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13 Mar 2017 description

Are you looking for PSEA Networks at country levels ?

Three SEA coordination mechanisms exist in CAR: HCT, UNCT, and SRSG/MINUSCA. Common actors bridge the task-forces at both senior and technical levels i.e. HC, DHC, UNHCR, UNFPA, UNICEF. (HCT) PSEA Task Force

21 Dec 2016 description
report The Conversation

The ConversationCristiano D'Orsi, University of Johannesburg

24 Jun 2015 description

East and Central Africa Region was the staring point for the worldwide implementation of IPC. Currently, most of the countries in the Region conduct IPC Acute Food Insecurity Analyses, including: Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.

01 Jan 2015 description

This chapter provides a summary of the general environment in which UNHCR is operating in Africa and the organization’s planned responses in 2015. Mention is made of the two major emergency situations in the Central African Republic and South Sudan which have affected operations in many neighbouring countries and will continue to have a significant impact on UNHCR’s work in 2015 and beyond.

18 Aug 2014 description
report IRIN

Insécurité alimentaire en Afrique de l'Est et Centrale

NAIROBI, 18 août 2014 (IRIN) - Quelque 20 millions de personnes sont en situation d'insécurité alimentaire aiguë en Afrique de l'Est et Centrale. Selon les organisations d'aide humanitaire, la plupart se trouvent à un niveau « de crise » ou « d'urgence ». Ce chiffre est bien plus élevé qu'en juillet 2013, quand l'insécurité alimentaire touchait 15,8 millions de personnes.

24 Dec 2013 description


Fourth modification 12/12/2013

Since 5 December 2013, heavy fighting between armed groups take place in Bangui, but also in several cities of the country leading to a further deterioration of the humanitarian situation and causing important movements of population.

Having regard the sudden and increased need for humanitarian response in the Central African Republic and the interruption of commercial flights, DG ECHO took the decision to establish an air capacity between Douala and Bangui.

11 Oct 2013 description

Welcome to the October issue of the Armed Con-flict Location & Event Dataset (ACLED) Conflict Trends. Each month, ACLED researchers gather, analyse and publish data on political violence in Africa in realtime. Realtime conflict event data is published through our research partners at Climate Change and African Political Stability (CCAPS) where it is updated monthly.

15 Apr 2013 description

This issue of ACLED Conflict Trends marks a year since ACLED began publishing monthly updates summarising and analysing real-time data on conflict in the African continent. Past issues of Conflict Trends are available online at acleddata.com where analysis has included regional conflict trends, the highest violence states at present and in historical perspective, and states displaying unique or paradigmatic violence profiles.

05 Apr 2013 description

This document provides an overview of developments in the Mediterranean Basin and other regions of interest from 19 March – 01 April 2013, with hyperlinks to source material highlighted and underlined in the text. For more information on the topics below or other issues pertaining to the region, please contact the members of the Med Basin Team, or visit our website at www.cimicweb.org.

Inside this issue

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North Africa 2

Northeast Africa 4

Horn of Africa 5

21 Mar 2013 description


  • Fighting in CAR has led to acute food insecurity for almost half of the country. CAR remains a forgotten crisis.

  • Poor belg rains raise concerns for areas in Ethiopia where there have been three poor or failed cropping seasons

  • Despite the generally good prevailing conditions approximately 16M people remain in crisis or emergency (IPC Phase 3 & 4) in the region

19 Mar 2013 description

In 2011 and 2012, USIP held a Priority Grant Competition entitled “Communication for Peacebuilding” to support research and practitioner projects on the ways that communication flows and communication technologies can contribute to the prevention and resolution of conflict. Internews, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening independent media worldwide, received funding in 2011 for a grant project in the Central African Republic and also agreed to serve as the lead ‘learning organization’ for the group of three 2011 grantees.

18 Apr 2012 description
report World Bank


Traditionally, sanitation has not received the priority it deserves. It has not been widely recognized how good sanitation policies and practices can underpin socio-economic development and environmental protection. This study provides an estimation of economic impacts on populations without access to improved sanitation in order to provide information on the losses to society of the current sanitation situation.

15 Sep 2011 description
report Human Rights Watch

D’autres enquêtes sont nécessaires pour que justice soit rendue

(Bruxelles) – L’administration de la justice à la Cour pénale internationale (CPI) se trouve menacée en dépit des progrès opérés par le procureur de la CPI, a déclaré Human Rights Watch dans un rapport publié aujourd’hui. Avec la nomination d’un nouveau procureur d’ici la fin de l’année et de nouvelles affaires en Libye, le procureur de la CPI devrait combler les lacunes que présentent les stratégies d’enquête et de poursuites et porter d’autres affaires devant la CPI.