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11 Sep 1996 description
report Times


THOUSANDS of Kurds fled towards Iran yesterday as Iraq gloated that the victory of its Kurdish militia allies in the city of Sulaimaniya had restored Baghdad's power over the north and humiliated the United States.

Tehran implored the world to help it to cope with the exodus, saying that nearly 200,000 refugees were threatening to swamp its border. The United Nations said it expected 75,000 refugees to converge on the inhospitable mountainous frontier.

11 Sep 1996 description

BASHMAQ, Iran (Reuter) - Iraqi Kurds at a camp near the Iran-Iraq border said Wednesday that guerrillas from a
Baghdad-backed Kurdish group fired into a crowd of refugees on the Iraqi side of the border, killing four people.

''On Tuesday night, KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) men came and asked us first nicely to go back home, but when

11 Sep 1996 description
report Associated Press

BASHMAQ, Iran (AP) -- Tens of thousands of tired, hungry Kurdish refugees have flooded into Iran on foot or crammed into cars, buses and trucks after a rival faction allied with Saddam Hussein seized control of northern Iraq.

Border guards and some refugees at this border post said today that dozens of commanders of the vanquished group, including Patriotic Union of Kurdistan leader Jalal Talabani, were among them.

10 Sep 1996 description

TEHRAN (Reuter) - Some of the thousands of refugees fleeing an onslaught by a Baghdad-backed Kurdish group in northern Iraq began crossing into Iran Tuesday, a U.N. official said.

Tehran warned the exodus could turn into a humanitarian tragedy and appealed for international aid.

''Some of the Kurdish refugees are being allowed to enter Iran and this flow has continued since this morning,'' Laurens Jolles, an official of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office in Tehran, told Reuters.

10 Sep 1996 description
report Associated Press

SULAYMANIYAH, Iraq (Sep 10, 1996 09:48 a.m. EDT) -- Waving yellow flags and shouting victory slogans, Saddam Hussein's Kurdish allies marched in triumph today through Sulaymaniyah as tens of thousands of frightened residents fled the city for nearby mountains and the border with Iran.

As many as 300,000 Kurds may have left, U.N. officials said today, one day after the Kurdish Democratic Party seized the city.

10 Sep 1996 description

GENEVA, Sept 10 (Reuter) - The United Nations said on Tuesday it was gearing up for a potential refugee crisis, as up to 75,000 Kurds headed for the Iranian border and an unknown number crossed over.

Iranian officials have assured Sadako Ogata, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, that its borders will stay open to those fleeing factional fighting in northern Iraq, according to UNHCR spokesman Rupert Colville.

10 Sep 1996 description

DUKAN, Iraq A successful military drive by a Kurdish militia allied to Baghdad has raised the specter of a repeat of the 1991 refugee exodus that sent more than a million Kurds pouring through the mountains to Iran and Turkey for safety.

Iran fears the arrival on its border of another wave of civilians, this time fleeing a push northward by the Kurdistan Democratic Party. Led by veteran warlord Massoud Barzani, the Democratic Party on Monday took Sulaymaniyah, a major city in Iraqi Kurdistan which was hastily abandoned by the rival Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

09 Sep 1996 description

TEHRAN, Sept 9 (Reuter) - Iran on Monday appealed for aid to assist Iraqi Kurd refugees fleeing fighting in northern Iraq, saying they would be have to be housed at border camps, state-run Tehran radio said.

It quoted Ahmad Hosseini, Tehran's top official in charge of refugees, as saying Iran would make it possible for countries

09 Sep 1996 description
report Associated Press


IRBIL, Iraq (AP) -- Kurdish refugees were streaming out of towns in northeastern Iraq Monday, heading toward the Iranian border, in the wake of an offensive by a Kurdish faction allied with Saddam Hussein.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party, which has teamed up with the Iraqi military, captured two more towns Sunday in an eastern drive into territory controlled by its rival, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

Iraqi forces appeared to be moving behind the front-line KDP fighters, but were not playing a major role in the fighting, according to most accounts.

09 Sep 1996 description

KANI OSMAN, Iraq (Reuter) - The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) began fleeing its last Iraqi stronghold of Sulaimaniya for fear of an assault by its Baghdad-backed rival, a U.N. official said Monday.

PUK administrators poured out as forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) overran three more key points, one a hill
where only the day before the PUK said its commander Jalal Talabani had visited the battlefront.

''The PUK has simply left its offices. The theory is they are on their way to the Iranian border. I think it's a matter of hours

06 Sep 1996 description

New offensive launched in northern Iraq

06 Sep 1996 description

This report includes: A) Burundi, Rwanda, Zaire and Tanzania B) Angola C) Iraq D) Former Yugoslavia

04 Sep 1996 description

DIYANA, Iraq, Sept 3 (Reuter) - Aid workers headed toward the Turkish border on Tuesday from the northern Iraqi city of Arbil, captured by Iraqi troops from a Kurdish group in weekend fighting.

"International staff have been told to get out of the country as soon as possible,'' Jeremy Anderson, of Shelter Now International, told Reuters as he got into his truck in the town of Diyana, about two hours' drive north of Arbil on the way to the Turkish border.

03 Sep 1996 description
report CARE

CARE at work in all four cities struck by U.S. missiles

Please call: Lockton Morrissey, CARE/Middle East Region Director
Jordan office: 962-6-827-921
Jordan mobile tel: 962-7927489
Home: 962-6822-558
In the U.S: Wendy Driscoll, CARE USA
Tel: (404) 681-2552, ext. 434
Email: driscoll@care.org
Web page: http://www.care.org

03 Sep 1996 description

GENEVA, Sept 3 (Reuter) - The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said on Tuesday it was drawing up contingency plans in case of a refugee exodus from Iraq, but so far saw no signs of mass movements of civilians.

UNHCR staff in Baghdad, the northern Iraqi city of Arbil and in Sulaymaniya reported the towns were calm despite U.S. missile strikes on southern Iraq in retaliation for Iraqi military attacks against Kurds in the north.

But the Geneva-based agency expressed concern over the lack of water in Arbil -- a potential health risk which could drive

30 Aug 1996 description

BAGHDAD, Aug 30 (Reuter) - A senior U.N. relief official in Baghdad said on Friday he was discussing with the Iraqis how to overcome a number of vital operational issues concerning humanitarian goods distribution in northern Iraq.

''There are still serious operational problems to look at,'' Holdbrook Arthur director of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Iraq told Reuters.

Arthur said he did not think the problems were insurmountable but they had to be addressed before food supplies from Iraq's partial oil deal with U.N. start pouring in.

29 Aug 1996 description
report Voice of America