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02 Sep 2017 description
report Mail and Guardian

In the aftermath of Kenya’s August 8th elections, international observers were fast in expressing their satisfaction with the implementation of the polls. The preliminary statements of the African Union, European Union and Carter Center observation missions – under the leadership of Thabo Mbeki, Marietje Schaake and John Kerry/Aminata Touré, respectively – praised the people of Kenya for pushing the democratic agenda forward through their peaceful and constructive participation.

11 Mar 2015 description
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More than 300 000 citizens have fled Eritrea's chaotic national service. This is the story of one conscript.

Binyam*, a refugee, lives in Kenya now, closing a circle that began with his birth. He’s making a new start with the help of relatives after escaping from Eritrea last year, just as his mother had to do three decades ago.

She eventually went home. Binyam hopes that one day he can, too.

02 May 2014 description
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02 May 2014 00:00| Fahmida Miller

An attempt to target illegal immigrants and criminals in Kenya has left many Somali residents there feeling harassed.

Osman Mohamed Osman was born in Thika in central Kenya. A second generation Kenyan, Osman is now a 20-year-old student in Nairobi. Despite being ethnically Somali, he speaks only English and Swahili.

“I identify myself as Kenyan first. It’s not fair to identify yourself by tribe,” said Osman. He feels caught in the middle of a war on terrorism in a country that has been his only home.

20 Sep 2013 description
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20 SEP 2013 00:00 BERTHA KANG'ONG'OI

She sits across the room in the small shanty, gazing above our heads, perhaps at the ceiling, or at the glossy picture of Jesus hanging behind us, in a flowing white gown, the Lord's Prayer flowing across his frock. Or maybe she is looking at the president's red and white campaign flag fixed to the wall, next to Jesus.

26 Aug 2009 description
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Crops have shriveled, hundreds of cattle are dead and the World Food Program said Tuesday that 3,8-million Kenyans need emergency food aid because of a prolonged drought, which is even causing electrical blackouts in the capital because there's not enough water for hydroelectric plants.

With rivers thinning to a trickle and mountaintop glaciers shrinking, authorities this month began rationing power in the capital, darkening homes and businesses at least three days a week.

In Nairobi's posh, leafy neighbourhoods, light bulbs flicker as generators …

24 Jul 2008 description
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Soaring food prices are threatening to trigger a humanitarian catastrophe in East Africa, where people are struggling to afford basic food, development charity Oxfam warned on Thursday.

The British-based group appealed for funds to support emergency aid across the region, where it said millions face being tipped towards severe hunger in countries including Somalia and Ethiopia.

"This is a catastrophe in the making. We have time to act to before it becomes a reality," said Oxfam's Rob McNeil, who recently returned from the region.

Skyrocketing food prices are …

22 Jul 2008 description
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NAIROBI, KENYA Jul 22 2008 16:33 - Nearly 15-million people in the Horn of Africa region are facing a humanitarian disaster unless donors urgently release funds to deliver supplies, aid agencies warned on Tuesday.

In a region beset by conflict and piracy, prolonged drought and rising inflation have exacerbated human suffering, especially among the rural and urban poor, they said.

The World Food Programme (WFP) said it urgently needs $403-million to feed the hungry people …

05 Apr 2008 description
report Mail and Guardian

Juma Kwayera | Nairobi, Kenya

A widening rift around the size and structure of a coalition government in which powers and responsibilities will be shared between President Mwai Kibaki's Party of National Unity (PNU) and Prime Minister designate Raila Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) may be edging the country close to a renewed outbreak of political violence.

Concerns that the stalemate could trigger fresh violence were expressed this week by civil society leaders, among them Nobel Peace laureate and former Cabinet member Wangari Maathai.

In an attempt to stave off …

11 Feb 2008 description
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The United Nations's top emergency relief official said on Monday that as many as 600 000 people had been displaced following violence sparked by Kenya's disputed elections.

"We estimate that 300 000 people were displaced and are now in camps of one sort or another," John Holmes told reporters in Helsinki, Finland, adding: "There are probably as many displaced who are not in camps."

About 300 camps of different sizes have been erected across the country, said Holmes, who has just returned from a three-day fact-finding mission on the humanitarian situation …

20 Sep 2007 description
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The small plane banks steeply to the east and the extent of the floods in the low-lying Teso region of Uganda become clear: kilometre upon kilometre of low-lying pasture land submerged, tens of thousands of hectares of staple crops like cassava, millet and groundnuts waterlogged. There are impassable roads, overflowing rivers, stranded cattle and devastated bridges.

15 Nov 2006 description
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Bogonko Bosire | Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya on Wednesday appealed for aid to help hundreds of thousands of people hit by devastating and deadly floods across the country, triggered by unusually heavy seasonal rains.

As rains continued to pound north and coastal Kenya, authorities made a national appeal for almost $8-million to help about 300 000 people who are affected by the floods, which have so far killed 23 people.

"We are launching an appeal to assist 300 000 beneficiaries for three months.

28 May 2006 description
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In conference rooms and in academic papers, the experts call it "pervasive pre-famine conditions". In the village, squatting on his brick-sized wooden stool in the red dirt of East Africa, Lokuwam Lokitalauk calls it a death sentence. His curses ricochet round the quiet village and his glaucoma-misted eyes dart off, surveying the stick-like spectres of children drifting listlessly about.

25 Jul 2000 description
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Lambarene, Gabon. July 25, 2000

05 Apr 2000 description
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Johannesburg, South Africa. April 5 2000

Nearly 16 million people face starvation in the Horn of Africa after repeated crop failures, but ongoing conflicts in the region make food distribution difficult.

By CHRIS MCGREAL in Johannesburg

Europe is preparing to spearhead large aid deliveries to the Horn of Africa in an attempt to avoid a repeat of the famine that claimed close to a million lives in Ethiopia 15 years ago.

20 Feb 2000 description
report Mail and Guardian

A fire at a refugee camp in northwestern Kenya has destroyed 500 huts and left at least 3 000 refugees without shelter. The cause of the fire, which erupted on Thursday at a UN refugee camp at Kakuma, 600 kilometers northwest of the capital Nairobi, has not yet been established. One witness, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the cause of the fire was arson after one refugee accused another of stealing his money and set the second man's hut ablaze and the fire spread to other huts.

04 Nov 1997 description
report Mail and Guardian

RECORD rainfalls and floods hitting the Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are leaving behind a trail of tears and destruction.

The latest to be hit is Ethiopia, where 57 people have been killed and 4,000 made homeless, the state-run
Radio Ethiopia reported on Monday.

''Over 9,000 head of livestock in the Ogaden region, on the border with Somalia, have also been washed away
by flooding, caused by rising rivers,'' Radio Ethiopia said.

Similar flooding has washed away homes and roads and displacing thousands of farmers along the Juba River