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02 Apr 2003 description
report Kuwait News Agency



KUWAIT, April 2 (KUNA) -- Director of the medical staff department in the Health Ministry Laila Akbar said on Wednesday that all Kuwaiti and expatriate nurses are ready to serve the Iraqi people in Umm QasR medical center.

Speaking to KUNA, Akbar said that all 9,000 medical staff who are now being distributed all over the Kuwaiti hospitals and medical clinics are working round the clock amid these critical conditions.

02 Apr 2003 description

US's big challenge

Guerrilla war complicates aid giving, impairing the quest to win over Iraqis.

By Howard LaFranchi, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

WASHINGTON - One target conspicuously absent from the US and British bombing campaign over the past two weeks has been Iraq's electrical supply.

On one level it's about water - and preservation of a safe, portable water-supply system - as part of the war's humanitarian calculus.

02 Apr 2003 description
report Christian Aid

The International Development Committee has stated its concerns that the UN is being sidelined by the US administration in plans for post-conflict Iraq. These are fears that are shared by Christian Aid's director, Dr Daleep Mukarji.

02 Apr 2003 description

UNOPS has begun an assessment of IDPs to establish a reliable figure of all IDPs currently in the three northern governorates.

In Iran, there are constraints on the UN agencies' ability to monitor the situation of the whole border, due to presence of mines and unexploded ordnance in military zones and adjacent areas. According to the UNDP mine assessment, sites in Mehran and Khosravi cannot be regarded as being acceptable for refugees unless clearance is undertaken.

02 Apr 2003 description

Geneva, Bern, 2 April 2003 - Switzerland has held a second international meeting to discuss ways of tackling the humanitarian crisis in Iraq since the outbreak of war on March 20. Representatives from Iraq's neighbours, aid organisations and donor countries took part. The 30 countries and 21 organisations were largely represented by their missions and institutions in Geneva.

02 Apr 2003 description

Remarks by Minister of State Tom Kitt, T.D., for Dáil Debate 1 April 2003

02 Apr 2003 description
report Cruz Roja Española

Ante una situación de guerra como la que se está viviendo en Irak, la labor humanitaria de Cruz Roja se centra en cubrir las necesidades básicas de las personas afectadas, pero no podemos olvidar la importancia que adquiere la prestación de apoyo psicológico a todas las personas que se ven involucradas, directa o indirectamente, en este conflicto armado. El apoyo psicológico es diferente del apoyo material porque el proceso de recuperación de las personas afectadas por desastres o conflictos armados es mucho más prolongado y menos visible.

02 Apr 2003 description
report Concern Worldwide
  1. Concern's prior presence in the region
02 Apr 2003 description
report Human Rights Watch

(Washington, DC, April 2, 2003) -- Iraq has violated international humanitarian law by storing antipersonnel landmines inside a mosque in Kadir Karam in northern Iraq, and placing them around the mosque before abandoning the area on March 27th, Human Rights Watch said today.

02 Apr 2003 description

International Medical Corps (IMC), an international relief and development organization, recently received a number of significant commitments of support for its plan to provide critically needed humanitarian assistance to millions of Iraqi civilians suffering from the consequences of war.

02 Apr 2003 description
report Rise Against Hunger

Stop Hunger Now has actively been working to feed the hungry in Iraq since the first days of January 2003, when Ray Buchanan, President and CEO of Stop Hunger Now visited the country on a humanitarian assessment trip.

02 Apr 2003 description



Humanitarian conditions have deteriorated in Iraq since the 1990 invasion of Kuwait and the subsequent Government of Iraq (GOI) manipulation of international sanctions. In 1996, the GOI accepted the U.N. Oil-for-Food Program (OFF), after which humanitarian conditions improved.

Between 1991 and 1996, the U.S. Government provided nearly $794 million in humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in northern Iraq.

01 Apr 2003 description

Le Département fédéral des affaires étrangères (DFAE) soutient un projet visant à réunir des informations pertinentes sur les conséquences de la guerre en Irak sur la population civile.

La Conseillère fédérale Micheline Calmy-Rey a tenu un discours à Genève à l'occasion de l'ouverture du "Festival International du Film sur les Droits Humains" vendredi dernier. Dans ce cadre, elle a cité quelques extraits d'un recueil d'informations sur les combats dont a déjà eu à souffir la population civile irakienne. Le nombre de victimes n'était pas au premier plan.

01 Apr 2003 description

Joel R. Charny is Vice President for Policy for Refugees International.

01 Apr 2003 description
report Food for the Hungry

Background Summary

01 Apr 2003 description

RABAT, Apr.1 - The Mohammed V Solidarity Foundation got in touch with international humanitarian organizations to facilitate sending food assistance to the Iraqi people, said Advisor to H.M. King Mohammed VI and member of the foundation's governing board, Ms. Zoulikha Nasri.

In an interview Tuesday with a Moroccan daily, Nasri said the first lot of Moroccan humanitarian aid to the Iraqi people is ready for dispatch.

Moroccans swiftly adhered to the call of sending humanitarian aid to the Iraqi people, she said, recalling the decision to open a bank account to receive donations.

01 Apr 2003 description

Tehran, 1 April 2003 - With most of Iraq's population concentrated in the east of the country, WFP Iran is bracing for an exodus of refugees into Iran.

01 Apr 2003 description
report Government of Japan
Press Conference by the Press Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1 April) - Extract

Mr. Takashima: The second announcement is about the suspension of humanitarian assistance in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The Government of Japan decided to suspend humanitarian assistance in the border area between Syria and Iraq because of security considerations as well as the refugee situation there.

01 Apr 2003 description
report United Nations

Disarmament Commission
2003 Substantive Session
254th & 255th Meetings (AM & PM)

As the Disarmament Commission concluded its two days of general debate today, speakers called for a new democratic world order based on security for all through effective arms control and disarmament and rejection of the unilateral use of military force, which they said undermined international security and encouraged possession by States of weapons of mass destruction.