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17 Mar 2019 description
report UNIDO

VIENNA, 11 March 2019 – The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has welcomed an announcement by the Government of Japan that it will contribute over US$5.8 million to nine projects in Ethiopia, Gabon, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, South Sudan, the State of Palestine and the Syrian Arab Republic. These UNIDO projects promote inclusive and sustainable industrial development by taking a human security approach.

16 Mar 2019 description
report Government of Japan
  1. On March 12 (same day local time) Mr. Mitsuru Kitano, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Permanent Representative of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna, and Mr. Li Yong, Director-General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), held a kick-off ceremony in Vienna in relation to the provision of a total of approximately 654 million yen for emergency humanitarian and reconstruction assistance in cooperation with UNIDO in the Government of Japan’s FY2018 supplementary budget.

15 Mar 2019 description


34 provinces covered

390 districts assessed

11,443 settlements assessed

64,186 key informants interviewed

3,225,380 returnees from abroad [2012-2018]

3,529,971 IDPs [2012–2018] currently in host communities

3,957,614 former IDPs have returned to their homes [2012–2018]

2,291,584 out-migrants fled abroad [2012–2018]

271,248 out-migrants fled to Europe (12% of out-migrants)

266,943 returnees and IDPs live in tents or in the open air

15 Mar 2019 description

At 31 January 2019, there were 1269 people held in immigration detention facilities. A further 716 people were living in the community after being approved for a residence determination and 15,442 were living in the community after grant of a Bridging E visa.

14 Mar 2019 description

Tropical cyclone Idai poses flood risks in Mozambique and Malawi, while parts of southern Africa remain dry

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Significantly below average rainfall since October has caused widespread dryness in southern Africa. Long-term dryness persists in Angola, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

  2. Since January, below-average rainfall has sustained dryness in western Madagascar.

  3. Tropical cyclone Idai is forecast to bring another week of heavy rainfall to Mozambique and Malawi.

14 Mar 2019 description


Between 1 January and 28 February 2019, 262 refugees and migrants arrived in Italy by sea, compared to 5,247 and 13,439 in the same period in 2018 and 2017, respectively. In February 2019, 60 persons reached Italian shores. During the month, there were five disembarkation events of comparatively small groups – ranging from 8 to 14 sea arrivals on the islands of Lampedusa, Pantelleria, and Sardinia.

Nationality of arrivals

13 Mar 2019 description

Poursuite des opérations de lutte le long de la côte de la mer Rouge

La situation relative au Criquet pèlerin est restée préoccupante durant la majeure partie de février le long des deux rives de la mer Rouge avec la poursuite de la reproduction de la deuxième génération en Égypte, au Soudan, en Érythrée et en Arabie saoudite, entraînant la formation de nouveaux groupes de larves et d’ailés, ainsi que de bandes et d’essaims. Les opérations de lutte se sont poursuivies dans tous les pays, avec 80 000 ha traités.

12 Mar 2019 description

Returns lead to depression and dreams of re-migration among Afghans

Depression, anxiety, isolation and stress. It is not easy to return to a country plagued by decades of conflict. And according to a new report by the Danish Refugee Council's Mixed Migration Centre, psychological hardships make it significantly more difficult for Afghans to reintegrate and start a new life.

07 Mar 2019 description


During 2018, over 32,300 refugees were submitted by UNHCR for resettlement to 20 countries in Europe. This is 17% less than in 2017, but approximately double the average rate of 15,400 submissions per year during the previous 10 years. Six countries that received smaller numbers of resettlement submissions in 2017 did not receive any further submissions during 2018.

07 Mar 2019 description

74th Meeting
5-7 March 2019

NGO statement on the Asia and the Pacific

Dear Chair,

This statement has been drafted in consultation with a wide range of NGOs working in the Asia Pacific region. It reflects the diversity of views within the NGO community.

06 Mar 2019 description

• Heavy rainfall and snowfall affected several areas in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran in the last few days, triggering landslides and flash floods that have resulted in casualties and damage.

• As of 6 March, the total death toll has increased to 70 persons, of which 40 persons reported in Afghanistan, 25 persons in Pakistan, and five persons in Iran. In addition, ten persons remain missing in Afghanistan, while 22 persons have been injured in Pakistan, 20 in Iran and 18 in Afghanistan.

06 Mar 2019 description


  1. The present report is submitted pursuant to General Assembly resolution 68/11 and Security Council resolution 2405 (2018), in which the Secretary-General was requested to report every three months on developments in Afghanistan.

06 Mar 2019 description

Throughout the Middle East region last week, overall instances of battles continued to decrease, while remote violence events, such as airstrikes and IED attacks, also decreased following a two-month upward trend. Despite this, reported fatalities increased significantly, especially in Yemen, where the above trends were reversed. Demonstration events, meanwhile, decreased across all countries in the region.

06 Mar 2019 description


62,408 total returns from Iran and Pakistan since 01 Jan 2019

59,712 total returns from Iran since 01 Jan 2019

2,696 total returns from Pakistan since 01 Jan 2019

7,354 undocumented Afghans returned from Iran

499 undocumented Afghans returned from Pakistan

9% of returnees from Iran (667 individuals) assisted

97% of returnees from Pakistan (486 individuals) assisted

Situation Overview

06 Mar 2019 description

Severe weather, including heavy rainfall and snowfall, affected several areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan and central-eastern Iran in the last few days. Landslides and flash floods have resulted in casualties and damage.

According to media and UN OCHA, as of 6 March at 8.00 UTC, the death toll reached 70 people. 25 people were reported dead in Pakistan, 40 in Afghanistan and five in Iran. In addition, 10 people still missing and more than 1 000 homes have been flooded in Afghanistan. 20 people have been injured in Iran and dozens in Pakistan.

06 Mar 2019 description
report UN Children's Fund

“During years of drought, we lost our livestock and those left are not producing enough milk,”

Several years of drought has turned Nehbandan area in Iran’s South Khorasan Province on the eastern border with Afghanistan into dry lands with harsh living conditions affecting the already disadvantaged rural population, mainly dependent on their livestock for their food and income.

05 Mar 2019 description


By the end of February 2019, UNHCR had created 26,186 places in the accommodation scheme as part of the ESTIA programme. These were in 4,457 apartments and 19 buildings, in 14 cities and 6 islands across Greece.

05 Mar 2019 description

Severe weather, including heavy rainfall and snowfall, has been affecting several areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan and eastern Iran over the last few days. Landslides and flash floods have resulted in casualties and damage. According to media, as of 5 March at 8.00 UTC, the death toll reached 35 people. 22 people were reported dead in Pakistan (12 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and 10 in Balochistan Province), 10 in Afghanistan (of which eight confirmed in Kandahar Province) and three in eastern Iran (Sistan and Baluchestan Province).