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19 Jul 2012 description
report Humedica

Ejem, John, Lokoler, Masio and Mary. Names that stand for persons and their stories. All of them are or were participants in the nutrition programme that humedica has been running together with the partner organisation amref in Turkana in northwest Kenya for one year. One year during which hundreds of persons were examined for symptoms of mal- or undernutrition and have received treatment. In numerous cases the patients’ lives could only be saved thanks to the distribution of high-energy special food.

12 Jan 2012 description
report Humedica

by Katja Weber, 2012/01/12

As so often, it is the children who are affected worst: the polio virus mostly afflicts girls and boys aged between three and eight years. Therefore, polio is also commonly referred to as “infantile paralysis”.

04 Oct 2011 description
report Humedica

by Katja Weber, 2011/10/05

Spontaneous cheers, shrill warbling and laughing faces - this is how the men and women expressed their gratitude on last Thursday for being provided with food for the next few weeks. They come from different villages surrounding the small market town of Gai in the east of Kenya, but there is one thing they have in common: they are hungry. And they are HIV positive.

09 Sep 2011 description
report Humedica

by Katja Weber

The largest slum of Nairobi – according to some, the largest of entire Africa – is called Kibera. This name is derived from the word “kibra”, which means forest or jungle. And it is indeed a jungle of corrugated iron roofs, with about one million of inhabitants.

16 Aug 2011 description
report Humedica

by Ruth Bücker

After the humedica team in Kaufbeuren had observed and assessed the situation at the Horn of Africa for a period of several weeks, the first humedica doctor team finally set out for Ethiopia in the middle of July, in order to offer medical aid to refugees in the border region to Somalia and Kenya.

08 Aug 2011 description
report Humedica

About one week ago, a first humedica relief flight departed from Germany with the objective of transporting relief goods to Kenya for the people living at the Horn of Africa for whom we feel immense sympathy. A shipment of 30 tons of goods consisting of tube-feed nourishments, baby food, milk powder and drugs that were urgently needed in the disaster region and are a symbol of hope until this day.