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31 Dec 2010 description

This section summarizes FEWS NET's most forward-looking analysis of projected external emergency food assistance needs, six months from now, in countries where FEWS NET has a staff presence. Overall needs at a national level are compared to typical needs at this time of year during the last five years and categorized as Above-average, Average, and Below-average/No need. A star (*) indicates new information this month. Projected lean season months that are highlighted in red indicate either an early start or an extension to the typical lean season.

31 Dec 2010 description

Urgence, post-urgence, reconstruction, développement... Ces terminologies, évoquées quasi systématiquement pour décrire les contextes complexes de l'aide internationale par des acteurs très différents, présents ou non sur le terrain (médias, politiques, agences Onusiennes, ONG,...) sont des raccourcis qui ne correspondent souvent qu'à leur vision très partielle, pour ne pas dire partiale d'un périmètre circonscrit. Les situations de crise chronique évoluent parfois très rapidement.

30 Dec 2010 description
report UN Children's Fund

VIDEO: Watch highlights of UNICEF's work in 2010. Produced by Chris Niles and edited by John Mims.

NEW YORK, USA, 30 December 2010 - For UNICEF and the world's children, the past 12 months have been marked by unprecedented difficulties and extraordinary opportunities. As 2010 draws to a close, it's worth highlighting some of the moments that made this a year like no other.

The year began, tragically and ominously, with the devastating earthquake in Haiti on 12 January.

27 Dec 2010 description


- COLOMBIA: Más de 2 millones de personas han sido afectadas por las lluvias. 21 países han donado USD$10.5 millones para las víctimas de las inundaciones.

- PANAMÁ: El Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia ha sido activado para monitorear las lluvias. Se declarara alerta amarilla

27 Dec 2010 description


?COLOMBIA: Más de 2 millones de personas han sido afectadas por las lluvias. 21 países han donado USD$10.5 millones para las víctimas de las inundaciones.

?PANAMÁ: El Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia ha sido activado para monitorear las lluvias. Se declarara alerta amarilla

24 Dec 2010 description
report UN Radio

Listen to the News

You're listening to United Nations Radio, I'm Daniel Dickinson.

In this special programme, we're taking a look back at 2010, a year when a huge earthquake struck the Caribbean island of Haiti, when millions of people across the world tried to break out of poverty and when the UN mobilized relief and was called on to provide long-term solutions for the planet - for peace, nuclear disarmament, climate change.

The year began in a dramatic and shocking way.

22 Dec 2010 description
  1. Concerning the massive flood damage in Venezuela caused by recent heavy rains, the Korean government has decided to provide humanitarian aid worth 100,000 dollars.

    ?As of Dec. 15, the flood has killed 35 people and displaced 120,000, causing $50 billion worth of property damage.

    2. The Korean government will provide relief supplies the Venezuelan government has requested, and also keep an eye on additional damage in Latin America suffering from severe flooding to ensure swift response in case humanitarian aid is needed.

21 Dec 2010 description

El ministro de Salud, Franklin Vergara, declaro este martes una alerta sanitaria en todo el país y reiteró a la comunidad extremar las medidas sanitarias para evitar el ingreso del cólera, que azota a la Rep=FAblica de Haití y ya ha registrado casos en Rep=FAblica Dominicana y Estados Unidos.

Hasta la fecha en Haití se han cuantificado 114 mil 497 casos de cólera y 2 mil 535 defunciones; en Rep=FAblica Dominicana 59 casos; y en Estados Unidos 3 importados.

Vergara señaló que es importante hacer énfasis en las medidas de higiene, sobre todo ahora que algunas comunidades del país …

20 Dec 2010 description


- COLOMBIA: More than 2 million people have been affected by rains. Some 21 countries donated USD$10.5 million to assist flood victims.

- PANAMÁ: Health authorities have adopted the epidemiologic ring in the flood areas. More than 13,000 people affected by the rains.

- CHILE: Wildfires have destroyed 6,500 hectares of forest in the Central Region.

20 Dec 2010 description


- COLOMBIA: más de 2 millones de afectados por las lluvias. 21 países donan USD$10.5 millones para asistencia.

- PANAMÁ: Las autoridades mantienen un cerco sanitario en las áreas inundadas. Son más de 13,000 los afectados.

- CHILE: 6,500 hectáreas afectadas por incendios forestales.

14 Dec 2010 description

This report covers the period 01 January 2010 to 30 June 2010.

In brief

Programme purpose: The Americas Zone Office is guided in its work with the 35 Red Cross Societies of the Americas by the strategic aims of Strategy 2020 to save lives, protect livelihoods, and strengthen recovery from disasters and crises; enable healthy and safe living; and promote social inclusion and a culture of non-violence and peace. Capacity building efforts are in line with enabling action one to build strong National Red Cross Societies.

13 Dec 2010 description


- PANAMÁ: More than 9,000 people have been affected by the rains. The Government declared a National Emergency.

- COLOMBIA: At least 1, 8 million Colombians have been affected by the rains. The Government declared a Natural Disaster in 28 of the 32 departments.

- HAITI: Cholera has infected at least 100,000 people. Some 28 confirmed cases have been reported in the Dominican Republic.

13 Dec 2010 description


- PANAMÁ: más de 9,000 personas afectadas por lluvias. El Gobierno declara Emergencia Nacional.

- COLOMBIA: 1,8 millones de afectados desde inicios del año. El Gobierno declara Situación de Desastre. 28 de 32 Departamentos afectados.

- HAIT=CF: Ya son 100,000 los afectados de cólera. 28 casos se han reportado en rep=FAblica Dominicana.

06 Dec 2010 description


? VENEZUELA: Unas 23,000 familias permanece en albergues temporales de emergencia.

? COLOMBIA: Hasta 200 personas pueden estar soterradas por deslave en Medellín.

? ECUADOR: El Volcán Tungurahua regresa a alerta naranja, luego del aumento en su actividad durante el fin de semana.

06 Dec 2010 description


h VENEZUELA: At least 23,000 families remain in temporary shelters.

h COLOMBIA: Up to 200 people may be buried in a mudslide in Medellin.

h ECUADOR: Orange alert for Tungurahua Volcano, following an increase in activities over the weekend.

30 Nov 2010 description


In 2011, tens of millions of people will need emergency aid to survive. Conflicts and natural disasters have cut them off from their homes, their livelihoods, and access to essentials like drinking water and health care. They already suffer or are imminently threatened by malnourishment, disease, or violence. Most are poor people who have few if any means to cope with these traumas.

29 Nov 2010 description


? COLOMBIA: El Gobierno declara Estado de Catástrofe Nacional. La ayuda internacional empieza a llegar.

? VENEZUELA: El gobierno aprobó la construcción de 2,400 viviendas para los damnificados por las lluvias.

? ECUADOR: El Volcán Tungurahua muestra signos de actividad. Los Planes de Contingencia están en acción.

29 Nov 2010 description


h COLOMBIA: The Government declared a State of National Catastrophe. International aid has started to arrive.

h VENEZUELA: The Government approved the construction of 2,400 houses for people affected by rains.

h ECUADOR: The Tungurahua Volcano is showing signs of activity. Contingency Plans have been activated.

22 Nov 2010 description


h HAITI: 20,000 cases of cholera treated in Haiti. According to WHO, the epidemic will spread to the Dominican Republic.

h COLOMBIA: Government declared a State of Public Calamity for 28 departments affected by rains -1.3 million people affected

h GUATEMALA: More than 1500 people affected by cold weather are in emergency shelters.

22 Nov 2010 description


? HAITÍ: 20,000 casos de cólera atendidos en Haití. Según la OMS la epidemia llegará a República Dominicana.

? COLOMBIA: El Gobierno declara Estado de Calamidad Pública a 28 departamentos - 1.3 millones de afectados por lluvias

? GUATEMALA: Más de 1,500 personas afectadas por el frío son atendidas en albergues de emergencia.