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01 Feb 2007 description

Executive Summary

Ethiopia is one of the most mine-affected countries in Africa, with contamination stemming from a series of internal and international armed conflicts, including:

- the Italian invasion and subsequent East Africa Campaigns (1935-1941),

- the Ogaden war between Ethiopia and Somalia (1977-1978),

- a border war with Sudan (1980),

- internal conflict (1974-1991), and

- the Ethiopian-Eritrean war (1998-2000).

The Ethiopian Landmine Impact Survey (ELIS) found more than 1.9 million people living in a total of 1,492 mine-affected communities.

22 Apr 2005 description


1. During the first three months of the year 2005, the GICHD continued and consolidated its activities in the fields of operational assistance, research and support to instruments of international law. It also started its training initiative in mine action information management (see para. 4 and 11 below).


2. The first core activity of the GICHD is the provision of specific operational support and assistance to on-going mine action activities and programmes, including those run by the UN.