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17 Oct 2018 description

In September, a total of 26,212 movements were observed at Flow Monitoring Points. This represents a significant decrease in comparison with August when 34,219 movements were observed; this decrease is attributed to the closure of five FMPs due to budgetary constraints as well as the decrease of movements in Bossasso and, to a lesser extent, Buuhoodle. The great majority of flows identified (68%) were incoming against 32% outgoing, reaching levels comparable to July 2018.

05 Oct 2018 description


Despite ongoing peace negotiations, clashes between belligerents continue, resulting in further displacements.

2 486 563 South Sudanese refugees in neighboring countries

298 881 Refugees in South Sudan

1 903 650 South Sudanese IDPs (incl. IDPs in PoCs in respective states)

198 202 South Sudanese IDPs in PoCs

30 Jun 2018 description

The month of June saw a significant increase in the number of migrants identified, with a total of 42,074 (compared to 31,662 individuals recorded in May 2018). Unlike previous months, movements recorded in June 2018 were mostly outflows, meaning individuals exiting Somalia (80%). Movements for the month of June 2018 were mainly seasonal (26%) or caused by natural disasters (26%). Bossaso port saw a significant increase of arrivals from Yemen, from 573 individuals in May 2018 to 1,163 for this month.

01 Jun 2018 description


As of 1 June | Source: DG ECHO

  • The humanitarian, security and operating conditions continue to deteriorate.

  • Seven million people, or two-third of the population, are in need of humanitarian assistance.

31 May 2018 description

In May, a total of 31,464 individuals were recorded in border crossing points monitored by the DTM. This represents a slight increase in comparison with April 2018. The ratio of inflows and outflows remained relatively stable, with 63% of flows entering Somalia and 37% exiting Somalia. This month saw a significant increase of movements from Ethiopia to Somaliland, through the Harirad border point (4,083) along the Ethiopian border. Significant movements through the Lowyacado point (4,348) along the Djibouti border were also recorded.