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21 Jan 2018 description
report Jordan INGO Forum

1. Introduction

Seven years into the Syria crisis, Syrian refugees remain in exile as their country continues to face a protracted conflict and an overwhelming humanitarian crisis. With 13.1 million people requiring humanitarian assistance in Syria and 5.5 million Syrian refugees worldwide1 (mainly hosted in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt), this remains the world’s largest displacement crisis.

19 Jan 2018 description


  • Natural hazards, such as droughts, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, and extreme winter weather affect a range of countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia (EMCA). Protracted conflict and limited governmental disaster management capacity in many EMCA countries compound the risks associated with natural disasters.
    Furthermore, environmental degradation and rapid urban growth in some countries have led to overcrowding and settlement in hazard-prone areas.

19 Jan 2018 description

GENEVA, Jan 19 2018 (IOM) - IOM, the UN Migration Agency, is appealing for nearly USD 1.4 billion to address the needs of over 80 million people in 50 countries in 2018. These vital funds will support people displaced within the borders of their own countries, migrants, refugees and the communities that host them, people returning to their areas of origin and people experiencing or recovering from conflict and natural disasters.

17 Jan 2018 description

17 January 2018

Not for the first time in its proud history, UNRWA faces a formidable challenge in upholding its mandate – an expression of the will of the international community - and preserving key services like education and health care for Palestine Refugees.

17 Jan 2018 description


Continuing cross-border interventions from Turkey and Jordan in 2018

Security Council Resolution 2393 was adopted, renewing the provisions of Resolution 2165 for an additional 12 months. This will enable UNFPA to continue supporting people in need, working with implementing partners through cross-border interventions from Turkey and Jordan.

UNFPA delivers aid to previously unreached Sheikh Maqsoud in Aleppo

17 Jan 2018 description

"We are shouldering an immense refugee burden and cannot be left alone as we undertake this humanitarian responsibility on behalf of the world"

NICOSIA, Jan 16 (Reuters) - Greece, Jordan and Cyprus called for more effective support to countries on the frontline of the Middle East refugee crisis on Tuesday and pledged to deepen cooperation on a host of issues from water management to protection of artefacts.

(Read more on the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

16 Jan 2018 description


  • UN delivers assistance to 50,000 IDPs at the Syria–Jordan border berm for the first time in six months

  • UNSC reauthorizes cross-border humanitarian access to Syria through January 2019

  • Relief agencies evacuate 29 critically ill patients from Eastern Ghouta

  • Relief agencies reach 810,000 people in HTR and besieged areas with assistance


16 Jan 2018 description

This map illustrates shelters in the area of the Rukban border crossing on the Syrian-Jordanian border. Using a satellite image collected by the Deimos-2 satellite on 10 January 2018, UNOSAT located 10,418 probable shelters along the Jordanian side of the border, 25 kilometers southwest of the Al Waleed crossing.

16 Jan 2018 description
report Theirworld

The UN agency that looks after more than 500,000 school students has warned that a major drop in funding would seriously hit their programmes.

Cuts in humanitarian funding for Palestinians by the United States could be “catastrophic” for the education of children scattered across the Middle East.

The warning came from the United Nations Relief Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), which educates more than 500,000 Palestinian children in 711 schools.

15 Jan 2018 description
report Jordan INGO Forum
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In this issue

  1. Humanitarian Overview

  2. Partners activities

  3. Mental health

  4. Winterization

    • Non Syrian refugees
  5. Juvenile justice

  6. Host community

  7. Voices from Jordan

  8. Youth recreational activity

  9. Women protection empowerment

  10. Advocacy

  11. 16 days of Activism

  12. Universal Children’s Day

15 Jan 2018 description

The ETC was activated in Syria on 14 January 2013 to provide common telecommunications services to the humanitarian community responding to the crisis both within Syria, and in surrounding countries. Lack of access, insecurity and governmental restrictions complicate efforts to expand ETC services.

12 Jan 2018 description

Amman – This week, IOM, the UN Migration Agency, and its partner NICCOD, a Japanese Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), distributed cash assistance to 1,500 Syrian female headed households or families having at least one member living with disabilities in Zarqa, Jordan.

Two vouchers totalling 70 Jordanian Dinars (JD) are being distributed to every family to purchase food and other essential items. This distribution is in addition to the winterization and regular assistance provided by other NGOs and UN agencies to these refugee families.

11 Jan 2018 description

Compendium on Good and Innovative Practices in the Regional Response to the Syria and Iraq Crisis: Volume II launched by UNHCR-UNDP Joint Secretariat

Jan 11, 2018 | News, Press Release

11 Jan 2018 description
report United Nations
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Amman, Jordan 10 January 2018 – The UN has resumed aid delivery to an estimated 50,000 Syrians (10,000 families) who remain stranded at Rukban, near Jordan’s north-eastern border with Syria.

In September, the UN in Damascus submitted a request to the Syrian Government to obtain access to people in need at the Berm. While this request is still being reviewed by the Syrian authorities, the UN sought the agreement from the Jordanian Government to urgently access the population at Rukban.

11 Jan 2018 description

The level of anxiety and tension has risen again in the Middle-East and all eyes are turned to Jerusalem.

I stand here within the Old City of Jerusalem to assure you - the Palestine Refugees - that UNRWA is more determined than ever to protect your rights and meet your needs. Nothing is more important to me than fulfilling that mission. It is a mandate that reflects the will of the international community and was extended by the United Nations General Assembly a year ago.

09 Jan 2018 description

Amman, Jan. 7 (Petra)--Jordan has allowed the entry of humanitarian aid for one time to the Rukban camp for displaced Syrians after the UN presented a plan in which it pledged to deliver aid to the camp that is located inside Syria, according to official spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs Mohammad Al Kayed.

Jordan had said it will only allow the delivery of aid as an exceptional measure if the UN presents a plan to provide aid to dwellers of the camp.

09 Jan 2018 description

Conditions in the makeshift Rubkan camp are described as desperate

By Suleiman Al-Khalidi

AMMAN, Jan 8 (Reuters) - United Nations agencies began on Monday delivering aid for the first time in six months to some 60,000 Syrian refugees stranded in a desolate area near where Syria's border meets the Jordanian and Iraqi frontiers, aid agencies and Jordanian officials said.

Read more on the Thomson Reuters Foundation