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12 Oct 2016 description
report World Concern

October 10, 2016 (PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti) – As the death toll soars past 1,000 in Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, World Concern is reaching survivors in the south and southwest regions of the impoverished island nation with urgently needed supplies.

22 Apr 2014 description
report World Concern

My dad used to always say, “It’s better to build a guardrail on a curve than a hospital at the bottom of the hill.” As an adult, I’ve come to understand that wisdom of his words. We all want to rescue someone after they’re hurt. But isn’t it better to protect them from harm in the first place?

Today, as the president of World Concern, I have an opportunity to put my dad’s wisdom into practice. Our focus is on disaster risk reduction: equipping vulnerable communities for a disaster before it happens, and taking practical steps to minimize its destructive impact.

17 Apr 2013 description
report World Concern

by Austin on April 17, 2013

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Quietly, a crisis is brewing in Haiti. You likely have not heard about it. It rarely makes headlines or even surfaces in mainstream media. It currently affects 6.7 million people, or about two thirds of the country’s population. And it is getting worse.

10 Dec 2012 description
report World Concern

by Cathyh on December 7, 2012

When Hurricane Sandy hit the island nation of Haiti on Oct. 24, it took the lives of more than 50 people, destroyed more than 6,000 homes, and damaged another 21,000 homes. According to the U.N., nearly 2 million Haitians were affected by the storm, which made landfall on the island nation as a category 1 hurricane before spiraling through the Atlantic and slamming into the East Coast of the U.S. on Oct. 29.

01 Nov 2012 description
report World Concern

November 1, 2012 (SEATTLE) – Christian humanitarian organization World Concern is responding to Hurricane Sandy in project areas of Haiti to aid families affected by the disaster, as well as in the U.S., through partner organizations and local churches to reach people with emergency assistance.

24 Aug 2012 description
report World Concern

August 24, 2012 (PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti) – World Concern staff are anxiously watching Tropical Storm Isaac as it approaches Haiti. The storm is predicted to hit the southern coast of Haiti tonight and could dump as much as 20 inches of rain on the impoverished island.

23 Aug 2012 description
report World Concern

By cathyh on August 23, 2012

My mouth dropped open when I read the words of ABC News reporter Amy Bingham in an article about the potential effect Tropical Storm Isaac could have on the city of Tampa as the Republican National Convention kicks off there on Monday. Most of the commenters on news stories like this made fun of the fact a storm was bearing down on a group of Republicans.

But my shock was over the complete lack of regard for the people of Haiti who are in real danger.

10 Oct 2002 description
report World Concern

LYNNWOOD, Wash. -- Humanitarian aid shipments resume tomorrow at World Concern's supply distribution warehouse in Lynnwood, Wash. They had been delayed by the Pacific Maritime Association lockout, forcing families, schools and medical clinics in developing countries to wait for needed clothing, blankets, medical supplies and schoolbooks.

11 Jun 2002 description
report World Concern

SEATTLE - Flash floods in Haiti have left 30 people dead and hundreds of homes and businesses damaged or destroyed. Seattle-based World Concern, which has worked in Haiti since 1977, reports widespread destruction of crops and significant contamination of drinking water and food stores threatening thousands with disease and hunger. In addition, the floods have caused major damage to World Concern community development projects involving livestock, agriculture, schools and commerce.