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04 Apr 2003 description

Situation humanitaire en Irak: Point de presse conjoint de MM. de Villepin, Ivanov et Fischer

Permettez-moi d'abord de vous dire combien je suis heureux de recevoir une nouvelle fois, aujourd'hui à Paris, mes amis Igor Ivanov et Joschka Fischer.

Nous sommes réunis dans un esprit de vive inquiétude liée à l'urgence de la situation humanitaire en Irak. Dans un esprit d'ouverture aussi, tourné vers l'avenir pour la recherche d'une solution à la crise irakienne.

04 Apr 2003 description

Australia's committment

The Australian Government's commitment to humanitarian relief for the people of Iraq now stands at more than $100 million.

On Friday 28 March 2003 the Australian Government allocated $83 million for the acquisition and delivery of 100,000 tonnes of Australian wheat to meet urgent food aid requirements for the most vulnerable Iraqis.

The wheat was purchased for $38 million and the shipment's handling, processing and distribution costs within Iraq have been put at $45 million.

The $83 million is in addition to earlier Australian commitments …

04 Apr 2003 description

By Sybille de La Hamaide

PARIS, April 4 (Reuters) - Countries from across the globe are stepping forward to ship humanitarian aid to Iraqi civilians left short of food by the fighting raging in their country.

Concerns are growing about potential widespread hunger among Iraq's 26 million people as a result of the U.S.-led war launched on March 20. U.S.

04 Apr 2003 description
report IRIN

ANKARA, 4 April (IRIN) - Aid organisations and the United Nations have highlighted the serious health situation Iraqis are facing as conflict continues country-wide, IRIN learnt on Friday. The UN World Health Organisation (WHO) said without an immediate inflow of money there would be unnecessary deaths of Iraqi children of diarrhoea-related diseases, women would die in childbirth, and there would be a chronic shortage of medicines and supplies in already overstretched hospitals.

04 Apr 2003 description

Washington (dpa) - The U.S. military said ''some significant progress'' has been made in the humanitarian effort in southern Iraq as international aid workers began arriving Friday in the southern port city of Umm Qasr.

Coalition forces and aid workers have been using a pipeline from Kuwait into Umm Qasr to distribute potable water in the city and funnel it farther north toward Basra with the help of paid Iraqis driving tanker trucks, said Colonel David Blackledge, who is running the effort in Umm Qasr.

04 Apr 2003 description

Paris - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) confirms being without news of two members of its team in Baghdad, Iraq, reported missing since Wednesday evening (April 2). The four other members of the team are safe.
These two volunteers belong to the six-person team that has been present in Baghdad for several weeks. The team provided medical help to the medical staff of Al-Kindi hospital, in the north-east of the capital. All activities of MSF in Iraq have been suspended.

At this point, MSF is not able to provide further information.

04 Apr 2003 description
report Oxfam

The war continues and many outcomes are possible. There is already a debate on the shape of Iraq's reconstruction. This briefing note proposes principles of how the international community should assist the people of Iraq in establishing their own administration after the war. It does not seek to set out a precise model. Our proposals are based on our experience and lessons from Kosovo, Bosnia, East Timor and Afghanistan. Oxfam also played a significant role in the immediate and medium-term reconstruction of Iraq after the first Gulf War.

04 Apr 2003 description
report UN News Service

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today wrapped up his weeklong briefings of all UN Member States on the current humanitarian situation in Iraq.

04 Apr 2003 description
report IRIN

SILOPI, 4 April (IRIN) - As of Friday, monitoring teams from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), continue to face difficulties on and along Turkey's 331-km border with Iraq. The teams are trying to assess the needs of vulnerable people on the move on or near the border.

04 Apr 2003 description
report AmeriCares

The conflict in Iraq continues to threaten medical, water and sanitation services. The number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) continues to grow, and public health has become of extreme concern. The World Health Organization reports shortages of medicines and medical supplies are widespread and hospitals may soon no longer be able to cope.

04 Apr 2003 description

Transcript of UN Briefing in Amman, Jordan

04 Apr 2003 description
report UN Children's Fund

Briefing by Wivina Belmonte, UNICEF Communication Officer, IRAQ
UNICEF is sending six trucks to the outskirts of South Basra, marking the first time the trucking operation UNICEF has been using has reached so far into the country.

The trucks are part of the biggest tanker convoy UNICEF has got on the road to date - with 11 trucks making their way across the border from Kuwait today.

The drivers will be delivering UNICEF supplies to the towns of Safwan, Zubair and to the southern fringes of Basra. The supplies include much needed water and emergency health kits.

04 Apr 2003 description

The first ICRC medical convoy arrives in Basra.

KUWAIT (Reuters) - U.N. expatriate staff went back into Iraq on Friday to assess conditions in their first working visit since U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan withdrew them shortly before war began 16 days ago, U.N. officials said.

A joint team from the World Food Programme, the U.N. Children's Fund (UNICEF), the U.N. Office for the Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq (UNOHCI) and U.N. security experts crossed from Kuwait to the southern Iraqi port of Umm Qasr.

04 Apr 2003 description
report Kuwait News Agency

BERLIN, April 4 (KUNA) - Germany is willing to take part in the reconstruction of post-war Iraq under a UN umbrella, said German Defense Minister Peter Struck Friday.

In remarks to "Deutschland Radio-Berlin, Struck said Germany could take part in such efforts provided the authority and charge of reconstruction be with the United Nations. He specifically mentioned reconstruction of infrastructure and dealing with the destruction left by war.

As to German troops to serve among a peacekeeping force in post-Saddam Iraq, Struck remarked it is still premature to discuss this issue.

04 Apr 2003 description

ROME - James T. Morris, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme, today welcomed the international community's response to the agency's US$1.3 billion emergency food aid appeal for Iraq as the best possible start.

04 Apr 2003 description

Spokesperson: Niurka Piñeiro
MIDDLE EAST- Third Country Nationals Continue to Trickle Out of Iraq

No Third Country Nationals (TCNs) has crossed the border into Jordan overnight. Yesterday, a group of 19 Egyptians and eight Somalis crossed the Karama border, where they were picked up by IOM buses and transported the 50 kilometres to the Ruweished transit camp for TCNs.

Later today, a group of 11 nationals from Djibouti are scheduled to fly out of Amman with IOM bound for Djibouti.

04 Apr 2003 description

Washington, D.C. - The International Organization for Migration (IOM), launched today a web-based, multi-media reporting system that will enhance delivery of IOM services to Third Country Nationals, refugees, asylum seekers and other persons displaced by the conflict in Iraq. The new information system, known as the Collaborative Humanitarian Analysis and Reporting Tool (CHART), provides a window into what is happening on the ground in a given place and time.