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02 Oct 2017 description

ACCORD continues to strengthen the mediation capacities of women in Africa.

29 Aug 2016 description
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Transitional justice and democratisation nexus:

25 May 2016 description

The Great Lakes Region highlights the interconnected nature of conflict. This is particularly true for the four focus countries of the Great Lakes Project (GLP), namely Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Uganda. This interconnectedness forms the basis of the GLP’s regional approach.


23 Dec 2015 description


September 2015 will be remembered as a period when the conscience and morality of our collective humanity was tested, and generations to come will judge us on the decisions we made in this month.

06 Nov 2012 description


Jannie Malan

This is a special issue on the African Union (AU), published in the year when our continental Union is celebrating ten years of its existence. The articles included in this issue are not focused on mere birthday praises and wishes, however. They contain frank descriptions and discussions of problems, policies and procedures. They do acknowledge improvements and successes, but they also deal with challenges and failures.

08 Aug 2012 description

Efforts to build lasting peace at regional level involve multiple strata of actors, institutions and processes. Regional organisations that are in search of shared peace and security must take cognisance of the various layers of political and social history of many sovereign states. These bodies must accommodate different economies, legal systems and security capacities, cultures and confl icting interests. Challenges such as these are particuraly acute for new regional institutions, especially when they ambitiously set out to solve newly-defi ned problems.

03 Aug 2012 description


List of Acronyms

Kennedy Walusala

Grace Maina

Political youth: Finding alternatives to violence in Sierra Leone
Christine Cubitt

The danger of marginalisation: An analysis of Kenyan youth and their integration into political, socio-economic life
Daniel Forti and Grace Maina

Interrogating traditional youth theory: Youth peacebuilding and engagement in post-conflict Liberia
Martha Mutisi

31 Jul 2011 description

Policy & Practice Brief: Knowledge for durable peace - Issue #10, July 2011

By Dr Martha Mutisi

28 Feb 2011 description

In its simplest sense mediation can be defined as the act or process of mitigating the concerns of disputing parties by an intermediary who is not a party to the conflict, but who enjoys the trust of all parties and whose goal is to help forge settlements that are deemed acceptable. The mediator therefore acts as both bridge and a buffer between the parties in dispute. The key to any meaningful mediation therefore lies understanding, managing and transforming the political, economic, social and psychological dynamics of conflict that make disputant parties resistant to negotiations.

20 Aug 2009 description


by vasu gounden

In the last nine months, there have been several major armed crises in the world. These crises included the massive onslaught of Russian forces against Georgian forces, the Sri Lankan government forces against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels, Israeli forces against the forces of Hamas, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) government forces against the National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP) forces of rebel leader, General Laurent Nkunda.