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21 Sep 2011 description

Famine, food shortages, malnutrition, massive loss of livestock and skyrocketing food prices continue to affect more than 11 million people in East African countries as drought and hunger spread across the region.

21 Jul 2011 description

As famine and drought continues to spread across countries in the Horn of Africa, PWS&D is increasing its response to this crisis by working through the ACT Alliance to support Somali refugees arriving at the ACT-run Dadaab refugee camp in northern Kenya.

More than 3.7 million Somalis—50% of the population—are in need of humanitarian assistance and struggling with extremely high rates of malnutrition. Across the country, crops have failed, a substantial proportion of livestock have died and local food prices have skyrocketed.

07 Oct 2009 description

Prolonged drought, crop failure, loss of livestock and a dramatic rise in the cost of food have led to a food crisis in Kenya. People are at risk of starvation as they are unable to get enough food for themselves and their families.

28 Jul 2008 description

Carrying only a few belongings and rations, hundreds of people wait beside army trucks at Ekerengo Camp in Kenya. They are among the tens of thousands who sought safety from violence following December's presidential elections, and wait to be taken home after months of languishing in the overcrowded, undersupplied camp.

But not all of those getting into the trucks look forward to reaching their destination.

'I don't want to go,' says Joseph Moenga, who narrowly escaped with his life to Ekerengo Camp five months ago after violence erupted in his home town.

01 Feb 2008 description

PWS&D Newswire: An appeal from Rev. Samuel Muriguh, Secretary General, PCEA

We, the leaders of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA), meeting at PCEA Ruiru Church and concerned about the situation prevailing in the country at the moment, want to thank God for the way He has carried us through the last 44 years as a peaceful, united and God fearing Nation.

23 May 2007 description


In 2006-2007 PWS&D responded to disasters caused by drought, floods, earthquakes and conflict. Emergency food water and medical supplies were provided in times of desperate need while longer-term efforts focused on rebuilding houses and essential community infrastructure. We continue to help communities rebuild after the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia and the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

17 Mar 2006 description

Desiccated cattle carcasses lie where there was once grass for grazing in El Wak, Mandera district, northern Kenya. Up to 60 percent of the livestock has already died in the choking drought that has racked the region since the rains failed in late 2005. The cattle that are still alive produce only a fraction of the milk they once did. Severe drought is affecting many African countries where PWS&D has long term partners: Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Zimbabwe. The situation is urgent - and rapidly becoming a forgotten emergency.