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01 Aug 2019 description
  • 20 times the EU Civil Protection Mechanism (EUCPM) provided environmental expertise to the UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit (JEU) since 2014.

  • EUCPM prepares and responds to environmental emergencies, including incidents that arise as secondary effects of disasters.

  • DG ECHO, operating through the EUCPM, is among JEU’s most important partners.

  • DG ECHO’s collaboration with the JEU has been constantly increasing during the past years, raising at a level of 80% of all JEU missions in 2018

23 Jul 2019 description

Brussels, 23 July 2019

As numerous natural disasters threaten vulnerable communities in the Latin American and Caribbean region, the Commission has announced today new humanitarian funding of €18.5 million. This includes €15 million to support preparedness of local communities and institutions for natural disasters throughout the region: Central and South America, the Caribbean and Haiti. A further €2.5 million will support projects addressing violence, and €1 million for food assistance in Central America.

04 Jul 2019 description
  • On top of civil unrest, Haiti has a very fragile natural environment prone to disaster which further exacerbates the vulnerability of the population.

  • In the past few days the western part of Haiti has been affected by heavy rainfall causing urban flooding in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince.

  • As of 4 July, media report two deaths, five injured and three missing. Flooding destroyed dozens of houses in Port-au-Prince and road networks have been disrupted in Carrefour commune.
    Light to moderate rain is forecast for the next 72 hours.

11 Jun 2019 description
  • Heavy rain resulted in flooding in the Ouest Department between 3-6 June.

  • According to media reports, as of 11 June at 8.00 UTC, four people died (two in Cité Soleil municipality, one in Carrefour municipality, and one in Cabaret municipality), four people are reported missing (three in Carrefour and one in Cabaret) and another three injured by the flooding.

  • 621 houses have been damaged in Carrefour and several sections of roads disrupted.
    Moderate to locally very heavy rainfall is forecast over northern departments between 11-12 June.

28 May 2019 description


Due to its vulnerability to natural hazards and high levels of poverty, Haiti has limited capacity to cope with recurring emergencies such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and prolonged droughts.

Acute food insecurity and malnutrition, epidemics, and the humanitarian needs generated by the ongoing migration crisis require sustained humanitarian assistance.

What are the needs?

05 Jun 2018 description

15 times EU Civil Protection Mechanism (EUCPM) provided environmental expertise to UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit (JEU) since 2014.

• EUCPM prepares and responds to environmental disasters, including incidents that arise as secondary effects of a natural disaster.

• DG ECHO, operating through the EUCPM, is among JEU’s most important partners.

• DG ECHO's collaboration with the JEU has been constantly increasing during the past years, raising at a level of 50% of all JEU missions since 2016.

02 May 2018 description


2.1 million people affected by hurricane Matthew, with 546 fatalities

1 million people still need humanitarian assistance more than one year after hurricane Matthew 140 000 households still require shelter solutions.

4.4 million people acutely food insecure, of which 1.3 million people severely food insecure (October 2017, CNSA)

37 546 internally displaced people (IDPs) in 26 camps (IOM)

20 Mar 2018 description

In 2017, DG ECHO gave EUR 3 million to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to support its Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF). When a National Red Cross or Red Crescent Society needs immediate financial support to respond to a disaster, it can request funds from the DREF.

12 Jan 2018 description
  • The death toll of the heavy rain events that affected Haiti over the past days has reached 6, with 12 people injured, according to media. The most affected departments are Nippes, North, North-East and North-West. Localised rising of water levels, floods and landslide occurred in all the northern part of the country.

  • Over the next 24 hours, light to moderate rain could have an impact on the already affected areas.

10 Jan 2018 description

Two people died and 12 were injured over the weekend in the North-West department after the collapse of their houses caused by heavy rainfalls and gully erosion.
Localised rise of water level, floods and landslide occurred in all affected departments, namely Nippes, North, North-East and North-West.
Over the weekend, Haitian coast guards and civil protection officers rescued the 200 passengers of a ship which sunkhat took place off the coast of Caracol in the North-East department.

05 Jan 2018 description
  • The Haitian Civil Protection Direction issued a general public information note on 3 January 2018, warning the population of Grande-Anse, Nippes, North, North-West, West and South departments of moderate to heavy rains, possibly leading to localized flooding and landslides. The rainfalls could intensify gradually and strengthen as the week-end approaches.

  • Populations living in affected areas have been advised to exercise adapted caution in dangerous sites and undergo usual household preparation at least until 7 January included.

21 Nov 2017 description
  • Between now and the end of the lean season expected mid-2018, more than 1.3 million individuals, representing nearly 18% of the population, will face severe food insecurity according to the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification analysis (October 2017) and struggle to ensure a minimal food intake. They require immediate assistance to cover their basic food needs.

24 May 2017 description

Today the European Commission announced new funding of €14.3 million to support countries affected by natural disasters and invest in disaster risk reduction and resilience in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The announcement coincides with Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides participation in the UN Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Cancun, Mexico, together with the President of Mexico and leaders from Latin America.

18 May 2017 description
  • Heavy rains have fallen uninterrupted since 16 May, affecting areas still recovering from the passage of Hurricane Matthew on 4 October 2016 in the South, Grand’Anse, South-East, West and North-West departments, but also in other areas located in Artibonite and Centre departments. Several municipalities present soils 100% saturated. This has caused massive fast flooding episodes and multiple landslides.