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04 Mar 2014 description

AJWS will expand work on the sexual health and rights of women and girls in Kenya and Uganda

NEW YORK, NY — American Jewish World Service (AJWS), the leading Jewish international development and human rights organization, will soon expand its work to address the sexual health and rights of women and girls in Kenya and Uganda.

27 Oct 2011 description

By Jaron Vogelsang | October 25, 2011

The ongoing famine and food crisis in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia has fallen out of the headlines. But it continues to have devastating effects on communities. The international community is still responding to the crisis, but resources are limited. Most relief efforts are focusing on the regions of Somalia where the famine has resulted in a rising death toll and a refugee crisis.

Communities that are experiencing food crises in northern Kenyan are falling through the cracks of the international response.

23 Sep 2011 description

You have seen the devastating photographs in the news: East Africa is currently experiencing its worst drought in over 60 years, causing famine conditions in parts of Somalia and a growing refugee crisis. At least 12 million people in Somalia and neighboring Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti are suffering from acute food shortages and malnutrition. Tens of thousands have already died.

The root causes of the crisis are complex, but right now our focus must be on getting help to those who need it most.

04 Dec 2009 description

In Kenya-a country of nearly 35 million people-malnutrition and hunger are staggering problems, particularly for children, orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS. In the rural, western regions of Kenya, sustaining basic nutrition is a chronic struggle in the face of food insecurity.

09 Mar 2008 description

On February 28, rival leaders in Kenya signed a peace deal that allows for power-sharing. However, key details - such as when and if the presidential election should be run again and how authority will be shared between President Mwai Kibaki and newly named Prime Minister Raila Odinga - have yet to be announced. It is hoped that this agreement will bring an end to the violence that has plagued the country for more than two months.

15 Jan 2008 description

Hundreds have been killed and thousands have been forced to flee their homes amid post-election violence in Kenya that broke out after the announcement of the victory of the incumbent, Mwai Kibaki, on December 30. The unrest has been attributed to political parties disputing the presidential results and allegations of vote-rigging by both Kibaki and his defeated opposition challenger, Raila Odinga.

News reports describe scenes of mob violence among Kikuyus and Luo, the ethnicities of Kibaki and Odinga, as well as indiscriminate acts of violence, vandalism, and looting.

24 Apr 2007 description

American Jewish World Service has awarded more than $2 million in grants to 109 organizations in 29 countries in the developing world in its most recent grant review.

These recent grants, totaling $2,380,530, reinforce AJWS' mission of alleviating poverty, hunger and disease among the people of the developing world. Grants are made to community-based groups with yearly budgets of less than $200,000 and few, if any, other sources of support.