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17 May 2018 description
report Finnish Red Cross

The Finnish Red Cross is sending two mobile clinics and two aid workers to assist the Kenya Red Cross Society as the flood situation escalates. A large part of Kenya has suffered from exceptionally heavy rains and floods on the Tana River.

The aim of the mobile clinics provided by the Finnish Red Cross is to improve the availability of health services in Madogo – one of the most severely affected areas in the country.

11 Jan 2012 description
report Finnish Red Cross

Particularly Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia are headed towards a humanitarian crisis due to drought. The Red Cross provides relief aid to the areas in most critical condition.

In addition, there is currently a long-spanning aid programme to support communities, for example, in engaging in different means of livelihood.

07 Dec 2006 description
report Finnish Red Cross

This week the Finnish Red Cross will be sending three mobile clinics and eight aid workers to Kenya close to its border with Somalia.

More than one million people have been put at risk by unusually severe flooding in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. Dirty drinking water together with hot and humid weather conditions are causing people to get sick, especially the weakest and most vulnerable.

Equipment for the clinics, a water-purifying unit and five aid workers will take off from Pirkkala Airport on Friday, 8th December.

The transport plane will fly into Nairobi, from where the …