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16 Sep 2013 description
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Nairobi — From the scribble on the walls to mothers clutching crying babies, the bustling ward at Mbagathi District Hospital is unmistakable as the children's unit. But amidst the activity is a quiet problem -- newborns too weak to even whimper.

One of them is two-year-old Cynthia Akinyi, whose mother is struggling to stifle a cough as she explains to a nurse that her baby has had diarrhea for the last two days.

"What do you feed her?" enquires the nurse, who identified herself only as Josephine, as she writes in a logbook.

01 Mar 2013 description
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MOLO, Kenya — Fear of violence surrounding the upcoming general elections next week has raised anxiety among many Kenyans, but less so for Nyokabi Wamuyu. She is counting on a new initiative in communal agriculture to help unite communities that might otherwise be divided.

At the same time, this initiative could save the lives of some of the 700,000 Kenyans who would otherwise die over the next two decades from lack of adequate nutrition.

18 Oct 2012 description

By Lauren Everitt and Samantha Nkirote McKenzie, 15 October 2012

Nairobi — A colorful pamphlet flies through the clinic's open doorway and hits the rooster headed towards it head-on. The disgruntled bird stops mid cockle-doodle-doo and struts away.

30 Mar 2012 description
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Kiamwangi, Kenya — If growing up in an agricultural community were the key to health, the children of Kiamwangi would be thriving. But Jane Hunyu, who farms a quarter-acre plot here, says the children in her region are nearly as frail as their grandparents.

Most of the youth in this central Kenyan village work in the foreign-owned horticultural farms that have sprung up along the highway linking rural Kenya with the capital, Nairobi. Others have either joined extortion gangs, or are in the hawking business, says Hunyu.

25 Jan 2012 description
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David Njagi

Machakos — For a couple that has weathered the dual tests of early retirement and repeated crop failures, it might have seemed an impossible dream to former primary-school teacher Philip Ngolania and his farmer wife that their three quarters of an acre farm could one day yield enough staple food to last an entire season.

22 Nov 2011 description
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Wacui Makori

Coastal Province — Among members of the Mijikenda community of Kenya's Coastal Province, it is taboo for a father-in-law's faeces to mix with those of his daughter-in-law.

Gender-separated open defecation spots are designated to ensure that this taboo is not broken. With such strong cultural edicts, the idea of a pit latrine - or a toilet of any kind for that matter - simply is not acceptable.

14 Sep 2011 description
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Nina Papachristou

The streets of Gatwekera village in Nairobi's Kibera slum throng with people on a recent Sunday afternoon. Small shops and kiosks line the dirt paths separating brightly colored shacks with tin roofs that extend as far as the eye can see. Gaggles of children chatter among themselves as they gather outside a local water kiosk, distinguished from the other tin structures by a sign proclaiming: "Life Force Kiosks: Take Water with Confidence."

12 Apr 2011 description
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Nairobi — Poor prices have forced farmers in the North Rift to hoard millions of bags of maize.

The National Cereals and Produce Board has bought only three million bags of the crop for the Strategic Grain Reserve against national demand of more than six million.

Though maize prices have gone up to between Sh2,200 and Sh2,500 for a 90-kilogramme bag, farmers are still holding on to their crop.

13 Jan 2011 description
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Wol Akujang was among the more than 20,000 "Lost Boys" who were displaced or orphaned during Sudan's civil war. He left his village of Pap at the age of six and spent time in refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya before being relocated to the United States. He settled in the state of Arizona and graduated from the University of Arizona with an undergraduate degree in public health. He is returning to South Sudan this week after having voted in Arizona in South Sudan's historic referendum for independence.

11 Feb 2010 description
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Cynthia Morel

guest column

In 1973, Kenya forced the Endorois people off their ancestral land in the heart of the Great Rift Valley to create a wildlife reserve, plunging a community of traditional cattle-herders into poverty and pushing them to the brink of cultural extinction.

Nearly 40 years later, the Endorois have won a measure of justice.

06 Nov 2009 description
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Howard Wolpe has spent the best part of three decades helping to form and implement American policies on Africa. After chairing the Subcommittee on Africa of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives for 10 years, he later served as President Bill Clinton's special envoy to the Great Lakes region.

Earlier this year Wolpe returned to government in a similar role for the Obama administration. AllAfrica interviewed him in Cape Town at the beginning of his first trip to Southern and Central Africa in his new capacity.

03 Nov 2009 description
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Marvus Prior

Guest column

Mount Kenya rises majestically from the Kenyan landscape, dwarfing all around it, a magisterial monument. The mountain is a fertile giant, but this year it became a killing field for the hundreds of thousands of cattle driven there to escape the fiercest drought in a decade.

John Lenyana used to be a rich man. He left his home in Maralal with over 600 head of cattle when not a leaf of pasture remained, arriving on the slopes of the mountain a full month later.

When I met him, less than 100 of his cows remained alive.

01 Nov 2009 description
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Gabrielle Menezes

Nairobi - Widows are often looked down on and pitied in Kenya. But the widows in the village of Angata Barakoi in the Transmara area of Kenya were determined to help each other and make a life for themselves, without relying on handouts and charity from relatives. Eighty-six widows banded together to form a support group to deal with the effects of HIV, grief, and the difficulties of living in a community where they had lost their status after the death of their husbands. The group decided to support themselves by growing their own maize.

29 Oct 2009 description
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Rebecca Wanjiku

Digital mapping has been used in the West to ascertain soil variation and help determine why some crops perform better than others in particular regions. In Africa, digital concepts have been largely missing in agricultural planning, but now African scientists are working with their western counterparts to bring the benefits of digital mapping to the continent. Dr. Peter Okoth is the project information manager at the Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility Institute in Nairobi.

01 Oct 2009 description
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Oliver Mathenge

Nairobi - The government will hand over election violence suspects, thought to include six sitting Cabinet ministers, to The Hague.

The six are part of a list of suspected perpetrators of the chaos, compiled by a judicial commission of inquiry chaired by Justice Philip Waki, that also names five MPs, seven former MPs and prominent people and businessmen.

They are accused of either financing or orchestrating the worst ethnic violence in Kenya's history in which 1,133 people were killed and 650,000 others left homeless.

Protect anyone

On Thursday, Justice …

04 Aug 2009 description
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Michael Joseph, CEO of Safaricom in Kenya, believes the mobile phone has had a greater impact than aid on development in the country.

Speaking with AllAfrica about foreign aid and foreign direct investment, the South African-born Joseph said in his experience one is generally more sustainable than the other.

Can you tell us a little about your experience with foreign aid?

I think my experience has been indirectly as an observer, although Safaricom with its social responsibility program has been involved with NGOs that are putting aid in directly.

How would you …

02 Jul 2009 description

Washington, DC - Barack Obama makes his first visit to sub-Saharan Africa as president of the United States next wekk, following a trip to Russia as well as to Italy, where he will participate in a meeting of industrialized nations known as the G8. AllAfrica's Charles Cobb, Jr., Reed kramer and Tami Hultman went to the White House to explore President Obama's views on Africa in advance of his visit. The interview took place in the Blue Room. Charles Cobb posed the questions.

30 Jun 2009 description
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Alex Ndirangu

Nairobi - Ii is early evening and the sun's rays paint a golden atmosphere across the bare plains of Hombo village in Kibwezi district.

For Eliza Wayua, it is time to bid her two children and her frail mother-in-law goodbye. She will be out in the night on an errand that none of them understands.

But they do know that when she comes back the following morning, she will bring food to last them a day. She is their only minder.

Mounting her bike, she waves at them and navigates the narrow, maze-like footpaths of this semi arid land.

10 Jun 2009 description
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Cape Town - The annual report of the Africa Progress Report says that despite authoritarian and corrupt leaders, wars and coups, the overall trend in Africa is towards less conflict, more democracy and greater development.

Selected highlights from its 2009 report:

Progress in the areas of governance and education are mixed, with more democracy and access to education on the one hand, but coups d'etat and low school enrolment still …

21 Apr 2008 description
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By Katy Gabel and Brian Kennedy

Washington, DC - The commander of the Kenyan army, Lieutenant General Augostino Njoroge, has dismissed charges of human rights abuses in the Mount Elgon region of Kenya as "imaginary."

"The military operate[s] following all human rights laws you can think of," Njoroge told AllAfrica in an interview during a visit to the United States.