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31 Jul 2015 description

A partnership between companies, governments and civil sector groups is helping to share the benefits of technology with disadvantaged communities in Kenya.

Aiming to increase literacy among children aged 6 to 9, the project Open Space Literacy (OSL) introduces new technologies to student and teacher development, combined with active community involvement. OSL is part of the global effort known as Information and Communications Technologies for Development (ICT4D).

20 Jun 2014 description
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Facts & Figures

A new focus on measuring the impact SOS Children´s Villages has on the children, families and communities where the organisation is active can be found in our 2013 annual report, which is just published today.

20 June 2014 - Today SOS Children’s Villages published its International Annual Report 2013.

The report, themed ‘Child at the Crossroads’, gives an overview of the organisation’s work in support of the child at risk and documents our financial performance in 2013.

19 Jun 2014 description
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Executive Summary

New report calls for concerted action to improve care standards for children in Africa

A newly published research report highlights how eight African countries have failed to implement UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children; lack of leadership, resources and information cited.

18 June 2014 - LILONGWE, MALAWI – Five years after the UN adopted the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children, key aspects of the global standards have yet to be implemented, according to a report authored by policy experts and released today.

13 May 2013 description

13/5/2013 - SOS Children’s Villages and BT are “Connecting Africa”. The project – launched at the recent World Economic Forum on Africa – will bring internet access to families in 20 SOS Children’s Villages across 12 African countries.

By utilising BT’s global satellite network in conjunction with underused and decommissioned BT equipment across Africa, Connecting Africa will directly benefit 5,000 people in countries such as Kenya and Mali, DR Congo and Malawi. Together, BT and SOS Children's Villages estimate that the project could reach as many as 700,000 people.

22 Oct 2012 description

In 2011 over 11 million people in the Horn of Africa were hit by the worst famine in 60 years. In response SOS Children’s Villages set up emergency relief programmes in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia.

08 Dec 2011 description

In difficult circumstances, ICT smart solutions

In response to the current food insecurity in East Africa, SOS Kenya decided to implement one innovating system in the district of Marsabit (North Kenya) to support populations affected by the crisis and to stimulate, at the same time, local economies and markets.

04 Dec 2011 description

Hilary Atkins tells how rain and SOS Smart cards bring relief to Marsabit

Listen to the AUDIO

2/12/2011 – Water tanks are full across northern Kenya and pastoralists are overjoyed as rains finally arrive. While livestock numbers gradually replenish SOS Children's Villages provides relief with the help of technology.

08 Nov 2011 description

04/11/2011- Last summer hundreds of children in Marsabit had a stark choice to make: Go to school hungry or leave the classroom in order to find food and water. While SOS Children's Villages addressed their needs and recent heavy rain brought an end to five years of drought, fresh challenges have emerged.

Conditions improving but unpredictable

24 Aug 2011 description

SOS Children's Villages' relief work in the drought areas of Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya is running at full throttle. Nevertheless, the worst is yet to come for East Africans suffering from the famine. For hundreds of thousands of children, it is a matter of life and death.

Help amidst the fighting

05 Aug 2011 description

05/08/2011 - Ten SOS co-workers are leaving on 5 July with a 20-ton truck loaded with food for the famine-hit area of Marsabit in northern Kenya to assist in SOS Children's Villages' relief operations there. As security cannot be guaranteed, the situation in Marsabit is critical.

04 Aug 2011 description

04/08/2011 - Charles Bury, SOS Children’s Villages’ strategy and management advisor and institutional partnership co-ordinator for East Africa, talks about the advantages of good long-term relationships, challenges to be dealt with and priorities that SOS Children’s Villages must address in the vast crisis in East Africa.

Although SOS Children’s Villages is - first and foremost - not an emergency relief organisation, it nevertheless has been operating in the affected countries for many years. What are the strengths of SOS Children's Villages in the overall relief effort?

04 Aug 2011 description

Political instability, infrastructural problems and the sheer scale of the crisis in East Africa are inhibiting help for the starving population. The experience and hard-won trust SOS co-workers have gained in the region are helping them to reach the refugees.

19 Jul 2011 description

14/07/2011 - Millions of people living in the Horn of Africa countries are threatened by famine, with hundreds of thousands of children in real danger. SOS Children's Villages is preparing for relief efforts in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.

01 Apr 2008 description

There are so many versions given regarding the genesis of post election violence in Kenya. It's not apparently clear as to why so many people were killed, displaced from their homes and their houses torched!

19 Feb 2008 description

The effects of post-election violence in Kenya continue to reverberate throughout the country. Though the fighting has subsided from its peak immediately after the elections in late December, tension remains high with political opponents divided along ethnic lines.

Many lives have been lost in the ongoing violence and thousands of families have been displaced in most parts of the country.

The situation is probably more precarious for school going children whose fundamental right to education has been disrupted as arsonists have destroyed homes, churches and schools.

18 Feb 2008 description

Over the past few weeks, SOS Children's Villages Kenya has taken in, via the authorities, 66 children who had to flee because of the serious unrest.

It has been possible to reunite 28 of the children with their families, and the rest of them are now being cared for at SOS Children's Village Nairobi.

14 Feb 2008 description

Despite being displaced from his home twice, 17 year old David is determined to pursue his goal of becoming a professional athlete. Living temporarily at the SOS Children's Village Nairobi he can be found every morning and evening training on the football field.

David is 17 years old and a victim of the post-election violence that has afflicted Kenya since the beginning of this year. He comes from the Mount Elgon region in west Kenya which suffered violent ethnic clashes long before they took hold of the rest of the country.

30 Jan 2008 description

Statement released by members of Child Line Kenya on the situation of children.

While politicians dispute, people demonstrate and security forces battle on the streets, it is the children of Kenya who have the most to lose.

Thousands of innocent children are suffering in displacement camps or on the streets, lacking the basic essentials of food, warmth and security - the right of every child.

Camping in the open, they are susceptible to sickness but lack access to basic health care.

25 Jan 2008 description

54 children, displaced by the recent post-election violence in Kenya have found a temporary home at the SOS Children's Village Nairobi. Each one has a story to tell.

In the second week of 2008, 14 year old John left his home in Eldoret, as he did every weekday, to go to school. It was after the post-election violence that rocked Kenya in early January, particularly Eldoret, where ethnic violence has left hundreds dead, thousand injured and many more displaced. Schools had restarted and there was an uneasy truce, broken by sporadic ethnic-based attacks.

22 Jan 2008 description

SOS Children's Villages is starting emergency relief programmes in three locations for children who have lost their parents during the serious spate of violence in the country or whose families have not yet been found. Refugee families and seriously traumatised people are another target group.

The large-scale riots that took place after the presidential elections in December triggered a mass exodus of people in Kenya and have caused hundreds of deaths. Many children have lost their parents or have been separated from their families. Around 500,000 people fled from the massacre.