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20 Dec 2012 description

Humanitarian action in Haiti over the last three years has helped improve the lives of over 1.5 million Haitians. Almost three years after the devastating earthquake in 2010 that cost the lives of 217,300 people and left 2.1 million homeless, humanitarian action has accomplished significant tangible results. From 2010 to 2012, humanitarian actors ensured adequate services to the 1.5 million displaced after the earthquake and helped return or relocate 77% of these people out of camps.

17 Dec 2012 description

Tropical cyclone Evan hit Samoa and Fiji on 13 and 16 December. As a category 4 storm, Evan caused significant damage to homes and infrastructure on both islands. 3,500 people were evacuated to emergency shelters in Fiji. In Samoa 1,500 were evacuated and 2 killed.Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) made landfall in the southern Philippines on 4 December, carrying winds of up to 160 kilometres an hour.

07 Dec 2012 description
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Haiti Hurricane Sandy Emergency appeal operation update - English version

· Appeal history:.

· - On 31 October 2012, 150,000 Swiss francs were allocated from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies´ (IFRC) Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support the Haiti Red Cross Society (HRCS) to respond to the emergency caused by Hurricane Sandy. Unearmarked funds to replenish the DREF are encouraged.

· - On 1 November 2012, a Preliminary Emergency Appeal was issued soliciting 2,162,206 Swiss francs in cash, kind, or services to support the HRCS to assist 8,000 families (40,000 beneficiaries) for nine months.

03 Dec 2012 description

Storm Bopha is heading toward southern Philippines as thousands of people are evacuating in high-risk areas. The storm is expected to intensify to a typhoon and will make landfall in Northern Mindanao late on Tuesday night. Severe rains have affected at least 6,500 people in Panama prompting the Government of Panama to declare a state of emergency for the regions of La Chorrera, Capira and Colón.

The situation in Syria continues to deteriorate, with heavy fighting in Damascus, Homs, Aleppo, Deir al-Zor, Deraa as well as Idlib and Hama provinces.

27 Nov 2012 description

The activities proposed hereafter are still subject to the adoption of the financing decision ECHO/WWD/BUD/2013/01000


The date for the submission of proposals indicated under Assessment round 1 has been postponed by one month (14/01/2013) to allow partners who are currently prioritising response to humanitarian needs arising from Hurricane Sandy to formulate a funding request to DG ECHO.

21 Nov 2012 description

Britain will provide lifesaving support for the millions of people who were hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy, on the islands of Haiti and Cuba.

The UK aid will help save lives as well as reduce suffering in the aftermath of the tropical storm, Development Secretary Justine Greening said today.

The new humanitarian support will provide immediate help for 2 million people in Haiti and emergency shelter and relief to 20,000 people in Cuba.

14 Nov 2012 description


Increase in cholera cases

Detected by the Alert and Response System in the North, Northeast and Center Departments, around 200 new cases within the past two days, distributed in different villages.

The increase on cholera cases had been also identified in the South, Southeast, Nippes, Artibonite and West Departments after the Hurricane Sandy

Floods 8-9 November

13 Nov 2012 description

Kristene used to earn his living by milling flour near the town of Jacmel, but that ended when Hurricane Sandy smashed into Haiti earlier this month. He’s now among over 1.5 million Haitians unable to provide for themselves in the wake of a string natural calamities to hit the island this year.

JACMEL—Kristene is a man of few words. We ran into him as we surveyed the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in the town of Marigot, located about 40 kilometers from the capital city of Port-au-Prince.

13 Nov 2012 description

PORT-AU-PRINCE – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is warning that more than 1.5 million vulnerable people are at risk of continued food insecurity well into 2013, following a series of weather emergencies in the past six months: a drought, followed by tropical storm Isaac and hurricane Sandy.

13 Nov 2012 description

Further needs identified during assessments in the affected regions have led to an upward revision of the Appeal budget. This Emergency Appeal now seeks Swiss francs 7,511,993 to support the Haiti Red Cross Society (HRCS) to respond to the humanitarian consequences of Hurricane Sandy and assist 8,000 families outside of the earthquake affected zone (40,000 beneficiaries) for 12 months. The operation will be completed by the end of October 2013. A Final Report will be made available by 31 January 2014 (three months after the end of the operation).

12 Nov 2012 description

PORT-AU-PRINCE, 13 Novembre 2012 – Le Programme alimentaire mondial des Nations Unies (PAM) est extrêmement préoccupé du fait que plus de 1,5 million de personnes en milieu rural haïtien sont à risque d’insécurité alimentaire jusqu’à mi- 2013, à la suite d’événements naturels consécutifs dans les six derniers mois : la sécheresse, la tempête tropicale Isaac et le cyclone Sandy.

12 Nov 2012 description

By France Hurtubise in Haiti

Although the worst is behind them, the Haitian people are still struggling to recover from Hurricane Sandy. According to the government, the losses to agriculture - already hit by tropical storm Isaac - are estimated at over $100 millions US dollars.

12 Nov 2012 description

France Hurtubise à Haiti

Bien que la vie reprenne tout doucement son cours en Haïti, la population se remet difficilement du passage de l’ouragan Sandy. Selon le gouvernement, l’agriculture, déjà sévèrement touchée lors du passage de la tempête tropicale Isaac, enregistre des pertes de plus de 100 millions de dollars.

12 Nov 2012 description

Both Guatemala and Myanmar were affected by earthquakes during the reporting period. On 7 November, an earthquake of 7.2 magnitude struck the pacific coast of Guatemala, affecting more than 600,000 people followed by a second quake of 6.2 magnitude on 11 November. There were no immediate reports of major infrastructural damage caused by the second earthquake. The 6.8 magnitude earthquake which struck in Myanmar on 10 November, meanwhile, damaged infrastructure but the full extent of the impact remains unclear.

10 Nov 2012 description


Hurricane Sandy hit Haiti on 23 October. Three consecutive days of heavy rain caused severe flooding in the country, causing serious loss of life and damaging and destroying homes and public infrastructure. The Government of Haiti declared a state of emergency on 30 October.

06 Nov 2012 description

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, November 6, 2012 Star of Hope project leaders report that the road to the Foret des Pines, (Bois Negresse) are cut in numerous places and it is impossible to get vehicles into the area. The community reports that the crop of cabbage and potatoes normally ready to harvest in November is a total loss. The fear is for the nutrition of the children in area.

Star of Hope projects in Dano and Hesse, southwest of Port-au-Prince are reporting moderate to severe road damage, roof damage to the school and substantial agricultural loss.

06 Nov 2012 description

"Je souhaite vous parler de l’action de la France à la suite du passage de la tempête tropicale Sandy aux Caraïbes et qui a causé de très importants dégâts. La France s’est immédiatement mobilisée pour aider les populations touchées par cette tempête tropicale dont l’évaluation est encore en cours. On compte de nombreux morts, des dizaines de milliers de maisons, d’écoles, de centres de santé détruits et plus de deux millions de personnes directement affectées dans cette région.

31 Oct 2012 description

***Update: October 30, 2012 - International Medical Corps has been monitoring Superstorm Sandy and its aftermath. As assessments in the United States are still being conducted by local and federal authorities, we remain on standby to assist if needed.

Meantime, countries in the Caribbean were hit very hard by Sandy with Haiti in particular suffering tremendous damage. International Medical Corps’ staff in Haiti has mobilized additional emergency response teams to the hardest hit areas.

22 Oct 2012 description

685.000 élèves de plus de 2.000 écoles haïtiennes recevront cette année du soutien aux cantines scolaires.

Dans le cadre du projet de soutien aux cantines scolaires du Programme alimentaire mondial (PAM), les enfants scolarisés auront accès à un plat chaud par jour, pendant les cinq jours de classe.

Le projet vise également à favoriser la production locale. Le PAM soutient notamment la production du lait « Lèt Agogo », avec pour objectif de fournir deux bouteilles de lait par semaine à chaque élève.

30 Sep 2012 description


  • Return and resettlement programs continue and contribute significantly to the reduction of the number of displaced persons in the camps

  • Cholera declines, but some departments face inadequate infrastructure for the management of new cases.

  • Rain destroys 300 houses in Anse-à-Galets

  • Crop losses estimated at $84,239,782.84; growing vulnerability of poor households in several departments of the country.

Earthquake response

370,000 Haitians still live in 541camps