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16 Feb 2008 description

UNICEF office in Nakuru, Kenya: February 16, 2008

We just returned a little  while ago from running our clinic at a camp north of here. Daily we have crossed the equator to go there and back. Along this road is evidence of the previous violence: burned out houses, just charred skeletons of what were once homes to hardworking families.

We have also passed the burned-out frame of a car that was carrying a couple of priests that were pulled from the car. One priest was stoned by an angry mob and the other spared because he was from the right tribe.

13 Feb 2008 description

Nakuru, Kenya: February 13, 2008

It is 9:30pm and I am in my cubible of a hotel room in Nakuru, Kenya. The streets are eerily empty as a curfew is being enforced for the town from 7pm to 6am.

We are traveling these days overland by minivan to a town where just a couple of weeks ago there was much violence and disruption. A number of IDP camps are scattered throughout the town. We are working at one run by a church. They have a building that is perfect for our clinic, and have organized all of the camp so well.

01 Feb 2008 description

Latest update (2/1/2008):

Two volunteers with Medical Teams International will arrive in Kenya this weekend where they'll care for thousands of families fleeing a month of escalating violence since December's controversial presidential elections.

Nurse Brenda Maldonado of Sultan, Wash., and Lou Ingrisano, a physician assistant from Mt. Desert, Maine, will travel to two temporary camps providing urgently needed medical care to thousands of people with little access to food, medicines or shelter.