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01 May 2018 description
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As World Press Freedom Day takes place in Ghana May 3, Internews Regional Director for Africa addresses the challenges to media freedom facing the continent

It’s difficult to talk about freedom of the media in Africa today, without talking about the worrying events happening in East Africa, particularly in Kenya and Tanzania. Restrictions of and challenges to the media in these countries illustrate current declines in media freedom at the regional level, and reveal a level of hostility toward the media and contraction of civic space openly encouraged by leaders.

05 Apr 2017 description
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Effective, balanced journalism could help calm public discourse

02 Dec 2014 description
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(This story recalling the HIV epidemic and its coverage in the media in Kenya comes from our Internews staff in Kenya.)

Some of us have never known a world without HIV. Some of us remember the shockwaves of dread, the frenzy to try to fathom it, the shudders and whispers of shame.

It is the media that brought HIV into our homes – 30 years ago. It was called "slim disease," because of the dramatic weight loss. And the images of skeletal human frames confirmed it was something to best run away from.

21 Nov 2014 description
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Rose Nyala is a 44-year-old mother of two who has been living with HIV for the last 11 years. A teacher at Bomondo Church of God Primary School in Nyamira, Kenya, she has never regretted going public about her status.

Rose, who is on antiretroviral drugs, is in good health. Once every week, Rose holds a counselling session with Standard Seven and Eight pupils (ages 13 – 15) during their lunch break. She has devoted her life to highlighting the challenges facing AIDS orphans.

02 Jul 2014 description
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Internews Europe’s global programme team successfully implemented an ambitious portfolio of projects in 2013 to support local media and information systems in some of the most fragile, crisis-hit and poorest countries of the world.

The latest edition of Internews Europe's 2013 Annual Review summarises achievements across a diverse range of projects in more than 30 countries worldwide.

10 Feb 2014 description
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Nearly 300 million children in India, Brazil and Kenya are living in conditions where their most basic rights are violated – through violence, under education and malnutrition, for example. There is tremendous potential and a demonstrable need for media and communications to contribute to the protection of child rights.

11 Jan 2014 description
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Kenya's media turn the tide on hate speech and conflict

When violence broke out in the final days of 2007 after a bitterly contested election in Kenya, Internews responded within days, working with journalists who were trying and failing to make sense of the unprecedented post-election conflict that swept across their country.

09 Sep 2013 description
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In early 2013, the Internews Center for Innovation and Learning (ICIL) set out to pilot a new system that allows humanitarian communications professionals and responders to quickly gather, analyze, and act upon data to understand information needs of an affected population during a crisis. The system, called the Humanitarian Data Toolkit (HDT), was piloted under a Lean Startup Model, experimenting with a relatively rough prototype as the beginning of a process of testing and iterative development.

24 Aug 2013 description
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Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp, presents an immensely complex information environment. Research carried out by Internews in 2011 identified major communications gaps. A comprehensive baseline survey conducted in 2013 by Internews in Dadaab found that radio is the most trusted source of information in Dadaab and Star FM is the most popular local radio station.

13 Jun 2013 description
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Journalists to map flow of European aid and profits in and out of Kenya

Under a grant from the European Journalism Centre that was announced June 3, a team of three Kenya-based journalists and two Spain-based journalists is undertaking an experimental project in collaborative, cross-border data journalism focused on European development funding for Kenya.

19 Mar 2013 description

In 2011 and 2012, USIP held a Priority Grant Competition entitled “Communication for Peacebuilding” to support research and practitioner projects on the ways that communication flows and communication technologies can contribute to the prevention and resolution of conflict. Internews, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening independent media worldwide, received funding in 2011 for a grant project in the Central African Republic and also agreed to serve as the lead ‘learning organization’ for the group of three 2011 grantees.

28 Feb 2013 description
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Internews’ Humanitarian Information Service in the Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya launches ‘Gargaar’ (Assistance) – a daily Somali language program produced by local and refugee journalists.

Posted on Friday, March 1, 2013

When Somali journalist Shine Jamac was forced to flee his homeland in 2009, he first sought asylum in Ethiopia. It was not long before his profession began to cause him problems.

29 Oct 2012 description
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Kenya Health Legacy Assessment

A Story a Day: A legacy assessment of Internews’ health journalism program in Kenya and its impact on the media, the public health sector and the audience.

In 2003 a staggering 700 people were dying as a result of HIV complications in Kenya every day. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) was a disease of crisis proportions, still characterized at the time by secrecy and fear, rumor and myth, and sensational stories and misleading information.

31 Aug 2012 description
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Internews Europe has secured its inaugural grant from ECHO, the European Commission’s Humanitarian Directorate, to help launch a Humanitarian Information Service for more than 444,000 refugees in Dadaab, Kenya. The project will provide access to life-saving information and help to improve two-way communication between local communities and humanitarians.

12 Mar 2012 description
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News spreads quickly around the world in the immediate aftermath of a crisis. Details, videos, and testimonials circulate on the web and via media outlets within seconds of a natural disaster or the outbreak of violence.

But for people in the midst of the crisis, getting information is usually much harder. Power goes down. Mobile networks fail. Local journalists can be victims and even become targets themselves, unable to report out. And survivors are often left to rebuild their lives with no effective means to communicate with those providing aid.

10 Feb 2012 description
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How Strengthening the Media Can Boost Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

In the coming decade, most of the fastest growing economies will be African, but the region’s progress in improving governance, poverty reduction, and human development lags far behind its economic growth. Governments and donors have largely overlooked the potential of a healthy media sector to boost Africa’s development.

10 Oct 2011 description
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Public healthth is a crucial priority on the global development aid agenda. Nations trying to manage new epidemics amid existing disease and malnutrition burdens face challenges to their own development, which, in turn, have an impact on global development.

Internews believes local media is an under-utilized tool in public health strategies. Establishing, supporting, and enhancing local information platforms can contribute significantly to health-seeking behavior and community mobilization around health issues.

16 Sep 2011 description
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(September 15, 2011) Serious communication gaps between the humanitarian sector and refugees in Dadaab, Kenya, are increasing refugee suffering and putting lives at risk, a new joint assessment report led by Internews released today concludes.

08 Sep 2011 description
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Technology is changing the way news, information, and commerce flow through communities in Africa. From the Dadaab refugee camps near the Somalia border, where Internews and its partners are pioneering new methods to identify communication gaps with refugees, to Nairobi, where Kenyans use mobile phones to pay for everything from cab fare to radio dedications, innovation is on the rise. Meet the winners of Internews' first innovation challenge grant competition in Africa, and learn how collaboration with local researchers will help current entrepreneurs support future development.