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01 Aug 2017 description

CAFOD calls for a peaceful election when Kenyans go to the polls on 8 August. Catherine Ogolla, CAFOD’s Country Representative, based in Nairobi said: “The Kenyan people need a sustained commitment to peace, democracy and good governance which can only be achieved through peaceful and transparent elections.

“These are no ordinary elections; the world is watching and, we cannot afford for the social fabric of Kenyan society to be ripped apart again by violence.”

25 Nov 2016 description

By Rhea Bhardwaj (Humanitarian Capacity Development Manager) and Timothy Cohen (Emergency Support Officer). November, 2016

The number, scale and severity of humanitarian crises is posing a big challenge to the international humanitarian system’s capacity to respond. The number of crisis-affected people dependant on humanitarian aid is growing as is the funding gap. At the forefront of the response are local organisations who are amongst the first ones to respond, have better knowledge of the context and better acceptance from the crisis affected communities.

01 Aug 2013 description

As fighting in Jonglei State forces 180,000 people from their homes, CAFOD is continuing to support families whose lives have been torn apart by war.

Recent clashes in the troubled South Sudanese state of Jonglei have forced an estimated 180,000 people to flee their homes. With some towns almost completely abandoned, many families are thought to be taking refuge in forests and scrubland, surviving off wild leaves and fruit. Others have fled to Juba, the capital of South Sudan, or crossed into Ethiopia, Kenya or Uganda as refugees.

18 Apr 2012 description

by nickharrop | April 16, 2012

Joseph Kabiru writes:

A trip to Kitui, one of the drought-stricken areas of eastern Kenya, just before Easter was a humbling experience for me; listening to tales of despair and hope from communities enduring the worst drought to hit this region in sixty years.

East Africa Crisis: how your money has helped>>

06 Jan 2012 description

“I tie rope around my stomach,” says 70-year-old Ayapan Aribokin, “and then I drink hot water. That is how I cope with hunger.”

Ayapan, a great-grandmother living in the village of Pargati in north-west Kenya, used to consider herself rich. Eight years ago, her family owned 2,000 cattle. Today, after a series of devastating droughts, they have none at all.

20 Aug 2011 description

CAFOD supporters have raised over £4.7 million for our East Africa Crisis appeal. Thanks to your generous donations, we have reached more than 250,000 people facing the crisis in East Africa.

Please donate to our East Africa Crisis appeal>>

What your money is providing:


Emergency food aid (including cash or food for work projects) for more than 36,000 people

Clean water for more than 18,000 people, and water-points that will deliver clean water to 120,000 more.

12 Jul 2011 description

The rolling mountains in the distance are known locally as Louwa Le Ukinchu, or Cattle Mountains. For generations, people have travelled there to find water and pasture for their animals. But today, the streams that run down Cattle Mountains are dry.

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08 Jul 2011 description

What has happened?

27 May 2011 description

Eight million people are facing food and water shortages as a drought worsens in the East and Horn of Africa.

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Poor rains in East Africa have led to failed harvests, serious water and pasture shortages, and the deaths of thousands of animals.

23 Oct 2009 description

We have pledged half a million pounds to save lives as drought takes a hold in many parts of East Africa - but our appeal urgently needs to raise one million pounds , so our partners working on the front line can reach the most vulnerable families in the worst affected areas

In Kenya up to 3.8 million people face chronic food and water shortages following three consecutive years of failed rains. Throughout large parts of the country, families face the prospect of starvation as the persistent drought claims crops and animals.

30 Sep 2009 description

We have launched a =A31 million pound appeal as up to 3.8 million people face chronic food and water shortages in Kenya following three consecutive years of failed rains.

Throughout large parts of the country, families face the prospect of starvation as the persistent drought claims crops and animals.

Our partners report that people are barely surviving as herds of animals die from exhaustion and thirst.

30 Aug 2009 description

Nigel Nicholson


The Kenya Post Election Violence (PEV) Early Recovery Programme was an ECHO supported response by six international NGOs to the ethnic and political violence which severely affected livelihoods in the Rift Valley, Nyanza and Central Provinces after the disputed national elections in late December 2007. Over 1,200 people died and as many as 500,000 were displaced at the peak of the crisis. These areas are structurally food secure under normal conditions and constitute the 'grain basket' of Kenya.

28 Mar 2008 description

CAFOD is helping people to overcome their traumatic experiences through counselling and play therapy following the election violence in Kenya

"It was late at night when gangs came and told us to get out" recalls fourteen-year-old Grace, sitting quietly outside the shelter she now calls home in a temporary camp in Nairobi.

"I was asleep and I heard the knock of strangers on the door. We were so scared.

"My mum told us to get out without taking anything and not to look back.

28 Feb 2008 description

CAFOD welcomes the peace deal signed in Kenya over the disputed December elections - but warns that the country faces huge challenges to rebuild lives

The power-sharing deal between Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga was brokered by former head of the UN - Kofi Annan.

The terms of the deal means that a coalition government made up of members of the current ruling party and opposition will now be formed.

Under the agreement a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission has been proposed.

Fergus Conmee, CAFOD's regional manager for East Africa, says: "The focus of this …

04 Feb 2008 description

As mediation talks in Kenya's disputed presidential elections turn to address the worsening humanitarian situation, CAFOD has pledged an initial £120,000 for vital aid

CAFOD is providing items essential for survival to over 53,000 Kenyan citizens who have been driven from their homes as a result of the political and ethnic violence.

CAFOD is supporting local partners to supply blankets, maize flour, porridge, beans and cooking oil, as well as trauma counselling for both victims and witnesses of the conflict.

Working in the worst-affected Rift Valley, Nyanza, Western, Nairobi …

17 Jan 2008 description

The Catholic church is playing a vital role in helping bring warring factions together in Kenya, as CAFOD partners bring relief to thousands forced from their homes

Churches across the country are throwing open their doors to help those affected by the ongoing violence, supporting different ethnic groups to come together.

Father Paulino Mondo, parish priest at Kariobangi in Nairobi and a local CAFOD partner, has been providing food to people affected by the turmoil - with the support of CAFOD - and says the work is helping the peace effort.

11 Jan 2008 description

As African and international mediators work to bring together the two political parties in dispute over last month's Kenyan presidential elections, the Catholic Church in Kenya has appealed to the people to "foster peace and fraternity".

The Catholic Church is a strong voice in calling on communities to refrain from violence and for the political leaders to work towards a peaceful solution, so that people can return to their daily lives.

02 Jan 2008 description

CAFOD is providing rapid food relief to some of the 100,000 Kenyans displaced by conflict following the elections in Kenya.

Large numbers of people have been driven from their homes by the insecurity, many of whom are sheltering in churches, schools and police stations.

The diocese of Eldoret in the west of Kenya is one of the worst affected areas, with over 10,000 people currently taking refuge in the Catholic cathedral, and a total of 36,000 people sheltering in churches across the region.

14 Nov 2007 description

By Nik Bredholt and Matt Wingate, CAFOD Horn & East Africa Office

The failing humanitarian response in Northern Uganda

CAFOD responded to the drought in Kenya during 2006, but the response came late. This article considers ways in which better preparedness and greater and more timely involvement with drought-affected communities could have improved the response, to save lives and support livelihoods. Evidence of impending drought in Kenya was available from at least early 2005.

25 Sep 2007 description

CAFOD and its fellow Catholic agencies are responding to floods that have left 20,000 people stranded in Budalangi in Kenya

Essential survival kits have been sent by Catholic agencies to help 20,000 families left homeless with their crops destroyed by serious flooding in the Budalangi Division of the Western Province in Kenya.

Eight people are reported drowned in the raging flood waters, and five others are still missing, while 28,000 have fled their homes to higher and safer grounds.

According to the Busia District Commissioner, three-quarters of Budalangi is now under water.