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28 Aug 2017 description


This weekly bulletin focuses on selected acute public health emergencies occurring in the WHO African Region. The WHO Health Emergencies Programme is currently monitoring 49 events in the region.

This week, three new events have been reported:

  • Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF) in Mauritania and cholera in Burundi and Chad. This week’s edition also covers key ongoing events, including:

• Cholera in Kenya

• Hepatitis E in Niger

• Floods/mudslide in Sierra Leone

23 Mar 2017 description
report ActionAid

ActionAid is working with poor communities across the world to support them in building their resilience to disasters, climate change and other shocks and stresses. This work is of ever-growing importance, not only because of changing weather patterns and rising temperatures increasing the likelihood of disasters, but also because of growing risks related to violent conflict, human and livestock epidemics, environmental degradation and political and economic crises.

02 Jun 2015 description

In this bulletin, it is important to note that the Ebola outbreak in Liberia ended on 9 May 2015. This is a significant achievement given the fact that the out- break was ongoing for over a year and caused the largest number of deaths due to Ebola virus disease (EVD). On the other hand, EVD is on the increase in three prefectures in Guinea over the last two weeks in May 2015. In addi- tion, an unprecedented meningitis outbreak has also been reported in Niger.

19 Feb 2015 description

Epidemic prone diseases remain to be serious public health threats to Mem- ber States in the African region. In response to these threats, Member States through the adoption and implementation of the Integrated Diseases Surveil- lance and Response Strategy and the International Health Regulations, con- tinue to strengthen their public health emergency response systems and struc- tures. In this issue, a summary of acute public health events that occurred dur- ing the course of 2014 is provided

In this issue:

08 Jan 2015 description
report African Union

Press Release Nº005/2015

Nairobi, Kenya 8 January 2015- The general consensus among African leaders who addressed the official opening of the pre deployment training of 170 Kenyan health workers today, is that through solidarity, the continent will defeat the Ebola virus disease, that has so far claimed thousands of lives, mainly in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. The Kenyan contingent will be departing for the affected countries tomorrow, 9th January 2015.

03 Aug 2012 description


List of Acronyms

Kennedy Walusala

Grace Maina

Political youth: Finding alternatives to violence in Sierra Leone
Christine Cubitt

The danger of marginalisation: An analysis of Kenyan youth and their integration into political, socio-economic life
Daniel Forti and Grace Maina

Interrogating traditional youth theory: Youth peacebuilding and engagement in post-conflict Liberia
Martha Mutisi

06 May 2010 description

Chris Mahony

Executive summary

This book seeks to address the frictions between protecting the rights of accused persons and protecting the physical and psychological wellbeing of witnesses in Africa. Developed states are still attempting to refine the weighing of these two public goods. The African challenge is complicated by poor capacity and integrity in the justice sector, as well as by lower living standards. These issues commonly cause justice inefficiencies which impede both witness protection and the rights of the accused.

21 Apr 2009 description
report UN Security Council


Conseil de sécurité
6108e séance – matin & après-midi

Le Conseil de sécurité, au terme d'un débat qui a rassemblé aujourd'hui une quarantaine de pays, a souligné l'importance des initiatives prises par le Secrétaire général, M. Ban Ki-moon, pour « promouvoir la médiation et régler pacifiquement les différends ».

30 Sep 2007 description

Each week, the World Health Organization Health Action in Crises in Geneva produces information highlights on the health aspects of selected humanitarian crises. Drawing on the various WHO programmes, contributions cover activities from field and country offices and the support provided by WHO regional offices and Headquarters.

29 Nov 2006 description

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is launching two "Keep Up" programmes after distributing hundreds of thousands of long-lasting insecticidal nets in Sierra Leone and Kenya.

A "Keep Up" programme is a three-year community-based effort that involves Red Cross volunteers going house-to-house after a mosquito net distribution to make sure that families are hanging and using the nets properly to prevent malaria infection through mosquito bites.

27 Feb 2002 description

MONROVIA, Feb 27 (Reuters) - A study in West Africa has revealed the widespread sexual exploitation of refugee children by aid workers and peacekeepers in exchange for supplies sent to save lives.

The scandal, details of which emerged on Tuesday, is the latest in a series involving sex and corruption to taint aid and peacekeeping operations on the world's poorest continent.

Below are some scandals in recent years:


February - United Nations says investigation reveals that some peacekeeping troops in Mozambique paid for sex with children.


February - Angola …

01 Dec 1999 description
report Merlin

Sierra Leone

10 Aug 1999 description
report Merlin

Sierra Leone

02 Aug 1999 description
report Merlin

Sierra Leone

15 Jul 1999 description
report Merlin

Sierra Leone

  • Providing nutritional feeding to over 450 severely malnourished and 1,400 moderately malnourished children in hospitals in Kenema and Blama.
  • Running an 80-bed temporary children's hospital for emergency treatment and nutritional feeding in Freetown.
  • Re-establishing and restocking one hospital and 32 health centres in Kenema and Bo districts in eastern Sierra Leone to care for 300,000 people, particularly mothers and young children.
  • Running 4 mobile teams to provide basic health care and re-establishing 3 clinics in Freetown which were destroyed by …