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12 Jun 2009 description


Growing Humanitarian Emergency (HE) for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs): The depth and severity of the IDP Humanitarian Emergency is increasing. The total number of 'new' IDPs increased by more than 100,000 people in May alone, which places the total number of new IDPs in Somalia at more than 1.3 million people. Evidence suggests that this number may continue to increase in the coming months, as populations flee to safety both within and outside Somalia. Fighting between the government and opposition forces has intensified since early May.

21 Nov 2008 description

Overall, Deyr rains are considered to be normal, resulting in regeneration of pasture, normal crop establishment and improved water availability. The outlook for the Deyr season is expected to be normal in most of the central and south. Pasture, and water availability has improved and migration patterns are resuming to normal in most areas. Cereal crop establishment and development is good in main producing areas of the south.

13 Mar 2006 description

Based on early predictions for the upcoming Gu rainy season (April-June), the Food Security Analysis Unit for Somalia (FSAU), together with FEWS NET/Somalia, is issuing an early warning that parts of Southern Somalia are at High Risk of Famine/Humanitarian Catastrophe from July to December 2006. This is mainly due to severe lack of access and availability of both food and water resulting from an abnormally severe drought and persistent civil insecurity.

26 Jan 2006 description

Highlights: Post Deyr 2005/6 Seasonal Assessment

Following early indications of a seriously deteriorating food security situation in Southern Somalia, FSAU and FEWSNET began to issue early warnings in November '05, advanced the timeline of its Deyr assessment fieldwork, and expanded both the duration and coverage of field work in the South in order to generate a more in-depth understanding of the rapidly evolving crisis. Fieldwork by FSAU with FEWSNET Somalia and another forty different partners was undertaken throughout December '05.

19 Aug 2002 description

Access for delivery of humanitarian assistance to Gedo has improved in the southern part of the region during the past month. However, at the time of finalising this report, insecurity and the presence of landmines in the northern part of the region have prevented the delivery of much needed assistance to populations in and around Luuq. Although the food security situation has improved somewhat with the return of livestock, access to food of adequate quantity and quality remains extremely difficult for a substantial proportion of the population.

01 Jul 2002 description


15 Mar 2002 description

Almost three months have passed since a nutrition survey was undertaken in Belet Hawa district in Gedo Region. A strong food-aid intervention has been in place in the districts of Gedo most seriously affected by food insecurity although the coverage appears to have been less satisfactory in Luuq, with reported numbers of malnourished in the district still suggesting a population whose food insecurity has not been adequately addressed. It is hoped that the new targeting system commenced by CARE in March will have a substantial positive impact on the situation.

30 Jul 2001 description

Lower than normal rainfall is placing increasing strain on the resources of pastoralists and has devastated a large proportion of the main sorghum crop production. This month's editorial draws attention to the mid and longer- term outlook.