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19 Jul 2018 description

We develop, test and implement the research methodology to evaluate household water filters for use in an emergency context. Our goal is to understand users' and implementers' experience and preferences regarding operation and maintenance of products, and evaluate technical performance in the field. Feedback we provide to the manufacturers will enable optimization and further development of the products. 420 filters of five types are evaluated in Occupied Palestinian Territories, Somalia and Kenya.

03 Jul 2017 description
report Caritas

By Nancy McNally

In leafy Nairobi, one might be forgiven for not realising the country is going through a massive drought. “Nairobi,” after all, is a local Maasai word meaning ‘a place of cool waters.’

08 Jun 2017 description
report Caritas

East Africa faces a massive humanitarian crisis. It threatens the lives and livelihoods of millions of people. Severe drought and violent conflict fuel food insecurity. Caritas is striving to respond to enormous challenges across the region.

Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan are suffering from severe drought. Areas such as central and southern Somalia have registered only a third of their usual seasonal rainfall. Conflict is forcing people from their homes and restricts humanitarian access. The insecurity prevents food production and drives prices higher.

22 Mar 2017 description
report Caritas
  • Cáritas Perú distribuye en las últimas semanas 89 toneladas de ayuda humanitaria a 2.000 familias afectadas a causa de «El Niño»

  • Las Cáritas de Sudán del Sur, Etiopía, Somalia y Kenia afrontan la crisis de alimentos creada en el Cuerno de África por efecto de «La Niña»

01 Dec 2015 description
report Caritas

The 2015 World AIDS Day causes feelings of loss and sadness as we commemorate the millions of people who have lost their lives to this epidemic during the past 35 years. However, on this occasion we also have good reason for hope. Public health experts have demonstrated the effectiveness of combination anti-retroviral medications (ARVs) in prolonging the lives of some 15 million people who now have access to them throughout the world, including in many of the low income countries.

31 Dec 2014 description
report Caritas

Reduce poverty

Caritas aims to reduce the incidence and impact of poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world. There is no single solution to poverty and it can take many forms. Each response must be context-specific and often multifaceted. Caritas’ approach places people at the centre of development and seeks the good of every person and the whole person. It is community based, and recognises the importance of family and community in a person’s life.

22 May 2014 description
report Caritas

In situations where hygiene is poor and people’s health is weak, diarrhoea can be a killer disease. In fact, it’s the second cause of death of children under five worldwide.

When 20,000 Somali refugees suddenly arrived at the Kambioos refugee camp in Kenya there weren’t many toilet facilities and people weren’t that aware of the link between hygiene and disease.

Ahmed Hussein arrived as a refugee. He’s now a hygiene promoter in the camp. When he arrived conditions were difficult.

29 Apr 2013 description
report Caritas

The Caritas Annual Report shows our work in 2012 through five strategic priorities identified during the year: addressing poverty at home and abroad, responding to emergencies, upholding the dignity and rights of indigenous peoples, promoting environmental justice, and connecting effectively with our Catholic community.

Public donations topped $3 million last year, including a record Lent total of more than $900,000. We are grateful for the government’s New Zealand Aid Programme which contributed almost $1 million towards Caritas development and relief programmes.

01 Mar 2013 description
report Caritas

Caritas in Kenya has laid the groundwork to respond in the event that violence erupts during presidential elections next week.

Over 1000 people died in ethnic violence following disputed elections in Kenya in 2007. Over 600,000 fled their homes and there were many cases of sexual violence.

28 Aug 2012 description
report Caritas

Reports of peace from Afghanistan

Caritas staff Tara D’Sousa and Nick Borthwick recently visited Bamyan province in Afghanistan, where Caritas supports an education and rural development programme. Despite recent violence in northeast Bamyan, Tara and Nick say their biggest impression of the areas they visited (Shaidan Valley and Yakawlang) was one of peacefulness and harmony. ‘People are just going about their daily lives and making the most of their opportunities,’ says Nick.

22 Aug 2012 description
report Caritas

In a refugee camp in northern Kenya, someone is teaching people how to wash their hands properly. The demonstrator lathers the soap, pours water, and rubs her hands together in a circular motion. She works slowly and systematically, making sure her nails are clean too. A crowd of children gathers, watching. Their “teacher” is three years old.

The little girl, Farhiya, is probably saving some of her friends’ lives. Hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees like her are crowded into the camp, and disease spreads quickly. In East Africa, thousands of children die of diarrhea.

26 Jul 2012 description
report Caritas

776.967 euros se han destinado a la rehabilitación y 1.640.662 a emergencia

Cáritas. 26 de julio de 2012.- En julio de 2011 se declaró una grave crisis alimentaria en el Cuerno de África que afectó a Somalia, Eritrea, Yibuti, Etiopía y Kenia. A la llamada de emergencia que lanzaron las Cáritas de los países afectados a través de la red internacional de Cáritas, Cáritas Española respondió con 2.417.629 euros, de los cuales 776.967 se han destinado a la rehabilitación y 1.640.662 a emergencia.


11 Nov 2011 description
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EMERGENCY UPDATE - Needs Still Gr eat in Pakistan and Horn o f Africa

Recent months have seen large-scale flooding in Asia, Latin America, and a massive earthquake in Turkey. Thank you to donors who have responded to the needs displayed on our media – the spread of the Caritas network means we can direct such funds to places you specify. Our appeals are still open for the huge need that continues to exist for Pakistan and the Horn of Africa.


05 Oct 2011 description
report Caritas

"Drought triggered the current crisis, but it’s as much a manmade as natural disaster." said Caritas Internationalis Humanitarian Director Alistair Dutton

Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday 5 October highlighted the plight of 13 million people at risk in East Africa’s ongoing food crisis. Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and other parts of the region face a severe food crisis caused by drought, conflict and social injustice. Somalia is the first famine of the 21st century, with hundreds of thousands of people in danger and one in three children suffering from malnutrition.

15 Sep 2011 description
report Caritas

Paris, le 15 septembre 2011

Mi juillet, le Secours Catholique-Caritas France a lancé un appel aux dons et débloqué une première aide d’urgence de 300 000 euros. Une mission s’est rendue sur place pour évaluer les besoins et rencontrer le réseau Caritas présent, afin d’organiser la réponse humanitaire adéquate.

15 Sep 2011 description
report Caritas

Caritas Kenya is supporting survivors of a huge fire that devastated the Sinai slums in the Kenyan capital Nairobi on 12 September.

Over a hundred people were killed and a hundred more injured after a pipeline burst and leaked fuel into the Ngong river, which passes through this slum area. Kenya Pipeline Company managing director Selest Kilinda blamed a faulty valve.

People from the densely populated shanties had already started siphoning the fuel when the fire started. People cooking close to the pipeline may have sparked off the inferno.

13 Sep 2011 description
report Caritas

Durante dos días se repartieron 60.000 litros de agua y 1.800 pastillas potabilizadoras a los afectados por la sequía en la población de Hungai.

05 Sep 2011 description
report Caritas

Tomarán contacto con las Cáritas locales para reforzar la respuesta a las necesidades de los damnificados y definir las líneas conjuntas de trabajo a medio y largo plazo en toda la región.

5 de septiembre de 2011.- Dos expertas del Área de Cooperación Internacional de Cáritas Española llegarán esta noche a Nairobi para iniciar una visita de una semana de duración con el objetivo de evaluar en el terreno cuál está siendo la respuesta de la red Cáritas a las necesidades de los damnificados por la hambruna en el Cuerno de África.

01 Sep 2011 description
report Caritas

417.000 euros proceden del convenio marco sobre emergencias suscrito entre Cáritas y la AECID, y que se ha activado con motivo de la hambruna en el Cuerno de África

29 Aug 2011 description
report Caritas

In Somalia, drought and ongoing conflict have reached crisis levels and affect over half of the population. More than 250,000 Somalis have fled their country in 2011 alone. The mass movement of rural Somalis across the border to Kenya has put significant pressure on already overcrowded refugee camps in Kenya.

Caritas Internationalis is appealing for €3,684,050 ($5 million US) to build water and sanitation facilities in a new refugee camp outside of Dadaab, Kenya, near the Somali border.