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15 Mar 2019 description

The year 2018 posed enormous challenges for the ICRC´s work in Venezuela due to the difficult economic and social situation that the country is experiencing. The organization helped the nation's most vulnerable people, especially migrants and those affected by violence, working in partnership with the Venezuelan Red Cross (VRC) and the National Societies of the CARICOM countries. Volunteers were given first-aid training, and people living in areas of risk were trained in primary health care.

03 Mar 2019 description
report Inter Press Service

By Desmond Brown

BRIGDETOWN, Mar 3 2019 (IPS) - Caribbean countries have been signalling their willingness to dedicate time and resources to implement and sustain effective multi-hazard early warning systems.

Most countries located in the hurricane belt face being impacted during the yearly Atlantic Hurricane Season. But all Caribbean countries face another challenge—climate change

28 Feb 2019 description

The disease is endemic in the Region and, since its reintroduction in the 1980s, has caused cyclical outbreaks and epidemics every three to five years

Washington, DC, 28 February 2019 (PAHO)- The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has called for countries in the Region of the Americas to prepare for a timely response to possible outbreaks of dengue. The disease is endemic in the Region and, since its reintroduction in the 1980s, has caused cyclical outbreaks and epidemics every three to five years.

28 Feb 2019 description

As the Caribbean is one of the regions most impacted by natural hazards, HIV and non-communicable diseases globally, enhancing community resilience will be the primary focus of the Red Cross in the Caribbean over the next two years. IFRC will support Caribbean National Societies (NS) to ensure that communities are organized and prepared for emergencies, resilient to climate change, and can withstand public health challenges. The Caribbean Office applies an integrated approach to create appropriate linkages between the various initiatives within the countries.

18 Feb 2019 description


This enhanced programme was supported by search-and-destroy visits to several communities by the Minister of Health and other health officials to promote community participation.

13 Feb 2019 description


Mr. Speaker, I wish to update this honourable house and the people of Jamaica on the current position of the dengue outbreak. As at February 8, the Ministry of Health has classified 1,166 suspected, presumed, or confirmed dengue cases with dates of onset in 2019. 2018, we had 1,023 suspected and confirmed cases. The weekly number of cases appears to be plateauing, while we need to wait for another two to three weeks to be sure’ this is an encouraging sign.

07 Feb 2019 description

Countries in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region are vulnerable to a range of natural hazards, including droughts, earthquakes, forest fires, floods, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions, as well as political and economic crises. Between FY 2009 and FY 2018, USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/ OFDA) and USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (USAID/ FFP) provided humanitarian assistance in response to a diverse range of emergencies in the region.

05 Feb 2019 description
report Inter Press Service

By Desmond Brown

IPS correspondent Desmond Brown interviews DOUGLAS SLATER, Assistant Secretary General at the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat

GEORGETOWN, Feb 5 2019 (IPS) - In recent years Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries have experienced escalated climate change impacts from hurricanes, tropical storms and other weather-related events thanks to global warming of 1.0 ° Celsius (C) above pre-industrial levels. And it has had adverse effects on particularly vulnerable countries and communities.

04 Feb 2019 description

On 3 January 2019, the International Health Regulations (IHR) National Focal Point of Jamaica notified WHO of an increase in dengue cases in Jamaica.

From 1 January though 21 January 2019, 339 suspected and confirmed cases including six deaths were reported (Figure 1). In 2018, a total of 986 suspected and confirmed cases of dengue including 13 deaths have been reported. The number of reported dengue cases in 2018 was 4.5 times higher than that reported in 2017 (215 cases including six deaths). Cases reported to date for 2019 exceed the epidemic threshold (Figure 2).

31 Jan 2019 description
report World Bank

BRUSSELS, January 31, 2019 ─ The European Union (EU) has signed two agreements with the World Bank’s (WB) Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) to provide funding totaling EUR 30.7 million that will strengthen disaster risk management (DRM) in the Caribbean. The programs will support Caribbean countries to plan for long-term resilience and climate-smart growth strategies, and to design and implement innovative policy and investment initiatives.

13 Jan 2019 description

The situation

On 3 January 2019, the government of Jamaica declared a dengue outbreak on the island. In December 2018, the number of cases of dengue exceeded the epidemic threshold of 96, with a total of 123 recorded cases. For 2018, 7 deaths were reported in the country, of which 5 were suspected to be of dengue and 2 were confirmed to be from the disease.

04 Jan 2019 description
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03 Jan 2019 description

As at January 3, 2019, one hundred and twenty three (123) dengue case reports (suspected, presumed and confirmed) were received for the month of December 2018. This exceeded the outbreak threshold of 96 cases for December; the first month for 2018 in which the number of cases exceeded the outbreak threshold (figure 1).


07 Dec 2018 description
infographic Insecurity Insight

This overview document presents 267 safety, security and access incidents affecting aid delivery in 18 countries in the Americas between January 2017 and June 2018. The report is based on incidents identified in open sources and reported by Aid in Danger partner agencies using the Security in Numbers Database (SiND). The focus is on countries where possible changing or emerging risks can be identified. The total number of reported incidents below reflects the willingness of agencies to share information. It is neither a complete count nor representative.

05 Dec 2018 description

With the support of the European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Organisation (ECHO), WFP has partnered with the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) to build capacity within CDEMA and its 18 Participating States. To date, WFP has successfully conducted two end-to-end (E2E) supply chain management trainings – one national training in Dominica and a sub-regional training in Barbados.

30 Nov 2018 description

La violencia contra la mujer afecta a casi el 60% de las mujeres en algunos países de las Américas En promedio, una de cada tres mujeres en la región ha padecido violencia física y/o sexual por parte de su pareja en algún momento de sus vidas, pero este número varía de entre 1 de cada 7 en Brasil, Panamá y Uruguay, a casi 6 de cada 10 mujeres en Bolivia.