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11 Nov 2014 description

By Robert Wanjala

Politicians urged to watch their language and curb unruly supporters.

The head of Kenya’s truth commission has warned that clashes between supporters of rival political groups could escalate into widespread, serious unrest if left unchecked.

Civil society groups, too, are calling on political leaders to work with community elders who might be able to play a mediating role, curb incitement to violence, and encourage greater political tolerance.

22 Jul 2014 description

Under-resourced commission struggles to curb dangerous rhetoric, which has increased following recent violence.

By Lilian Ochieng - International Justice - ICC
ACR Issue 393, 19 Jul 14

As the recent attacks on Kenya’s northern coast prompt an explosion of hate speech on the internet, the government body set up to deal with incitement says it is finding it hard to cope with the volume of work before it.

01 May 2014 description

Plaintiffs hope lawsuit will lead to fresh investigations into 2007-08 attacks.

By J.J. Wangui - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 389, 1 May 14

Last week, the High Court in Nairobi heard evidence from the first witness to testify in a civil case brought against various Kenyan state institutions in relation to the violence that hit the country six years ago.

17 Apr 2014 description

Rights groups warn that counter-terror crackdown will discriminate against Somalis while bringing few tangible security gains.

By an IWPR reporter in Kenya - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 387,

17 Apr 14

Ignoring past criticism, the Kenyan government has repeated orders for refugees living in the country to return to designated camps.

10 Apr 2014 description

By J.J. Wangui - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 387, 9 Apr 14

A prosecution witness has described to the International Criminal Court (ICC) how members of the Kikuyu ethnic group were threatened with eviction from Kenya’s Rift Valley after supporters of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party claimed victory in a December 2007 presidential election.

12 Nov 2013 description

By J.J. Wangui - International Justice - ICC ACR Issue 371, 11 Nov 13

A prosecution witness told judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) last week that members of the Nandi community in Kenya’s Rift Valley prepared stocks of weapons ahead of the 2007 elections that sparked months of violence.

The witness, known only by the pseudonym PO 423, testified that three days before the polls, a Nandi man in the Yamumbi area showed him a collection of bows and arrows intended for use after the results were announced.

16 Aug 2013 description

“Let justice run its course,” international prosecutor’s staff tell Kenyans.

By Robert Wanjala - International Justice - ICC ACR Issue 358, 16 Aug 13 Ahead of two trials due to start in The Hague in the coming months, the prosecutor’s office at the International Criminal Court, ICC, has sought to reassure Kenyans about the strength of its case against the country’s leaders.

15 Jul 2013 description

Observers say government body tasked with prosecuting offenders is not doing enough.

By Judie Kaberia

Following a wave of online hate speech before and after the Kenyan general elections this March, the government agency whose job is to investigate offences has been accused of inaction.

Despite hundreds of cases where offensive material has been posted on social media sites like Facebook, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission, NCIC, has only launched six formal investigations under a law criminalising hate speech.

14 Jun 2013 description

Debate continues over how special court can best hold perpetrators to account.

By Robert Wanjala - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 351, 14 Jun 13

For Esther, a mother of seven who lives in Kenya’s Rift Valley, life has never been the same since the wave of violence that followed the disputed presidential poll in December 2007.

Her husband was killed and she lost all her possessions when she was chased out of her family home on the slopes of the Nandi Hills.

03 May 2013 description

Was enough done to counter incitement and intimidation online during recent elections?

By Judie Kaberia, Nzau Musau - International Justice - ICC ACR Issue 347,
3 May 13

After ensuring that last month’s general election went off peacefully, the authorities in Kenya have come in for criticism for failing to curb the wave of hate speech that spread over the internet.

26 Mar 2013 description

Western governments warned against electing Uhuru Kenyatta, but what should they do now that he looks certain to become president?

By Felix Olick - International Justice - ICC ACR Issue 343, 26 Mar 13

Ahead of Kenya’s March 4 presidential election, western states sent out strong signals that electing two suspects who face trial at the International Criminal Court, ICC, in The Hague would have “consequences” for the country internationally.

03 Mar 2013 description

Delays in enacting legislation to address longstanding grievances make land as potent an election issue as ever.

By Robert Wanjala - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 341, 1 Mar 13

25 Jan 2013 description

Farmers hold off planting because of electoral violence concerns.

As Kenyans prepare to go to the polls on March 4, experts are warning of possible food shortages because many farmers are not planting crops for fear of election violence.

Farmers in the country’s grain basket, Rift Valley Province, are scaling down their planting because they do not want to lose out if there is violence similar to that which followed the December 2007 presidential election. More than 1,100 people were killed and hundreds of thousands uprooted from their homes in the months that followed.

24 Jan 2013 description

Training and support for staff of country’s leading media on international justice and political reporting.

By Simon Jennings - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 337,
23 Jan 13

As Kenyans prepare to vote in the March general elections and four senior figures go to trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague a month later, IWPR and the Wayamo Communication Foundation are providing training and support to reporters and editors at Kenya’s media houses.

22 Dec 2012 description

Victims of violence after 2007 election are reluctant to participate this time around.

By Mathews Ndanyi - International Justice - ICC
ACR Issue 335, 23 Dec 12

As Kenya heads towards its first general election under a new constitution next March, many who suffered during the bloodshed that followed the last polls in 2007 have not registered to vote.

For thousands of people still living in displacement camps in Kenya’s Rift Valley, the prospect of voting on March 4 next year evokes bitter memories.

09 Nov 2012 description

Despite public claims of reconciliation, divisions still run deep between communities.
By Judie Kaberia - International Justice - ICC ACR Issue 331, 9 Nov 12

Members of communities that were worst hit by the 2007-08 post-election violence in Kenya have told IWPR that they still live in fear of attack. Although some have returned to their homes after years living as refugees, many of them say they are too scared to remain there.

03 Aug 2012 description

Fears that government’s failure to fund witness programme will hamper local investigations into post-election violence.

By Emmanuel Igunza - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 328, 3 Aug 12

The Kenyan government’s failure to fund its witness protection programme has led to fears for the safety of hundreds of people questioned during investigations into post-election violence in 2007-08.

21 Nov 2011 description

Hundreds of victims have been given a voice in trials, but some experts warn this will complicate judicial process. By Evelyn Kwamboka - International Justice - ICC ACR Issue 308, 21 Nov 11

"Now they will see fire! Go, go for it!" a victim of Kenya’s post-election violence cheered as she watched proceedings unfold at the International Criminal Court, ICC, on a television screen in a remote town in the Rift Valley.

10 Jan 2011 description

Nairobi says it wants to prosecute 2007 election violence suspects, but some suggest it's not up to the task.

By Blake Evans-Pritchard, Simon Jennings, Katy Glassborow - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 284, 10 Jan 11

In the wake of the decision by the International Criminal Court, ICC, to charge six Kenyans in connection with Kenya's post-election violence three years ago, serious doubts have been expressed about Nairobi's professed willingness to try others implicated in the troubles.

On December 15, ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo requested that six …

12 Nov 2010 description

Corrugated jungle that is Africa's second largest slum was one of the flashpoints of ethnic violence following Kenya's 2007 election.

By Blake Evans-Pritchard - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 276, 12 Nov 10

A little short of breath in the stifling Kenyan heat, I pause at the top of a slight incline, where the rusty tracks of a railway snake into the smoky distance.

My guide - a tall, genial university student - points to the other side of the ridge, where the land falls away and is replaced by a thick tangle of corrugated iron roofs.