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27 May 2019 description

Forecast-based Financing enables anticipatory actions for disaster mitigation at the community and government level using credible seasonal and weather forecasts. With climate change acting as a risk multiplier, WFP is strengthening this work with investments in Forecast-based Financing and anticipatory action across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

27 May 2019 description
report AlterPresse

P-au-P, 26 mai 2019 [AlterPresse] --- Des milliers de citoyennes et de citoyens ont gagné, ce dimanche 26 mai 2019, les rues de la capitale, Port-au-Prince, pour protester contre les viols perpétrés sur les femmes en Haïti.

« Justice oui, violence non », « liberté pour les femmes, prison pour les violeurs, à bas l’impunité », scandaient, lors de la marche, les protestataires, dont la plupart portaient des T-shirts blancs sur lesquels étaient imprimés des messages condamnant le viol.

24 May 2019 description
report Insecurity Insight


Burkina Faso

10 April 2019: In Dagou town, Foutouri department, Komondjari province, militants presumed to be from JNIM and/or ISGS broke into the home of a municipal councillor and abducted him along with an NGO worker presumed to have been at his home. The councillor’s son had also been abducted three days prior. Source: ACLED1

23 May 2019 description

Nigeria and the western Gulf of Guinea region continue to receive limited rainfall

  1. Continued belowaverage rainfall and high temperatures have strengthened dryness in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, and Tanzania.

  2. Below-normal rainfall since April has led to significant early-season deficits and abnormal dryness.

  3. Heavy rainfall along the coast of Tanzania has caused flash flooding in Dar es Salaam. Heavy rainfall is forecast to continue next week.

23 May 2019 description

In Numbers

696 mt of food assistance distributed

USD 85.12 m total requirements

294,078 people assisted In April 2019

Operational Updates

Emergency response

23 May 2019 description
report ALNAP

Following from ALNAP research on the importance of understanding urban contexts to improve humanitarian response, 'Barrio Mio and Katye: PCI's neighbourhood approach in cities' is the first in a series of case studies showcasing examples of humanitarian projects operating effectively in complex urban environments.

22 May 2019 description
report AlterPresse

Belle-Anse (Haïti), 22 mai 2019 [AlterPresse] --- Le maire principal de la commune de Belle-Anse (au sud de Jacmel, dans le département du Sud-Est), Denoil Anténor, lance un SOS au pouvoir central et aux organisations humanitaires, pour qu’ils viennent en aide à la population, confrontée à une sécheresse aiguë, depuis plusieurs mois, dans cette ville.

17 May 2019 description

A two-month extension has been approved as the situation in the country remains highly volatile and unpredictable. Security analysis indicates mass protests and complete lock-out of the country is likely any time due to political instability, the lingering socio-economic crisis, increased activity from criminal groups and shortage in petrol products.

17 May 2019 description
report World Bank

La Banque mondiale a approuvé aujourd’hui un financement total de 162 millions de dollars pour trois projets visant à améliorer la qualité de l’éducation, l’accès aux soins de santé primaires et la gestion des risques et désastres.

WASHINGTON, 17 mai 2019 – Le conseil d’administration de la Banque mondiale a approuvé ce jeudi trois projets d'un montant total de 162 millions de dollars en dons destinés à améliorer la qualité des services de santé et d’éducation, et à renforcer la résilience au changement climatique en Haïti.

17 May 2019 description
report World Bank

World Bank approved today a total of US$162 million for three projects to improve access and quality of education and primary healthcare services, and to strengthen disaster risk management

WASHINGTON - May 17, 2019 – The World Bank's Board of Executive Directors approved today three projects for a total amount of US$162 million in grants to improve the quality of health and education services and strengthen climate resilience in Haiti.

17 May 2019 description


Disasters have triggered around 265 million displacements since IDMC began collecting data on the phenomenon in 2008, more than three times the figure for conflict and violence. Given the scale of the issue, the need to address the risk of displacement associated with disasters has been explicitly recognised in global policy agendas on disaster risk reduction and climate change.

16 May 2019 description

Poorest households in the Dry Corridor face difficulties to access food

Key Messages

  • A weak El Niño event is underway, forecasting temporary and spatial irregularity of precipitations and above average temperatures that might have an impact on Primera and Postrera growing seasons in the Dry Corridor of Central America. In Haiti, after months of low rainfall, irregular though near normal precipitation was observed. Land preparation activities have started in some parts of the region.

16 May 2019 description

Abnormally dry conditions develop in Nigeria following another week of below-average rainfall

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Rainfall deficits since the beginning of the southern African monsoon have negatively affected many countries in the region, including southern Angola, northern Namibia, southern Zambia, and northern Zimbabwe.

  2. Continued below-average rainfall and high temperatures have strengthened dryness in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, and Tanzania.

16 May 2019 description
report AlterPresse

P-au-P, 16 mai 2019 [AlterPresse] --- 1,787 ressortissants haïtiens ont été déportés vers Haïti par la République Dominicaine, au cours des deux premières semaines de mai 2019, confirme le site du service d’immigration de la république dominicaine, consulté par AlterPresse.

Ces déportations ont eu lieu par les postes frontaliers de Dajabón et de Jimaní.