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31 Dec 2008 description
report Kenya Red Cross


PM launches resource mobilization initiative

Preliminary Appeal launched

Floods and drought intervention





Cultural change

Millions face hunger


31 Dec 2008 description

Program Description

USAID's Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) Kenya program was initiated following a March 2008 assessment. This report covers the second quarter of post-startup operations. Obligations for the program thus far total $8,522,151 in Transition Initiative funds.

OTI continues to support the key U.S. foreign policy objective of stability with unity. The program seeks to be a U.S. Government asset contributing to a stable Kenya centered on a national identity rather than ethnicity.

31 Dec 2008 description

EAST AFRICA: October- December rains began on time but ended early in south- central Somalia, northeastern and southeastern Kenya, and in parts of southeastern Ethiopia, negatively affecting crop prospects and pasture in these areas. In south- central Soma lia, increased civil insecurity and rampant sea piracy also continue to exacerbate existing food insecurity through displacement, dis ruption of both commercial and humanitarian food imports, and restrictions on food access among already impoverished popula tions.

31 Dec 2008 description

Summary Findings

- The total number of Internally Displaced People in the CEA region is 9.1 million in December 2008.

31 Dec 2008 description

Executive Summary

In response to the dramatic rise of global food prices since 2007, WFP has been providing funding and technical support to WFP staff and partners to assess the impact of higher prices and structural vulnerabilities and a growing and 'new face of hunger'.

31 Dec 2008 description
report Kenya Red Cross

Highlights of 2008

PEV Humanitarian Assistance

Following Kenya's disputed Presidential election in December 2007, large parts of the country were affected by violence that left at least 1,300 people dead and many others seriously injured. More than 350,000 people lived in camps as internally displaced persons (IDPs) while thousands were hosted by communities. Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) was appointed by the Government as the lead coordinating agency for response to the emergency.

31 Dec 2008 description

Eldoret is a town in western Kenya that suffered from the post-election ethnic violence in early 2008. In the months following the violence, Eric, of the Kalenjin tribe, struggled with an unprofitable milk vending business, often forced to sell on credit or return home with unsold milk.

31 Dec 2008 description

The impact of recurrent drought-related crises in the Horn of Africa is rapidly escalating, with more and more people being affected each time a drought occurs. Drought is becoming more frequent, allowing less time for recovery in between droughts, and increasing the vulnerability of local populations.

30 Dec 2008 description

The farming communities in the Mount Elgon region of Kenya were severely disrupted by violence in 2007. Working closely with the Kenya Red Cross Society, the ICRC has been supplying food, seed and farming implements, helping residents of the area to regain their self-sufficiency.

Mount Elgon - Facts and figures, 30 November 2008

In response to the violence in Mount Elgon, the ICRC started working with the Kenya Red Cross Society in May 2007. Initially, 40,000 people required assistance, the number rising quickly as the security situation worsened.

29 Dec 2008 description
report Oxfam

A year of wars, weather and financial woes hit the poor

For thousands of people around the world 2008 was a tough year, with a number of violent conflicts causing widespread suffering, and the triple crunch of climate change, the food crisis and the economic downturn hitting the poorest hardest, said Oxfam today.

In countries such as Zimbabwe, Sudan, and Sri Lanka, ongoing conflicts continue to blight the lives of millions of poor men, women and children, and impede progress in reducing poverty. In the DRC, renewed fighting has displaced hundred of thousands, and the Israeli blockade …

26 Dec 2008 description

By Megan Rowling

LONDON, Dec 26 (Reuters) - Like many African women, Mazoe Gondwe is her family's main food provider. Lately, she has struggled to farm her plot in Malawi due to unpredictable rains that are making her hard life even tougher.

"Now we can't just depend on rain-fed agriculture, so we plant two crops - one watered with rain and one that needs irrigating," she explained. "But irrigation is back-breaking and can take four hours a day."

Gondwe, flown by development agency ActionAid to U.N.

26 Dec 2008 description

Key Overall Developments

On 21 December, a fire swept across Sakow town in Middle Juba completely destroying the homes of an estimated 721 families in a densely populated section of the town. One child was reportedly killed and seven adults severely injured due to the fire. The cause was accidental.

24 Dec 2008 description

Rome, 24 December 2008 - Facts, figures and the latest updates from WFP's high profile emergencies.


- WFP needs to pre-position over 32,700mt of food to cover EMOP beneficiaries' needs for 5 months from July to November 2009.

24 Dec 2008 description
report Government of Italy

Rome December 24, 2008 - "The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Directorate General for Cooperation and Development has contributed with a financial amount of 200.000 to FAO to finance the Regional FAO Office in Nairobi (REOA - Regional Emergency Office for Africa) activities, including coordination in emergency response in the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes regions, in close cooperation with twenty-four African countries.

Furthermore, the initiative "Initiative on Soaring Food Prices" is to facilitate the exchange of information on food safety among all …

23 Dec 2008 description


In Kabul, Laghman, and Nangahar, 763 families received packages of fresh Udhiyah meat.


Over 10,000 pounds of fresh meat was distributed to 2,300 poor Iraqi families, as well as a number of orphans, in the provinces of Baghdad, Anbar, Diyala, and Mosul.


Udhiyah meat was distributed to 580 families living in Palestinian refugee camps and isolated rural villages.


In the governorates of Tripoli and Sidon LIFE distributed Udhiyah meat to 130 needy families.

23 Dec 2008 description
report UN Children's Fund

Four years on, tremendous improvements can be seen

By Jane O'Brien

NEW YORK, USA, 23 December 2008 - The 2004 tsunami left a wake of devastation that stretched across the Indian Ocean. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed. Many more were made homeless.