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07 Nov 2016 description


This report focuses on an evaluation of Income Generating Activities (IGA) that accompanied rental subsidy programs in Haiti between 2013 and 2016. The original objectives were:

  1. Evaluate the impact of supplemental support on the economic situation of house-holds.

  2. Evaluate different livelihoods approaches from a quality/cost/effectiveness point of view in order to improve program performance based on lessons learned and ac-countability.

26 Nov 2013 description


Analyse de la situation des personnes agées de plus de 50 ans en haïti Mars 2013

Depuis quelques années, puis récemment dans le contexte post-séisme, au niveau des programmes étatiques et organisations humanitaires, l’emphase est mise sur la vulnérabilité des enfants

et des femmes, des femmes enceintes, des personnes vivant avec le VIH entre autres.
Qu’en estil des personnes âgées qui, selon les textes de lois internationaux ratifiés par HAITI auxquels

21 Mar 2013 description

By Attila Kulcsar

When a devastating earthquake hit Haiti's capital, Port au Prince, and the surrounding towns in January 2010 HelpAge had already been there for 9 years, working to empower and support poor and vulnerable older people.

The money raised through the DEC's Haiti Earthquake Appeal, announced within 24 hours of the quake, meant that we could extend our work to help older people recover from the disaster.

03 Feb 2012 description

On 2 February, Senator Nènel Cassis, of the Haitian Commission of Agriculture introduced a bill on "Social Security for Haitian Agricultural Communities" in the Senate.

The bill proposes the establishment of a new organisation called National Institute for Social Security in Rural Areas (INASOP) to identify people working in agriculture, livestock, fisheries and related sectors. All those identified will be offered free access to healthcare, while older people and other vulnerable groups will also be offered a pension.

11 Jan 2012 description

By Rachel Trayner and Navdha Malhotra

Over three million people, including 200,000 older people were affected by the Haiti earthquake of 12 January 2010.

Since the earthquake, HelpAge has provided 25,000 older people and their families with food, cash, essential basic items, shelter and mobility aids. We have also distributed ToughStuff kits, which contain solar-powered radios and lamps.

12 Jan 2011 description

None of the United Nations projects aimed at older people have been funded to date.

Despite being identified as the most vulnerable group in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, one year on, older people continue to be forgotten by international donors. This is according to a report by Age UK's international partner organisation, HelpAge International

Out of 321 projects included for funding in the United Nations Flash Appeals for Haiti, 5% of projects refer to older people's needs.

10 Jan 2011 description

By Caroline Graham and Gaetan Duhamel

Around 20% of older people living in temporary camps in Haiti are going hungry, according to a survey conducted by HelpAge International.

One year on from the earthquake, data shows that out of over 11,000 older people we interviewed, 2,330 eat only one meal or less a day.

Food aid distributions to camps for internally displaced people stopped in April 2010, at the request of the Haitian government.

Months later, reasonably priced food is extremely difficult to find.

18 Nov 2010 description

The Haitian Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) has reported that as of 14 November, 17,418 hospitalised admissions and 1,065 deaths were recorded in the country.

An increase in the number of cases is reported from several communes of the country's capital, Port-au-Prince. Reported incidents of death have fueled concerns that the epidemic will continue to spread through the crowded camps where the poor sanitation conditions puts those left homeless after January's earthquake at a higher risk.

HelpAge International has deployed over 200 staff and volunteers to …

03 Nov 2010 description

HelpAge International has released a conprehensive study reviewing humanitarian financing for older people in 12 humanitarian crisis since 2007, to ascertain levels of funding, which targets older people within the CAP and Flash Appeals.

30 Sep 2010 description

Hundreds of older Haitians will take to the streets on Friday - the UN International Day of Older People - to ensure they are not excluded from the plans to rebuild Haiti.

Around 700 older people will march to the ICRC (Interim Commission for the Reconstruction of Haiti) in the capital Port-au-Prince to ask that their needs are included in the reconstruction.

They are demanding improved access to housing, food aid and inclusion in cash-for-work activities being run by international agencies, so they can fund the costs of their grandchildren returning to school.

Many of them say …

07 Sep 2010 description

It has been nine months since the Haiti earthquake and thousands of people are still living in camps as the slow process of rebuilding the country takes place.

To make life a little easier, HelpAge International has distributed innovative solar-panel kits to more than 3,000 older people living in 75 camps in Port-au-Prince and Leogane.

The Tough Stuff emergency kits which include a solar panel charger, radio and flashlight, help provide more security to older people living alone in the camps.

A vital source of information

For Hurbain Julien, 81, and his wife Suzanne, 67, the …

12 Jul 2010 description

Six months after 12 January's devastating earthquake in Haiti, HelpAge International has responded to the most urgent needs of 24,000 older people and their families.

"Committed to older people"

HelpAge International Chief Executive Richard Blewitt said:

"The challenges facing the affected population in Haiti and the aid agencies working to meet their needs are unprecedented.

"The situation in Haiti before the earthquake was already very fragile.

23 Apr 2010 description

100 days after the earthquake that changed Haiti forever, HelpAge remains concerned that older people are still being overlooked in emergency responses.

Jonathan Barden, one of HelpAge's Emergency coordinators says: "Most assessments collected by agencies did not disaggregate data by sex and age of people over 60.

Older people invisible

"We are constantly highlighting this failing on the part of the wider humanitarian community. Without this information, knowing where to begin and how to address older people's needs remains a challenge.

18 Mar 2010 description

More attention still needs to be paid to the most vulnerable group affected by the earthquake - older people.

This is the message from HelpAge International, as relief agencies and the Haitian government begin to move from immediate relief efforts into developing long term recovery plans.

"Safety, survival and dignity of the residents is our top priority"

HelpAge has been supporting the municipal government to provide urgent relief and medical care to the 40 frail and elderly residents of the municipal nursing home in Port-au-Prince, but conditions remain …

23 Feb 2010 description

HelpAge is taking on the day-to-day management of the Port-au-Prince Municipal nursing home, also known as the "Asile Communale".

The nursing home was crushed in last month's earthquake, and four residents died.

27 Jan 2010 description

Andrea, 93, saved her grandchildren from the earthquake. She is now homeless in Carrefour Feuilles, Port au Prince, with young children dependent on her for survival.

Thousands of older people care for children

Because of the impact of HIV and Aids on middle generations, and because parents often leave Haiti to seek work, thousands of older people in Haiti care for children, making them one of the country's most at-risk groups.

22 Jan 2010 description

HelpAge International and its local partners in Haiti have been working in nursing homes in Port-au-Prince to assess the needs of older people and to distribute medical supplies.

Medical staff on the ground

Medical staff from our partner CARPA have been examining patients in the Azile Communal nursing home in Bel Air, Port-au-Prince and CARPA doctors visited the UN hospital to collect free medical supplies which will be given out to them today.

Currently around 329 temporary living camps have been established in the Haitian capital.

21 Jan 2010 description

In response to orphans in Haiti being taken out of the country for adoption, HelpAge International has issued a statement on grandparents caring for children:

Extended families play a vital role

Where parents are not present, extended families and particularly grandparents play a vital role in caring for children.