has opened an appeal to provide relief to people affected by violence in Kenya following the recent disputed election.

The country has been engulfed by violence since the results of the presidential election were announced on 30 December. Hundreds of people have been killed and injured, and hundreds of thousands displaced by rioting and violent clashes.