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08 May 2018 description

Access to secure land tenure and security from evictions underpin sustainable social and economic development. Communities with security of tenure invest in and prosper from the land that they live on. Secure land tenure and property rights can be derived through various means such as formal titles (title deeds). Security can also be achieved through long-term rental contracts or by the formal recognition of customary rights and informal settlements.

19 Jul 2013 description

Millions of people in the Sahel and the Horn of Africa are still threatened by drought, disappointing harvests, high food prices, climate change and conflict. The Global Humanitarian Assistance report presented today shows that despite all the emergency aid in circulation, vast numbers of people continue to die of starvation. Over the next five years, the Netherlands will therefore invest a total of €40 million in structural solutions to help the local population prevent new crises.

23 Mar 2012 description

Minister for European Affairs and International Cooperation Ben Knapen wants companies, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations to join the government in tackling water problems in developing countries. Today, on World Water Day, he launched the Sustainable Water Fund.

02 Sep 2011 description

Following his visit to Mogadishu, international cooperation minister Ben Knapen today announced that the Netherlands will provide an additional 10 million euros in emergency aid to Somalia. ‘Somalia is at the heart of the crisis in the Horn of Africa. This is where help is needed most,’ Mr Knapen said.

The additional 10 million euros comes on top of the more than 15 million euros in humanitarian aid already pledged to the region, bringing the Netherlands’ total contribution towards fighting the crisis in the Horn of Africa to more than 25 million euros.

13 Jul 2011 description

Today a delegation of diplomats, including staff of the Dutch embassy in Kenya, will be visiting the Dadaab refugee camps. The Kenyan government is cooperating fully in the reception of 600,000 refugees, including new refugees who are continuing to arrive. However, all these refugees are being housed in existing camps. During their visit the diplomats urged the opening of an extension of the existing Ifo camp. Dutch MP Ingrid de Caluwé has previously raised this issue in questions in parliament.

17 Sep 2009 description

How can you halve the development cooperation budget when drought and climate change are making food shortages increase?' This was the response of Bert Koenders, Minister for Development Cooperation, to the news that the World Food Programme needs another 5 billion dollars to save the lives of millions of people in the Horn of Africa.

Mr Koenders called the attitude of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and the Freedom Party (PVV), which want to make drastic cuts in the development assistance budget, 'uncaring and short-sighted.

16 Feb 2009 description

Today development minister Bert Koenders visited the Delft-based company EARS, which is developing a system to predict the risk of crop failure throughout Africa.

The project, called Food Early Solutions for Africa (FESA), aims to develop and test a database that will contain information on harvests and droughts, acting as a micro-insurance system against droughts.

12 Feb 2008 description

The Netherlands has pledged an extra one million euros in aid for displaced persons in Kenya who have been forced to flee their homes following the violence that broke out in the wake of last December's presidential elections. Development minister Bert Koenders announced the decision on Saturday after his visit to refugee camps in western Kenya.

This is on top of the 1.5 million euros donated to the Kenya Red Cross last month. 300,000 euros will go to AMREF's Flying Doctors programme, which is working to improve conditions for people living in the Nairobi shanty town Kibera.

08 Jan 2008 description

The Netherlands has pledged 1.5 million euros to the Kenya Red Cross for humanitarian aid to the victims of post-electoral turmoil in Kenya.

Of the 500,000 people affected, an estimated 100,000 have been forced to flee their homes. The Kenya Red Cross is coordinating local aid efforts. Donations go towards providing emergency supplies, water and medical aid. Development minister Bert Koenders sees the situation in Kenya as extremely fragile and fears the crisis is not over yet.

24 Apr 2006 description

Minister for Development Cooperation Agnes van Ardenne has recently decided to shelve implementation of education, environment and water programmes in Kenya, worth 118 million euros. The reason is that the Kenyan government has not produced enough proof of success in its fight against corruption.

The Netherlands was to have set up a joint drinking water programme with UNICEF and provided a substantial contribution to the education programme being carried out by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

21 Apr 2006 description

To help the 15 million victims of drought in the Horn of Africa, Minister for Development Cooperation Agnes van Ardenne has increased Dutch emergency aid to 21.8 million euros. Earlier this year, the Dutch government made 7 million euros available for international aid organisations to alleviate famine. Because of the persistent drought, over a third of the livestock have died in some parts of the region; wells have run dry and the land has become parched. In Somalia, cereal production has dropped by 80%. Food and seed prices have rocketed.

24 Jan 2006 description

The Netherlands is to give EUR 1.2 million (USD 1.5 million) to help alleviate the famine in northern Kenya. The money will be channelled via the International Red Cross. Development minister Agnes van Ardenne is currently visiting Kenya, and was able to convey this message to the Kenyan government in person. Van Ardenne and immigration minister Rita Verdonk are in Kenya for a two-day visit focusing on immigration and development. The Dutch aid will be used to buy food (as close as possible to the affected region), pay for transport and ensure that the food gets to where it is needed.

20 Jan 2006 description

Minister for Development Cooperation Agnes van Ardenne and Minister for Immigration and Integration Rita Verdonk will be in Kenya from 23 to 25 January for a working visit devoted to issues of migration and development. Both ministers feel strongly that refugees should be able to count on reception and protection as close to home as possible. Ultimately, this will facilitate a more long-term solution, ideally the refugees' return to their country of origin.

22 Nov 2004 description

The international community, represented by the Group of Friends of the Great Lakes Region, will continue to support the countries in the region after the signing of the Dar es Salaam Declaration. The Group of Friends wants to partner these countries on their path towards peace, security, stability and development. This was announced by development minister and co-chair of the Group of Friends Agnes van Ardenne at the summit on the Great Lakes region.